Best Dog Food

The best dog food you can feed your dog is a homemade dog food. Homemade dog food you make right in your own kitchen. It may seem a little scary at first but trust me you can do it. You can prepare the best dog food.  It will be highly nutritious and your dog will love it. The absolute best dog food you can feed.

I  believe the best dog food to feed your dog is a raw meat and meaty bone based diet. I will show you how to prepare healthy raw dog food recipes and explain the benefits of  feeding your dog a raw dog food. Your dog will thrive on a raw meat based dog food.

That said, I know there are some of you who just can’t bring yourself to feeding your dog a raw dog food even if it is considered the best dog food. If you fall into this category I will also show you how to prepare cooked dog food that is also nutritious and yummy for your dog. I’m certain I can help you feed your dog better even if the dog food is cooked.

To help you understand how to feed a dog properly and help you make the best dog food check out the following pages:

  1. What are dogs designed to eat?
  2. Required Nutrients of Dogs
  3. Dog Food Ingredients
  4. Easy raw dog food
  5. Easy cooked dog food

Best Dog Food Debate

For some people the subject of dog food is almost a religion. The “best dog food” debate can get pretty heated. Some people think you will kill your dog if you feed raw and others aren’t happy unless you feed freshly killed caribou. The older I get the less I want to fight and argue. I’ve fed dogs raw meat based dog food for many years without incident. Dog’s fed raw meat based diets thrive. I also cook some for the dogs and they do well. I believe the best dog food is a homemade dog food that is either cooked or raw.

Best Dog Food Ingredients

Best dog food ingredients

All our dog food recipes on this site use human grade ingredients. These ingredients can be purchased at your local grocery store and butcher. Contrast that to commercial kibble that uses ingredients not fit for human consumption! Knowing the quality ingredients in your homemade dog food is great. Yet another reason I consider a homemade dog food the best dog food.

My goal is to help you feed your dog the best dog food possible. I guarantee it we be better than anything poured out of a bag!

The Best Dog food Recipes to Get You Started

First Step to Making the Best Dog Food

Often the first steps in any new project are the hardest. Breaking into new ground can be scary. I have tried to make this process as easy as possible. Read the articles, recipes and comments. Also watch the videos because they can help a bunch. Then go for it! Good luck.

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