Best Dog Food

The best dog food you can feed your dog is a homemade dog food. Homemade dog food you make right in your own kitchen. It may seem a little scary at first but trust me you can do it. You can prepare the best dog food.  It will be highly nutritious and your dog will love it. The absolute best dog food you can feed.

I  believe the best dog food to feed your dog is a raw meat and meaty bone based diet. I will show you how to prepare healthy raw dog food recipes and explain the benefits of  feeding your dog a raw dog food. Your dog will thrive on a raw meat based dog food.

That said, I know there are some of you who just can’t bring yourself to feeding your dog a raw dog food even if it is considered the best dog food. If you fall into this category I will also show you how to prepare cooked dog food that is also nutritious and yummy for your dog. I’m certain I can help you feed your dog better even if the dog food is cooked.

To help you understand how to feed a dog properly and help you make the best dog food check out the following pages:

  1. What are dogs designed to eat?
  2. Required Nutrients of Dogs
  3. Dog Food Ingredients
  4. Easy raw dog food
  5. Easy cooked dog food

Best Dog Food Debate

For some people the subject of dog food is almost a religion. The “best dog food” debate can get pretty heated. Some people think you will kill your dog if you feed raw and others aren’t happy unless you feed freshly killed caribou. The older I get the less I want to fight and argue. I’ve fed dogs raw meat based dog food for many years without incident. Dog’s fed raw meat based diets thrive. I also cook some for the dogs and they do well. I believe the best dog food is a homemade dog food that is either cooked or raw.

Best Dog Food Ingredients

Best dog food ingredients

All our dog food recipes on this site use human grade ingredients. These ingredients can be purchased at your local grocery store and butcher. Contrast that to commercial kibble that uses ingredients not fit for human consumption! Knowing the quality ingredients in your homemade dog food is great. Yet another reason I consider a homemade dog food the best dog food.

My goal is to help you feed your dog the best dog food possible. I guarantee it we be better than anything poured out of a bag!

The Best Dog food Recipes to Get You Started

First Step to Making the Best Dog Food

Often the first steps in any new project are the hardest. Breaking into new ground can be scary. I have tried to make this process as easy as possible. Read the articles, recipes and comments. Also watch the videos because they can help a bunch. Then go for it! Good luck.


  1. My Yorky prefers chicken over beef. Can chicken be used in your easy cooked dog food receipe instead of beef?

    • Vicki,

      Yes, I think that would be fine. I am going to post a couple chicken recipes in the future.

      • You should also make a few recipes for homemade treats…. like jerky ? I wanted to make some treats but i’m not exactly sure the nutritional requirements and cant seem to find specific guidelines on the web :)

  2. Hi, I am going to be new mom to 2-8 wk old mini -schnauzers. Is the raw food diet good for puppies? Thanks in advance. Jo

  3. My 6 yr old bichon has chronic kidney disease and I would like to make homemade food for him. I have been makiing a mixture of rice, ground beef, hard boiled eggs and white bread and was wondering if you have any other suggestions. He does eat a bit of wet and dry Medi-cal low protein food also as well as taking an acid control pill and a prescribed phosphate binder twice a day. He does seem a lot better than when we first got him three months ago but I am wondering if he is getting all the nutrients he needs?

    • Dorinda,

      I recommend feeding the “easy raw dog food recipe”, click here to view. The high moisture content of this recipe will help to flush the kidneys. It is also nutrient dense and this is good.

  4. James Roy says:

    I am disabled in Vegas i take care of with with MS i have no time or energy to make my dogs food from scratch he just this month has started chewing scratching to raw spots licking he stopped eating but every other day can you help me i am senior we are poor we love our rescued dog of 8 years . He has never been this bad . I feed him Chicken brown rice and Sams dog food for years. Last @ vets she said he is very healthy. I substitute beef or Pork cooked with MRS Dash from time to time. I don’t think it is food because it started fast when wind changed direction across town,which is not normal this time of year. We are on desert side of town wind from south not NE as it did when this started. Is there a bagged food you recommend ? an what to do for chew spots? Something Homeopathic is preferred. Please Help Me Mr animal lover our 80 lb loving dogie needs fast help, I don’t trust vets now days they just want money and we have little. James

    • James,

      I really don’t recommend kibble dog food. I personally don’t feed my dogs kibble so I’m not familiar with different brands. For the chew spots have you ever tried an essential oil shampoo? Often these are soothing for dogs. Click here to view a good dog shampoo.

  5. I cannot pull up your sites for the recipes. When I click on the site for the dog food recipes it saids in error. I have a shitsu and he is a very picky eater. He will not eat dog food and he will literally stop eating until he has a seizure. I have been feeding him eggs, cheese and turkey to prevent it. I came on your site today looking to see if I could find recipes for him. If you can help that would be great.

  6. Help!!! Please advise… I brought my 4 month old collie pup home the first of Jan. this year. I noticed she had a little bit of rash on her tummy and was mildly itchy, I didn’t think much about it. The breeder was feeding Royal Canin, I believe chicken was the protein. I was planning to feed a raw diet and immediately switched her onto the raw food. (It was a complete raw food from b.a.r.f. It was beef and bison) She switched easily (no vomitting or loose stools) and she loved it. Over the next month she was getting itchier, losing hair, and the rash was spreading. She started getting little crusty spots all over her body and the itching was litterally driving her nuts. (I am going to give you the quick version of what has happened over the next 3 1/2 mths) To date she has had 2 rounds of antibiotics (when she is on them it is the only time she feels good, is eating well, and starts growing her hair back.) 1 round of steroids, has had her skin scraped and biopsied for mites, which came back negative and is now not eating very well, looking horrible, is getting dark brown/black spots all over her legs, and is itching herself bald again. She has zero undercoat at all. She wears the “lamp shade” almost 24/7 to keep her from mutilating herself. I tried changing the protein of the raw diet to see if that would help (she’s had duck and chicken also) which it didn’t. I have now taken her off the raw and have been giving her what the breeder was feeding to see if I could get back to where she was when I brought her home, it’s been 3+ weeks now and she’s getting worse. She’s been thru N.zymes with no help. We’ve tried itch eaze… no help and I’m trying Beta-Thym (natural cortisone) no help… She really needs another round of antibiotics at this point but I know they are bad for her stomach, I’m sure all the good flora is gone. So at this point what would you do to start with? I have spent mega amount of $$ here and don’t want to spend more on things that aren’t going to help. At this point I’m afraid of making a big batch of your dog food because I don’t know if she’ll eat it (plus I’m not sure whether to do a raw or cooked and I’m leary about using beef) Ugh!! If someone dropped this dog at your doorstep tell me where would you start?
    Kelly & “Aurora”

  7. Hi Ed,
    Right now she is getting Nature’s Domain Salmon or fish kibble. She was eating it pretty well while on antibiotics but now she’s been 3 plus weeks off antibiotics and is starting to lose her appetite, she’s losing more hair and is going bonkers with itch. Her eyes are also losing their sparkle…looking kinda dull. I know she feels terrible and I feel horrible that so far I haven’t been able to help her. The breeder says that she has never had this type of problem and that the sire , bitch, and the 1 pup they kept are fine. Oh she also has an odor to her not like corn chips, but a definite odor. Her hair (whats left) is limp so she has been being bathed every 2 to 3 days both because of the smell and also because she feels better for a few hours after.

    • Kelly,

      The corn chip smell is a strong sign you are dealing with a yeast infection. Try the “yeast starvation dog food recipe“. This is your best chance for relief. Prepare yourself in advance that things could appear to get worse before they get better.

      It is important to note that kibble contains carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are what hold the kibble together. To beat the yeast you need to eliminate all carbohydrates and starve them back to reasonable numbers. The antibiotics do not kill the yeast only help prevent secondary infection.

  8. Ed, our toy poodle has had one ear infection after another. He has a smell especially from his ears we are sure is from yeast. He licks his feet and has problem with itching. We have spent a fortune on Batril and Mometamax ointment as well as steriod shots. I am so concerned about all this medication. We want to try your yeast starvation yeast diet.
    We have a few questions. What ratio of fat in ground beef do you use and is this a permnent diet?. When is the best time to feed Bengie and is this all he should eat in a day? He is 13 years old and weighs 71/2 lbs. He has always been a picky eater. He has been on Science Diet for small mature dogs. We have tried to change him to Blue Buffalo. His previous owner feed him what he ate. Not table scraps. If the owner had steak Bengie had steak. the owner died and we took Bengie. W have had him for 7 years.

  9. Hi Ed,
    I only discovered your website today after coming home from shopping for raw food for my 7 1/2 pound Yorkie, Goliath. I was given the instruction to mix the raw food with kibble the first feeding and then decrease the kibble by half and the forth day feed the thaw frozen raw food by itself. After seeing your video I think I am going to try to make your recipe myself after receiving the Dimorte and Supromega 3. THANKS.

    A question. Is it OK to treat him with pork pizzle tweet and beef/buffulo tentacles? They are made in USA.

  10. suzanne says:

    my dog has allergies. We have to switch food to one that is no grain, buffalo based. The vet really wanted the salmon mix, but it was not in stock. Can dogs with allergies do well with homemade food and do u gave any natural treat recipes??? thanks…

  11. Michelle says:


    I have read through a great deal of your posts. Thank you for all the great information your provide. I plan on starting my dogs on your recipes soon. One of my dogs is a 9 year old, 11 lb rat terrier who has had pancreatitis. The vet recommended a lower fat diet. Is the ground beef still safe to use or should I substitue a lower fat meat or version of the beef? Also, I dehydrate calves liver for treats, is this a good option. My vet is really not very helpful when it comes to nutrition.

    Thanks so much for your assistance.

    • Michelle,

      The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil are helpful for pancreatitis so they would be a good addition. You can also add coconut oil because it does not aggravate the pancreas. Then you could use a leaner meat.

      I think the dehydrated calves liver is a good treat.

  12. I have a 9-year old Australian shepherd (slightly overweight) and have been researching raw food diets for awhile. Your system is the only one I’ve found workable (I just can’t feed my dog raw chicken necks). But I also have a cat. What do you suggest for him?

  13. My Cockapoo is allergic to eggs. Will your raw recipe be nutritious enough if I leave out the eggs?

  14. Michelle N says:

    I’ve got the Spinal Column off of a Deer I harvested on Friday. Currently it is in the Frig. It’s got a good amount of meat still left on it and I’d hate to let it go to waste. My Dog (Walker/Blue Tick mix) is atleat 9 – 10 years old and I am afraid that giving them the Spinal column raw would be a little to much for his teeth. I did also save the rib bones and he can crunch through those just fine and I plan freeze them and give them to him as treats.

    Anyway I have a large crock pot and I was wondering if there was a recipie where I could put the bones in the crock pot and cook all the meat off of them. Than remove the cleaned bones.

    I have only been feeding my dag home cooled food for the past 4 – 5 months. So I don’t have a lot o recipies or a lot of knowledge on which foods provide which nutrients etc. So I kinda need a small amount of hand holding. lol

  15. My German shepherd has sebaceous adenitis an immune system problem that is causing her hair to fall out and her skin to flake. She has also been diagnosed with low thyroid for which she takes meds along with an anti inflammatory she is also on a grain free dry dog food.
    Will I benefit from a raw diet? She has just started a bathing and oil soak regimen that I found online from someone in Germany that had a similar problem. I am a senior on a limited income and must keep the expense down as much as possible. This is such a worry for me!

  16. Hi, I have been feeding raw for a long time with no problems. Recently I was given a large amount of deer and elk, which I have been feeding to my dog and cats. Someone said I need to cook game because of worms, I haven’t been but wondered if I really should?
    Thanks for any help!

    • Amy,

      I’m not up on all the possible parasite in wild game. I know that raw salmon can have a liver fluke that can cause real problems. I cook the eggs to break down an enzyme in them that can bind with a B vitamin.

  17. Hi Ed, we just adopted a 6 month old lab hound mix. My 2 year old son is highly allergic to eggs. We do not bring any egg product into the house. Is there a possible substitute?

  18. Stephen Jacquindo says:

    I have two dogs, a purebred 22 pound Boston terrier and the 70 pound black lab mix. They were eating a highly regarded dehydrated dog food for the last year and during this time my Boston would have problems tolerating many different varieties of this dog food. For about two weeks now I have been feeding them the cooked ground meat recipe with the added supplements and my Boston has not had any G.I. issues since the switch. I have also noticed that my lab does not seem to be shedding as much as he did before. The only problem I have noticed is when I start preparing their food; both dogs get overly anxious, they never did this for any dog food before.
    I just wanted to thank you for a simple recipe that my dogs love and I can make quickly.
    I’m going to make the chicken recipe with the next batch and I’ll let you know how that goes over.
    Thanks again.

  19. I’ve been feeding my English Springer Spaniel your home cooked dog food recipe for about 1.5 months and she loves it. However, instead of adding your recommended supplements I’ve continued with what I have been using – a daily fish oil tablet (which my vet said is ok), a daily dog multi-vitamin and an Omega-3 with glucosamine chewy. In your opinion, will these supplements provide what she needs? Thanks for having this information on the internet.

  20. Hi Ed –
    We are a small 100% grass-fed buffalo company and are thinking of to producing smoked heart strips (really dried in a smoker without smoke) , as dog treats. No salt or anything else added. Is this a healthy treat option for dogs? Cats?
    Thanks for your time.

  21. Michelle Lee says:

    I have a 9 month old shih tzu, I have been feeding him regular store bought dog food and was wondering are there any side effects when switching diets? And u also mentioned supplements.. do u add them per serving? Thanks in advance for your time and any advice you may have.

    • Michelle,

      It is important to follow the introductory method outline with these dog food recipes to limit digestive upset. Side effects? How about a healthy dog? That’s the side effect I see over and over. You can either mix the supplements in the entire batch ( I find this easier) or add them daily with each meal.

  22. Hi, I was just wondering – what about in-between meal snacks? I have a German Shepherd and she gets lots of exercise, and she seems to get hungry between meals. I have seen some websites with recipes for home-made dog treats made of things like sweet potatoes, etc. Is there anything you would recommend as a dog snack or “treat”?

  23. joan robert says:


    I have a King Charles cavalier , these dogs 90% of them will have a bad heart. So what is the best food diet l can make for her? Also raw or cook?
    Sincerely, Joan (my dog Daisy)

  24. Renee Morris says:

    My vet says two of my Frenchies have allergies because of ear infections and paw licking. He said it may be diet. He first sold me the most expensive food with the first three ingredients in this order: dried potatoes, duck by-products, coconut oil. There is about 40 other ingredients. That CAN NOT be good for my dogs. I want to use your feeding system. One thing my vet said that did make some sense is to choose a protein that the dog’s immune system is not used to like Bison, Venison, Ostrich, Duck, Rabbit, etc. Okay, I can NOT afford to feed my dogs (12 of them) Venison! What are your thoughts on duck and rabbbit? Those choices are much more affordable. You should partner with some wholesale meat companies for all your many customers to go to:))))

  25. I recently got a boxer mix (she is either mixed with bulldog or pit)
    I have never heard of feeding a dog raw.
    So its better for them than any of the dry dog foods?
    Also what would be the best food for her?

    • Haley,

      Try any of these recipes and your dog will do great. You can also feed cooked if you are uncomfortable with feeding raw. Just don’t cook the supplements, add them after the food is cool.

  26. I see you have a good raw feed recipe, but I was just wondering where is the good bacteria to help digest the raw meat. Such as yogurt or cottage cheese? Also I see no greens. Is just the meat eggs and supplements enough?

    • The supplements contain the bacteria and the greens. Dinovite contains alfalfa nutrient concentrate (kind of like dehydrated alfalfa juice) and kelp meal for lots of trace minerals.

  27. TGriffin says:

    I have four dogs ages 1, 1.5, 3, and 5. Up until I got the younger two I have not had any trouble feeding commercial dry dog food. The 1.5 year old is a great Dane mix and has been difficult to feed (she has been really picky and I just did an allergy test this week), recently she had problems where the vet recommended feeding her a bland diet of cooked chicken, mashed potatoes, and rice. She doesn’t really like the rice so it is just chicken and potatoes (this is only a temporary diet). My question is that if yeast is not a problem can I add a small amount of kibble for teeth cleaning purposes or does the egg shells help with that? Also my 5 year old needs probiotics and antioxidants to help with digestion do the dinovite and lickochops have these things to help with this. Last question if I substitute potatoes for the rice would it be the same amount cup wise like 10 and 10 or would it be 10 of rice and 12 of potatoes?

    • I would not feed kibble along with the homemade. If you can bring yourself to feeding the meat raw with the bones you won’t have to worry about their teeth. Yes you can switch the potato for the rice in equal amounts. Yes, Dinovite contains probiotics, enzymes, trace minerals and other nutrients.

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