Benefits of Feeding the Best Dog Food


Your dog will enjoy his dog food

You will see many great things when you feed your dog the best dog food. Your dog will enjoy eating because our homemade dog food recipes are not bland but very tasty. You will grow to love feeding time too as you watch your dog dance, bark and sing while you prepare his meal. It’s quite fun and a good bonding experience.


Your dog will feel good

Poor quality dog food is full of all sorts of cheap fillers and other nasty ingredients. All these terrible ingredients can cause your dog to feel tired and worn out. Feeding your dog the best dog food will help your dog feel good and  promote a healthy activity level. Old lethargic dogs that lumber around and sleep most the day will get a spring in their step. Some feel like puppies again. It’s a joy to see!


Your dog will digest his dog food better

Are you cleaning up huge piles of dog poop everyday? Does it seem like as much comes out as poop, as goes in as food. If so, this is because of all the fillers in dog food. Huge volumes of stool and rank odor our signs of a poor quality dog food.   Feeding the best dog food will improve your dog’s digestion. High quality homemade dog foods will contain highly digestible ingredients and therefore reduce the volume of dog stool.


You will develop a closer bond with your dog

One of the nicest byproducts of feeding a homemade dog food is the strong bond that develops between you and your dog. Our dogs get so happy when they see us making their dog food. Spinning, singing, dancing and barking. The happiness is contagious! It’s nice to be able to slow down and have some fun with your dog. Take the plunge and do something great for your dog by feeding the absolute best dog food today!



  1. Ginger Phipps says:

    What is the best dog food and is chicken and rice good my dog

    • Ginger,

      I feed my dogs the “easy raw dog food recipe”. You can click here to view this dog food recipe. Yes, chicken and white rice are both good for dogs. It is best to feed the chicken raw with the skin and bones. Thoroughly cook the white rice and add some of the chicken skin while cooking. Raw chicken and cooked white rice will need to be supplemented with dog supplements to add needed vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. Dinovite Liquid is a good all round supplement. You can click here to view this dog supplement.

      • Ed,
        Also looking forward to the Cooked Dog food recipes when they are posted, but thank you for the information you have so far – easy to understand, follow, and implement. However, in your previous comment you said “It is best to feed the chicken raw with the skin and bones,” yet I was under the impression chicken bones are dangerous for dogs because they are too apt to splinter. Thoughts?

        • Dave,

          No the raw chicken bones are fine. Dogs digest them well. Some folk grind them up with a meat grinder. This is great for small dogs and puppies. Grinding them also makes feeding and storage easier. When feeding dogs whole chicken leg thigh quarters it is best to feed them outside in your yard because they can drop it and drag it around a little.

        • Dave,

          I posted the easy cooked dog food recipe. View this dog food recipe by clicking here.

  2. Hi I am interested in feeding my 12 week old puppy good food but she is also having problems with Tear Stains. It seems that some people feel that a grain – free diet will help her with this. Do you have any opinion on this? I really do not feel safe feeding her supplements just as Angel Eyes. Thank you for your time.

    • Lily,

      Yes, a grain free diet can help with the tear stains. A yeast overgrowth and food allergies are often causes of the tear staining. A healthy grain free diet can help reduce yeast populations in your dogs system. Diet change is the natural approach. Tear stains can be treated with antibiotics but I personally resist any long term antibiotic treatments for animals. I think they never address the root cause. “Angel Eyes” contains the antibiotic “Tylosin”. Using this product as recommended means you will be medicating your dog with antibiotics on a regular basis.

      I would recommend feeding your dog the “Yeast starvation dog food recipe“. Click here to view this recipe. You will need to use the recommended supplements to keep the dog food from being nutritionally deficient. The good news is none of these supplements contain any antibiotics. The dog supplements I recommend just contain vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and direct fed microbials. These are all nutrients your dog needs to thrive.

  3. I am so against giving antibiotics to people or animal, and was really annoyed to see that Angel Eyes contains an antibiotic that the layman would never recognize as such. I did stop using it as it just wasn’t working (it did when I first used it) and found a product called ‘Spirugreen with Astaxanthin’. After just a short time the tear stains were fading, and were soon gone. Plus, nutritionally it is advertised as being very good for pets. Now I am wondering if there is some hidden ‘nasty’ in this as well.

  4. I just found the serving sizes based on the dog’s weight. Will these be the same for the puppies, or should they get more?

  5. Jennifer says:


    We will be welcoming a 4 month old staffordshire terrier to our home in a few weeks. I want to feed her only the best food. The woman who is working with us in the adoption suggested we use a specific kind of dry dog food that says it’s “healthy”, but I do not like the idea of feeding any dog let alone my new puppy store bought food. I do however want to make sure it is alright to feed my 4 month old puppy the recipe on the video you have. Will she need any other vitamins or nutrients other than the one’s you suggested we add? Are the eggshells ok for her to eat since she is so young? Or is there another recipe you suggest? Thanks!

    • Jennifer,

      I raised Staffordshire bull terriers for many years. They are super dogs! In fact the best dog I’ve known, Freddy, was a staffie. Staffies do quite well on the homemade dog food recipes and the supplements. I would feed my puppies the raw formula for their first meal and they did great. The two supplements, Dinovite Liquid and lickochops are enough for your new pup. If he has skin problems you could substitute the Supromega fish oil for the Lickochops. Click here to view the Supromega fish oil dog supplement.

  6. Charissa says:

    Hello Ed,

    I am interested in trying out your dog food recipes on my two dogs! They’ve never been on a raw food diet or a homemade diet in general. They currently are on blue buffalo, I like that brand of dog food, but the cost is not so likeable! I did some math and to make this homemade dog food would actually be cheaper than to pay for store bought dog food! Which is awesome! I tried to read all of everyone else’s comments so I wouldn’t repeat any questions, but I’m sorry if I do! I was wondering to if it is okay to switch back and forth from your raw food recipe to your cooked food recipe? I also plan to use chicken as well! So if some times I feel like cooking the food or other times if I just feel like leaving it raw, would that be alright for them to handle? Or is it best to just pick one?

    • Charissa,

      Yes it’s fine to switch back and forth between raw and cooked recipes. I have done this without incident. The only time I’ve seen digestive issues is switching from a homemade recipe to kibble.

  7. michele says:

    Hi Ed,
    I hope that you can help me. I have 2 boston terrier females (sisters from the same litter). Our 1 since approx. 5 months old has had an allergy that the vets have said is a food allergy. For the past 2.5 years we have tried numerous foods. She develops red bumps and rashes, her ears turn bright pink and she itches like crazy if we feed her something that irritates her. It seems chicken really irritates her, duck didn’t do well and the beef didn’t either. She did ok on lamb for a little while but then it started up with the allergic reactions again. We tried vegetarian and she hated it. I am now feeding her grain free salmon and she is doing much better however recently she is turning her nose up at it and doesn’t want it. She does have an appetite and wants people food. She is on 4mg of methopredisone to keep her from having her allergic reactions so she was reacting to these food listed above while on a medicine that was supposed to help her. My goal is to get her off of the medicine. Since it seems like she is allergic to everything what can I make for her? Our other boston is not allergic to anything, Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated. I’d do anything to make her feel better!


    • Michele,

      Try feeding her the yeast starvation dog food recipe. It sounds like she is struggling with yeast issues. Prepare yourself for things to get worse before they get better. Also give it time to work.

      • michele says:

        Hi Ed,
        It’s been a month on this diet and I wanted to say thank you. She is responding really well. Her skin and coat is shinier and softer, her eyes appear brighter and she is much, much, much more playful. She isn’t itching that much either. She is still getting her medicine but we have reduced the dose and hopefully in another month we can say goodbye to the meds completely!
        cheers – Michele

  8. My mixed terrier has colitis. I would lie to switch him to the easy raw diet. Ok or not?


  10. Julie,

    Yes, that seems about right. I hope he gets well.

  11. Good day,my bull mastiff/english mastiff cross has bad gas.We feed him a combination of raw food and a grain free kibble.What do you think is giving him the gas?

    thank you

  12. Penny Krump says:

    Hi Ed,
    I have had my shih tzu/lhasa apso (approx 2 years of age) the Yeast Starvation diet for about 69 days. I have previously emailed you ??? before. He still has issues with itchy skin although it has improved. I believe some of his allergy/itchy issues are enviornmental not just food related. His stools have been smaller but do also seem looser. I visited the vet today for a regular check up—first time I have seen the vet since starting the new diet. The vet was not totally anti the homemade food idea, but he did express concern the diet being ‘too high in protein’ which he said would potentially cause damage to the liver and/or kidneys—damage that may not show up for years. I have read on your site, that you believe the moisture content of the food is actually helpful to the kidneys. I just wanted to get your feedback on the issue re the protein? Thank you, Penny

  13. Hi Ed,
    My husband and I are thinking about feeding our dog homemade dog food. After reading all the questions/comments from other people, I definitely would like to try it. I have two rescue dogs, Bear (5 yrs) Izzy (2 yrs). Unfortunately, Bear was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. I’m so heart broken right now. Because this is so unexpected, especially to a young dog, I started reading about it, a lot of it online. I found out that a lot of dog food have ingredients that could have potentially hurt Bear so now I’m worried about feeding him commercial dog food even though our vet said that it’s perfectly safe. So I’m interested in trying your homemade dog food recipe. I’m willing to try anything if it’s going to improve his quality of life. We are going to see another Vet to talk to us the best treatment plan for Bear. I just want him to be comfortable however long he has on this earth.

    Now, our other dog Izzy has some sort of skin allergy. She itches a lot and licks her paws nonstop so reading other people’s comments, it sounds like my dog has yeast allergy. We’ve changed her food so many times to see if it’s her food but still no change. I’m thinking about trying the yeast starvation recipe to see if that will alleviate her constant itching. If it works, how long do I feed this to her or will that be her food for a long time? For Bear, would the raw meat recipe do with the same supplements? I look forward to hearing back from you.


  14. Alfred Perez says:

    Can I use ground turkey instead of ground beef within your eask cook recipe?

  15. Hi Ed
    I am new to this website, having read some of the posts on dogs and chicken bones and researched the net I am confused 99% of the net state that chicken bones are bad for dogs and yet you repeatedly say yes feed them to your dogs…which am I to believe?

    • Roger,

      Look at a dogs teeth and you will see molars designed to crush bone. Dogs also have highly acids stomaches that digest the bone. Keep, in mind kibble fed dogs will need some time for their bodies to adjust to this method of eating. Also, some dogs are tiny and bones should then be ground up.

  16. Jessica Fangue says:

    I’m getting a 6 week old king charles cavalier spaniel, and I want to feed him the raw meat recipe, but how much and how many times a day? I read in a previous post to feed 25-50% more. (Is that 25-50% for the lbs when it is an adult because at 6wks he wont weigh 10 lbs. I think this breed gets 15 lbs. ) Do I keep the supplement amounts the same?(I plan on supplementing with each meal instead of mixing it in the recipe.) Also when are dogs not considered puppies anymore so I can follow your mentioned guidelines? Thanks!

  17. Stephanie White says:

    How old has one of your dogs lived to be with this diet?

  18. cushing disease…my little chihuahua has it and i am looking into better food for him…..

  19. Marija Vujcic says:

    Hi Ed,
    I am very happy to find your web site. We have a 6 year old Alaskan Malamute (120lb) and about 5 year old rescued Staffie mix (70 lb) and love them to pieces. I have been always very careful about kibble and feed them grain-free, but lately have been reading more and more about all the preservatives that could be in dog food (even the VERY high quality one!) and the fact that companies do not have to declare what is in ingredients that come IN to the factory, only what they put in it. That is where things scare me… I will definitely try your cooked home food recipes – thank you so much for all the work you put into this!
    My question is how do the amounts of food translate from kibble to cooked food in your experience? A bit more of cooked food? My dogs eat a cup of kibble twice a day but I am trying to get Marley to loose some weight too – any specific recipe good for that? Thank you!

    • Marija,

      I have found that it is about equal. The homemade dog food recipes are much more nutritious so even with the higher moisture content it still works out to be about the same.

  20. Hi, my dog has just been diagnosed with kidney issues, her creatinine levels were elevated and have been for a couple of years. They have come down some, but we are trying to get them in the normal range. My vet wants my dog to avoid salt, phosphorus and excessive protein. She gave me a renal dog food by Royal Canin to feed but also wants to me to feed a “wet” or canned dog food (her hydration levels are low). I was thinking about your homemade recipe. Do you have any experience with these kinds of issues? It seems all the canned dog foods are filled with salt and broth. Thanks!!

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  22. What is your opinion on white rice containing arsenic? Is it safe for dogs to eat it daily?

  23. pamdawn17 says:

    I’ve just discovered this site and I am very excited. I have already ordered the Dinovite and Superomega supplements. I have a concern that I was hoping that you would be able to help me with. I have a 4 year old Shih tzu that has bladder stone issues. She has had two surgeries in the past two years. She was put on the Hill Science Diet C/D to help balance her PH in her bladder. That was two years ago after her first surgery. She had her second surgery last September. The vet then had us do three weeks on the C/D and then a week on the S/D, to dissolve whatever crystal might be in her bladder. She got VERY sick about six weeks ago. We woke up and she had thrown up all over the place and urinated and messed all the over the house. After 24 hours of not eating, we took her to the vet. She was kept for a week and we were told that she had pancreatitis. Her blood was so thick, they couldn’t even spin it. I was told that the C/D food had so much fat, that her triglycerides were 250. So they had put her on antibiotics and fluid with an IV for a week. She was sent home on the I/D and after a week she was then switched to the W/D. We were told to go ahead and rotate in the S/D to control the bladder stones. After three days on the S/D, she had another pancreatitis attack, and after 72 hours of not eating, she was again hospitalized for a week. The vet sent her home on the I/D for a week and now she is eating the W/D. I am convinced that the homemade food will help her with her pancreatitis, though I’m thinking that I might remove the yolk from the egg, since it’s high in cholesterol. But my concern is with the bladder stones. Since this is a natural diet with no chemicals, do you think that will help her maintain the balance that her bladder will need in order to not produce the bladder stones? She has an appointment in a few days with vet to redo her labs and I’m going to tell the vet that I’m putting her on this diet. Any information that you could provide would be helpful in talking to the vet, since I’m not sure how the vet will feel about the diet. But I’m sure that this is the right thing to do and I’m very excited to start.

    • Wow, it sounds like you have one sick pup. I think a more natural raw diet is best for all dogs but your dog is really sick so I hate to tell you what to do because I am not there. That said, if it were my dog I would start feeding lean raw meat with 1/8 teaspoon of Supromega fish oil and an 1/8 teaspoon of Dinovite. Watch how your dog is doing and slowly move to the full recipe. Yes, you can start off eliminating the egg yolks.

  24. robin72072 says:

    Ed, I started the raw food diet last week and fasted and then introduced as you suggested. I have a chihuahua/yorkie mix and a yorkie/poodle mix that both seem itchy. Could they both be allergic to one of the ingredients?? Do you have any suggestions on what to do?? The chihuahua/yorkie seems to be really bothered in his ears. He shakes his head constantly and sometimes runs around like he is trying to run away from the itch. Appreciate any feedback. Oh, another question. Treats. Can they have regular store fed treats or do you have a suggestion for a dog treat. They seem to be hungry still and they are on a full serving now. Thanks again.

  25. robin72072 says:

    The one with ground beef, rice and eggs. Dinovite and lickochops.

    • Robin,

      It is possible they could be allergic to an ingredient but they could also be detoxing, this can make them itchy. You can also try cutting out the rice and see how they do.

  26. jseok06 says:

    Hi , I am new to your website and so far I find it very interesting but I have a question why can’t I ad the chicken and rice cooked food to the dry dog food I am giving him now as a supplement and not as a replacement. I tried to find the answer on your website but wasn’t able to, so hopefully its not too stupid of a question. Thank You

  27. Hi Ed,
    I’m brand new to your site and quite Wowed by much of what you suggest. I had know idea feeding my dogs Raw meat would ever be good for them !! What if the meat has something toxic in it, could it make them sick ?? I would feel so bad.
    OK first off, I have 3 small dogs….
    A female terror of sort 2 yrs
    Dachshund 6 or 7 yrs
    Chihuahua 9 yrs.
    I just started 3 weeks ago feeding them either, cooked
    Lean ground turkey or very lean ground beef
    Mixed with white rice & a low sodium broth, chicken or beef. I started with a cup of food each,
    2x daily, morning and evening, while leaving their
    Kirkland brand dogfood out for snacking
    Throughout the day, as they need it.
    I honestly do not know what is the proper amount
    To feed them, will this food make them fat, sick, upset their stomachs or bowels, the runs….
    I also don’t know How much I should feed them.
    My Chihuahua is probably a little over weight, but not alot.
    The female is only 7 lbs, & as lite as a feather
    My Doxie Absolutely cannot get fat, his spine cannot handle the extra weight as they are very subject to getting slip disc.
    Thank you for your help Ed.
    I really appreciate it !!!

  28. Plus Ed,
    2 of my dogs are very itchy
    Will this diet help with dry skin ??
    Thanks again Ed,
    Tracy 🙂

  29. Should I put olive oil or coconut oil in their food ??

  30. Becky683 says:

    I have a question; What is better, go raw or cook meat first when your dog has a thyroid problem? My APBT is on a thyroid pill twice a day which has helped her with growing her hair back and improving her energy levels. She is very food motivated so I believe she will eat her food anyway I give it to her. She is 60 pounds and a bit over weight. 50 pounds would be better. I feed her Taste of the Wild dog food but really want to make her food myself. The vet recommends 2 cups of food a day, how much would you recommend when feeding with homemade food?

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