Cooked Dog Food Recipes

There are many ways to feed your dog a cooked meat based dog food. I currently have a couple different types. One uses beef, the “Easy Cooked Dog Food Recipe” and the other chicken “Chicken and Rice Dog Food Recipe

  1. Easy Cooked Dog Food Recipe (This is the simplest cooked dog food recipe to prepare and easiest to feed.)
  2. Chicken and Rice Dog Food Recipe (A very nutritious and tastey dog food your dog will love!)

Special note: Follow the recipes as presented with the dog supplements suggested to prevent nutritional deficiencies.


  1. henriette says:

    Hi I have a german sheperd 6 years old , she hase lost her best friend not long ago a labrador ok so the probleme is she is scraching so muche that we see big patches where she looses her hair and it bleeds , so I thought that it might be her food ,so im going to cook her food recipes . thank you for your recipes …

    • Henriette,

      I’m glad to hear you are going to feed your dog homemade dog food.

      • Hi! I cook for my dog as well because of ear issues which recently became severe. I was concerned about him receiving the proper nutrients and after finding this website my concerns were correct. I boil ground beef, carrots and green beans (sometimes canned) I know that’s not good but will use fresh from now on. I also add some dry kibble to his food too. Again, after reading your information, I should not be doing that. My question is can I add fresh vegetables to your recipe? If so , which ones should I use? Also what about fruits? Are there any that he can have? I am hoping that if I get the correct food recipe for him his ear conditions will resolve. Thanks for all your help. It is truly appreciated!

        • Maria,

          Yes, you can add some vegetables. I would recommend green leafy veggies and broccoli. All well cooked and blended into a mush then add some organic cider vinegar. Try to simulate the stomach contents or droppings (yuck) of a herbivore. Berries would be fine.

  2. I enjoyed educating myself about all of the “Food Not Safe for Cats & Dogs,” credit given to
    However, I’m a little confused about some of the listed ingredients in your recipes. Why is it OK to put
    garlic, baby food, eggs, beer and bacon bits, just to name a few, into your recipes? Those were the toxic foods you said to avoid. Please explain……?

    • Lee,

      I’m a little confused by your comment. My recipes don’t include garlic, baby food, bacon bits and beer. They do include hardboiled eggs. Perhaps you have my sight confused with another?

  3. Ed,
    My sincere apologizes.
    Not all animal web sites are equal. I did obtain some unhealthy information and in error, I thought it came from your site. My mistake.
    I’m so glad your information is consistent and accurate,
    I’m looking for several dog biscuit recipes. However, some contain broth, which is high in sodium.
    Is that a problem for our beloved dogs?
    Thank You in advance.

  4. We have been giving our dog the Dinovite for over a month now. At the same time, we began to use your recipe – ground beef, hard cooked eggs, no white rice – but a “light couple tablespoons of Quinoa” every now and again. She was doing well – her coat is wonderful – her teeth have a healthier look (less tarter) and we thought we were on the right track with her.
    Last Sat. she had explosive gas sounds, yellow stools covered with mucus – and she whines before she voids, and she’s lethargic . I’m so confused by all of this – has the raw meat anything to do with these problems? I’m staying with my son for family reasons in another state than where I live, and of course, I didn’t know the Vet who saw her yesterday. They are not fond of Raw Diets. Now, they’ve put her on antibiotics. What’s your thoughts on the situation?

    • Carole,

      Since you have been feeding this recipe without incident for over a month it is unlikely the dog food is the cause of the diarrhea. I can appreciate the scare your vet has given you. To help ease your mind here is a clip of a veterinarian talking about feeding raw dog food. To view the clip click here.

      You can add the white rice to your recipe and this should help firm the stool.

      It sounds like you are feeding the yeast starvation diet. Has your dog suffered from a yeast infection? If so, what you are seeing could be the toxic effects of the yeast overgrowth dying.

  5. I’m still waiting for your dog biscuits recipes……
    Do you make dog biscuits?
    Please respond.

    • Lee,

      I’ve got 4 recipes to post ahead of the dog treats. It is labor intense posting all these recipes. If you are waiting to give your dog a treat until I post may I recommend a good freeze dried beef treat? Click here to view these yummy treats. I don’t want your dog to go without a yummy treat:)

  6. Anne Puccini says:

    My two Westhighland Terrier, ages 8 and 10. Vet said were alergic to grain. After several month of attempting ALL kinds of dog food (no grain)….they still dont want to eat – never will even taste a dry food.

    So, this is what I need to know:

    I use ground beef – 85%…..lean. 1 egg, crushed oatmeal flakes…..then add 1/4 can of canned dog food (purina one )until shape is the same as a regular meatloak. They still dont want to eat it, however, if left until next day in fridge…………..after a few hours – still not eating.

    They are obviously healthing again. No “sore spots”. They have plenty of fresh water 24/7.
    How much should each pet get to eat – weight – 15# 18#. A small treat each day.

    Sometimes the little one wakes me up by hearing “browling”in her stomach. It is an expensive menu; however, their body weight/skin is obviously healthy. I am concerned that they are not getting a complete daily supply.

    • Anne,

      It is hard for me to tell but it looks like you are still feeding processed dog food. Try one of the easy dog food recipes. Cooked dog food recipe, click here. Raw dog food recipe, click here. I know both these recipes work well. Also feed filler free dog treats, click here for a good dog treat.

  7. Michelle says:

    I have a 11 year old miniture schnauzer she has had bladder stones twice and had surgery both times. Time between surgery has only been 3 years apart. I want to make her own dog food and not sure what recipe to follow. She is on Hills S/D dog food. Is there a recipe I could make for her? Please advise.

  8. Jamie Green says:

    I am interested in making homemade dog food. I have a 2yr yorki and 7 yr pom. Where do you get your vitamin supplements. And thank you for your how to videos. They will help me out a lot. Also do you have any recipes for chicken?

  9. Hi,

    I have a 4yr old 6lb chihuahua named Milo, recently he’s been having some tummy issues where it makes loud noises, he doesn’t eat his normal brand (Lotus duck flavor) and even more recently he was vomiting and very soft slimy stool. I’ve taken him to the vet a few times, they have done full blood work, x-rays and stool samples…all coming back normal. Hmmm, so they can’t give me direct answers, faustrating of course because I just want my lil man to feel better. Now he has had this problem in the past but it would only last for a day and would be very rare….now it’s more often and lasts for a few days. i chatted with a vet on and he suggested boiled chicken….and he finally ate! Stool is still slimy though, and when I give him some warm broth he actually urinated in the house on the couch like he couldn’t hold it which is EXTREMLY rare for him (I guessing it might be the warm broth going right through him? have you heard of that?). He’s been eating the boiled chicken for 2 days. The vet online suggested doing a test drive which means he could have food allergies and he suggested Hill’s prescription diet z/d and I know Milo won’t touch it becuase another vet tried that and he didn’t eat for days. Do you think I should keep him on a holistic diet of Chicken rice, veggies and eggs? I’m just wanting to figure out his tummy issues and hoenstly the vet has costed me a fortune with no answers to go with it.

    • Erika,

      Of course boiled chicken is not a complete dog food. Often times dogs that have digestive issues do well on raw meat based dog food. The raw meat is easier for them to digest. Have you considered feeding the easy raw dog food recipe, click here to view this recipe.

  10. As much as we’d love to do this for our pups, our pups are two, two hundred and fifty pound Saints, and I believe we’d need a commercial kitchen to begin?
    We do raise our own grass fed Angus, so beef costs are about 25 cents a pound? Any suggestions to making a (cooked) and (easier) replacement for what is now about 200 pounds of toxic kibbles a month?

    • Billbo,

      It sounds like you’re in a good position with access to cheap beef. The best thing I’d recommend is to buy a good meat grinder. I have a weston that works great. You may already own one. You can use it for yourself along with the dogs. I can grind 20 pounds of chicken leg thigh quarters, bones and all, in a few minutes. It will work great on the beef. My guess is it will grind ribs.

      All this said your dogs should be able to chew them up without grinding.

  11. Beatriz Martinez says:

    Hi Ed: I been reading all your comments about home made food. I have three Snauzers and one mix of German Shepard and Lab. For many years I have cooked for them Brown rice Lean Turkey . Sometime I give them Chicken stripes. I cook carrots and green beans and in the weekends I give them eggs. I mix this food with dry food. They love my food. I don’t know how healthy is to give them red meet. Will you advice me what more I can do to improve their diet. Thanks.

  12. Thank you for putting together such a easy to understand website! We are bringing our first puppy into our home in the next few weeks (he’ll be about 10 weeks) and would like to start him on a homemade food diet as soon as possible. A couple questions re: using this feeding program with puppies… is it okay to fast the puppy the recommended 24 hrs? is it okay to feed the pup the recipe above? is it okay for a young puppy to consume the recommended supplements? Also, any tips for a natural treat to use while training puppies? Can you use bacon (nitrate free)?

    Thanks again for all the great instructions, ideas and advice. I was nervous about taking on the commitment of feeding our new pup a natural, non-processed diet but the suggestions here seem economical, practical and scientifically based.

    • Morgan,

      Your puppy will do well on this dog food recipe and the supplements. All are fine. I boil liver for treats. After it’s cooled I cut it into little cubes and freeze it. Yummy for dogs. I also feed these healthy freeze dried dog treats, my dogs love them.

  13. hi. i’ve got a 10 year yellow lab. she has had skin issues since she was a puppy. we tried different commercial diets, chinese herbs, etc. the only thing that worked was a very small dose of temaril-p. the temaril-p along with salmon/sweet potato dog food seemed to be magic. this past spring, she had a really hard time getting up (very sudden). she has had 2 surgeries on her right knee 3 years ago-torn acl first and then torn meniscus. i took her to the vet. they put her on some pain meds. took her back 3 days later b/c she wasn’t better. took x-rays, etc. nothing definitive except her thyroid was barely functioning. took her off temaril-p and put her on rimadyl. she did ok for about 2 weeks. then the itching took over. tried her on a new, very expensive medicine. it took a toll on her. she pretty much stopped eating, lost several pounds, and then began to vomit. back to the vet. put her on a chicken and rice diet and took her off the atopica. we are now trying rimadyl and temaril-p together with a pepcid. she is doing great. all of this to say, i am going to try the easy cooked dog food. my question is this: i know the temaril-p is not good for her liver. do you think the homemade dog food can help eliminate the need for temaril-p? i also give her salmon oil pills.

    • Crissy,

      It can’t hurt. You may want to up the fish oil content of her diet. Try the Supromega fish oil for dogs it is preserved naturally and also contains natural source vitamin E. Both can help with inflamation.

  14. Steve G says:

    Hi Ed, my dog (Pom/Chihuahua mix 11 lbs weight and rising) is suffering congestive heart failure and it is impossible to find low sodium dog food (other than Hills). I have called manufacturers and they will not or cannot provide sodium information on the labels.

    My dog will not eat vet food in any form. I tried boiled chicken and he doesnt like that. He’s on all the usual heart meds. The vet also gave me wormwood extract 3 drops in his food. Weird.

    Which one of your recipes do you suggest that will be low sodium or sodium free? I am going to fight this war to keep my little man around. I want to control fluid build up.

  15. Hi again,

    Quick recap jasper, walking yeast farm, improving on cooked diet. As expected he’s not well yet he’s only been on yeast starvation for a month. But tonight I did not feed egg. He’s been less itchy than usual tonight. Wondering if egg allergies are common in dogs. If I don’t feed eggs what is best replacement.

    Thanks for your help


    Tonight I had more meat than usual

    • Terry,

      Are you feeding the yeast starvation recipe as outlined or a variation? I recommend feeding it raw as outlined with the supplements. The fish oil and the Dinovite will help round out the recipe and support the yeast die off.

      • Quick note Jasper met with the folks from the humane society. They were in awe of his brilliantly shiny coat, soft smooth skin, and overall strength and emotional stability. Yes I’m proud. But give huge credit to his diet.

        Oh yes he’s on supplements but cooked food. (Thinking i should start eating the same thing). My variation is pretty simple. I have been cooking his foods separately from the start. Ground meats slow roasted and frozen in portion sized pieces. Always cooked his eggs separately. And added them freshly hard boiled. Shells and all, then add Dinovite and lick o chops. He loved it

        Now no eggs at all. Nutritionally what might replace egg. He loves fish, can I give him fish with bones as a protein source? He’s mad for mackerel.

        Jasper and I thank you for your input.

        I make little meat balls and keep a few in the fridge to use as quick and easy treat that keep him happy and on his diet. Nubs nubs are great away from home option.

        • Terry,

          This is SUPER to hear. I like eggs they are packed with all sorts of good stuff. Mackerel is fine, I love it with wasabi!

          • Jasper is doing great. We had a follow-up with the vet (ear infection) after two weeks of two antibiotics. My kindly vet said he looked great, but expected the dual antibiotics would have left him a yeasty stinker. Instead he is radiant, clean and completely lesion free. She said she doesn’t recommend homemade dog food. But quietly to the side suggested I continue, it is miraculous.

            At home he is more active, alert, sleeps like a normal dog. No more paw chewing, shedding, smelliness. No more neurotic misery.

            They want to do another two weeks of antibiotic and he will stay on yeast starvation for at least another month.

            My question today, as my friends gear up for hunting season, is venison a safe option?
            And one more question what is your feeling on the safety of organ meats?

          • Terry,

            Venison is fine. I’ve fed beef and chicken organ meat without a problem. I’m not sure about organ meat from deer.

            It is good to hear your dog is doing well.

  16. Robbie Oberman says:

    My 4 year Maltese has just been diagnosed with PLE. Our Vet put him on Hill’s zd. He likes it. His edema is getting better with a diaretic. I would like to know what else I can give him as a treat or to add to his food. He always loved cooked and raw carrots, string beans, blueberries, cantelope etc. Can I safely give him veggies and fruit. He does not like the presciption diet treats!

  17. Linda Clark says:

    I just bought the ingredients for the cooked chicken recipe. The recipe says to add a tube of supramega fish oil, but it comes in capsules. I assume you don’t use the tube of whatever it is because it has the fish oil plus whatever comes from chicken skin; so the dog only needs the fish oil with the cooked chicken recipe. Could you clarify for me please?

  18. We have two Chihuahua’s, one 6 pounds/Pablo (cute little ‘runt’ of a litter he is 4 years old), Chilli, 12 pounds, he is three years old,
    from another litter. Pablo has developed a pattern of scratching lower legs, ears, and just immediately in front of his hind legs/belly area. I changed his diet that he was on – low calorie, Royal Canine to one that has rice yeast and as he was born with not a complete set of teeth, this oine is easier for him to eat.
    .But he has been scratching before we put him on this last one. He has been scratching for about 2 months, same spots. Vet does not know what it is. Any help/idea will be appreciated.

  19. Ann Greene says:

    I have a Yorkie that is 10 yrs old. Adopted him from our Human Society two years ago after losing my 15 year old mutt (Yogi). The Yorkie (Snickers) is about 15 – 17 lbs. He seems to b e very finicky about his food. He isn’t losing weight so I guess he’s eating enough to keep him a little pugy. lol. I’m using your cooked dog food recipe and he eats that better if I leave the rice out. I put a multiple vitamin in it and he gets something like Prozac. Very destructible when left alone. I don’t know any of his past history. Put it can take him up to 15 hours to eat the dog food and since it’s meat I worry about it making him sick. Also he eats it better with out the ricee. Dry dog food he just doesn’t do. I’ve never been to wait him out on that. He is a champion beggar and he follows me every steep I make. Do you have any suggestions if I leave the rice out. And how much should I feed him?Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Ann,

      You can leave the rice out or just feed the yeast starvation dog food recipe. Make sure you are feeding it as listed. Little dogs need a small amount of food to survive. My guess is he is getting more goodies than you think throughout the day. This is allowing him to take his time eating. My dogs finish their meals in about 15-30 seconds. Then spend the next 30 minutes licking each others bowls to get the last molecule of food.

      • Ann Greene says:

        Thanks. You are very probablyright about he treats as he is not losing any weigh. I’m cutting him back to one a day and cut down the amout of food I put out.

  20. Hello I just wanted to say thanks so much my little bichon LOVES this food. But instead of add Dinovite I add NUPRO all natural supplement is that ok?

  21. ive noticed you dont have any recipe including fish,,is there a reason?

  22. also im in canada, and shipping is more then the product,,lol,,is there some other product or natural that i can pick up at a pharmacy

  23. Hi, I was wondering just how many cups would you feed bigger dogs per day. I have a 50lb lab mix and a 70 lb lab mix. Thanks!

  24. Hi,
    I just found your site while researching homemade dog food recipies for my puppy. I have a 9 month old Aussie that we think is having allergic reaction to dry food. About every three weeks she begins a cycle of vomitting once or twice a day and looses her appetite. We also notice she begins to get pink inflamed lips and above her nose that she scratches at just before the vomitting starts. Once on a blan diet of hamburg and rice and treamtents of pepcid and Metronidazole she bounces back to herself within a day or two. We are now on our fourth episode of this, each time we have removed more things from her diet thinking that was the trigger. The vet has ruled out blockages, worms, etc. Do you have any recipies you can recommend for a dog with allergies? I have never considered making my own dogfood until now, even though I have had dogs all my life. I want to make sure I still provide the proper nutrition. Thank you! I appreciate all the information you are providing your readers with!

  25. We are changing our 6 month old lab/pit mix over to homemade food, can I use coconut oil instead of fish oil? It is high in omega 3 and omega 6. We already have a huge tub of it that we use in our own diet because of the great fat.

  26. Hey Ed
    I have an 18 month old American pitbull terrier and we feed him buffalo blue turkey and brown rice which he does good on. Before that we had him on same brand but different flavor dog food and he would not be able to keep any food down. Then we tried cooking white rice and beef but eventually he vomit that up too. But money is tight and I can’t keep buying big bag of buffalo blue, what other recipes can I use to get my dog eating again?

  27. Hi

    can i mix chia seeds in my dogs food ?

  28. Ed,
    I have made reduced portion of both the beef and chicken cooked dog food. I Purchased all of the supplements except for the calcium since I used the egg shells in both recipes. Next time I am going to put the cooked chicken in the food processor so that it mixes more evenly with the rice. Addy, loves both recipes.

    Anyway, I adopted a four month old feral puppy. I have had her on Synergy, by Natural Balance which is a very reputable dry dog food. But to me it is just boring to eat the same thing day after day. But even with the vitamin supplements, I guess I am nervous that the kibble may have nutrients that she is not getting from the home made food. If I added one cup of her Synergy to 4 cups of homemade cooked food and her digestive track handles it and I negating the homemade food benefits?

    Also, I am making the bone stock right now. I can’t wait to see the end product. One more question. Do you put the chicken skin in the recipe or in the bone stock?

  29. Hi!! I just love these easy recipes!! I decided to try this alternative for my dag. She is a Morkie, about 4.5lbs and has serious allergies. She scratches all the time, she is loosing her hair in patches, her skin turns hot pink and her eyes swell. She just looks so miserable and it just beaks my heart…. The vet has given us food (that is very expensive) and it doesnt seem to work or last.
    I purchased the dinovite and the superomega fish oil and am planning on doing the cooked recipe….. My question is can i do either chicken or beef to mix with the fish oil?? Or is one better than the other??

  30. Hi Ed, I have a 5 year old Austrailian Shepherd and a 3 year old Bichon Frise, both with allergies. They are both rescue dogs we have had awhile. I have had them on a home made dog food that has ground beef (2 lbs), brown rice (4c+12 c water), pumpkin (1 can), eggs (12) and a 16 oz. can of peas and carrots. I bake the eggs shells and pulvarize them. I notice you add more meat so I am trying your cooked recipe to see if the pumpkin may be the culprit. My vet actually told me to pay someone online to see if my recipe was ok as she was not sure. She did suggest a vitamin and I did added that and salmon oil. I bought the Dinovite products and will try them with your recipe. If my kids stop itching it will be worth it in the money I save on vet bills!!!

  31. I’ve been using the new recipe and dinovite (smaller amount), lick o chops, fish oil (which I used before) and my aussie has had diarrhea. I discontinued their multiple vitamin as I thought it would be too much with the dinovite. Your thoughts?

    • Deb,

      This is fine, you don’t need the multivitamin along with Dinovite. Your Aussie’s stool should improve over time, sometimes it’s just a transitional phase.

      • Ed,
        Now both dogs have diarrhea! I cut the amount of Dinovite and fish oil. I am wondering if I should add the pumpkin back in? I’m wondering if its too much meat..since I used to add 2lbs and now add 10lbs. The difference in the protein could be the problem?

  32. Hi, I have two Poms and just found out that my female has struvite crystals in her urine and she ended up with a bladder infection. My vet wants me to feed her science diet because its low ash. I personally think science diet is crap and I don’t want to give it to her. Do you think that your home cooked meals would be good for her? I’m losing faith in kibble and I’m not supposed to feed her what i consider the better quality dog food because my vet says it has too high in ash. My little four pound male even turns his nose up at some of the more expensive brands and it worries me because he NEEDS to eat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks : )

  33. My beagles have food allergies that were causing very bad yeast infections in their ears. I now cook for them. I cook beef or calf liver, add cooked rice, cooked pinto beans, olive oil,sweet potatoes and some frozen beans and carrots. If I have any gravy, bacon grease or stock, I will add that. I just ordered some supplements for vitamins and Omega 3 & 6 as I’m reading that the food is not enough. Their ears are great now!!! Yeah! Thanks for your page!

  34. I have a 50-lb year-old Husky male on the Blue Buffalo Wilderness diet. Within the first 2 months of his life, my puppy battled both parvo and coccidia before I adopted him; therefore, his digestive system has always been a little more delicate than expected. Our vet initially asked us to switch him to Science Diet, but with all the poor reviews I was hearing about it, decided to go with the Blue Buffalo Wilderness puppy food. As a nursing student, I understand the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. Our puppy loves playing in my big fenced-in backyard and ALWAYS has fresh, cool water to drink. Sometimes I reward by puppy with small pieces of cooked chicken breast, a small scoop of white rice, or a teaspoon of low-fat organic peanut butter instead of . However, as a nursing student in practicum, I hardly have time to cook for myself. Honestly, adding the time to cook for my puppy is unrealistic until I graduate. Is this method okay to continue for six more months until graduation? As any other pet owner, I just want the best for my little boy!

  35. I have two dogs (both around 50lb.), and GOOD dog food is getting pretty expensive. I have been looking into homemade dog food for the economical and nutritional benefits. I have truly fell in love with this website and all the good information on it. Just what I have been looking for! So, thank you!

    I do have a question about the amount of food these recipes make. (I’m trying to compare costs to other recipes and commercial foods). How much food does the recipe make? Thanks!

  36. Hi Ed,

    I’ve been making the chicken recipe for my dog and I add the fish oil plus dinovite but this time around I’m going to make the ground beef but I don’t see when or if I should add the fish oil to the recipe? Can I also add the fish oil and dinovite to the ground beef after it has been cooked like I do with the chicken recipe?!

    Thank you,


  37. Hello. Im new to your site. Recently I have been hearing really good things about making your own home made dog food. I love to cook and i love knowing my dogs are happy and healthy. My problem is i have a 5 year old American bull dog/pit mix who recently developed elbow arthritis. He is also slightly over weight and the doctor says he needs to loose at least ten lbs. I have tried all sorts of dog food and im ready to pull my hair out as he is not loosing and he is not gaining. Doctor said raw and home cooked diet might be the way to go. What would you suggest for his arthritis and weight loss? I have been feeding him blue buffalo longevity one cup and other cup i have substituted with frozen pee/green beans and cottage cheese also raw egg twice a week.

  38. I have two shelties and am planning to start making their food. One is having allergy issues and I think food is a big part of it. Would you make any adjustments to your easy cooked recipe to make it hypoallergenic?

  39. Susan Dodig says:

    Hi–after reading about the awful things that end up in commercial dogfood I would like to make homemade dogfood. I have been making the cooked rice/chicken recipe-with peas/carrots. The first batch was eaten and digested. The second batch, not so much. One of my dachsunds ate it and digested it. My 6 month old GS and other dachsund tolerated the first batch and the first few servings of the second batch, but now he has diarrhea and she had undigested grains of rice in her poo. I am currently waiting for my dinovite order. So there has been no extra nutrients added. Should I continue or go back to commercial?
    Thank you.
    Susan Dodig

    • Susan,

      Make sure the rice is well cooked. Partially cooked rice can cause the problem you are seeing. Also reduce the serving size until you dog’s digestion settles down and possibly fast your dog for 24 hours.

  40. Hello,

    I am going to try out your Chicken and Rice recipe for my 2 weimaraners that have a lot of sensitivities. I plan on using whole rotisserie chickens instead of the legs and thighs that you called for in the recipe. How many whole chickens do I need or cups of de-boned chicken do I need (what is equivalent to 10 lbs?)? I just want to be cost effective, but make sure I am using enough chicken. Also, I am assuming that the skin is supposed to be removed as well? So glad I found this site, it is hard to find simple homemade recipes.


  41. mrandall06 says:

    I have a 10 year old Chihuahua who has very bad allergies year round – not food related, but environmental. He was on steroids because that was the only thing that kept him from chewing his skin raw as he had lost all of his hair due to scratching/biting/itching. We recently had to take him off of steroids because he has an enlarged heart now and the vet diagnosed him with Congestive Heart Failure. He is now on pimobendan (vetmedin) for his CHF management. I have had him on Taste of the Wild Bison, which is grain free and he loves it. But I am wondering if switching him to a homemade diet where I can control the sodium would be ok to do. I have made him food myself in the past, but I had stopped doing it when we were trying to figure out what his allergy was. His immune system isn’t the best right now and I don’t want to do anything to make him sicker, but what would you suggest? Cooked vs uncooked? Do you know of any other dogs who have CHF that have been on either of your diets? Thank you so much for your site!

    • I personally like feeding raw best. A raw homemade dog food is going to be better than any kibble and you can control all the ingredients. I’m not sure about the CHF but I can’t see why it would hurt.

  42. Damenickum says:

    I’m moving my dogs over to home made dog food, and want to thank you for the thoroughness of your recipes. My Vet suggests putting more fiber in the dogs diet to help relive “scooting”. Her suggestion was to add a small amount of pumpkin puree to our dogs food. Is there anything else to use for this problem? (I have no problem putting pumpkin into the food, or sweet potatoes or another food to help) I have ordered the recommended supplements, and will use them as you recommend.

  43. Kjones3com says:

    Hi, Ed!

    I found your site this week and I am so thankful for it and you! I have two Greyhounds, ages 8 and 9. My nine yr old male just came down with a liver illness, one that I am convinced is due to the LID food I was feeding him. I am currently making them your cooked chicken recipe. I have a cpl questions, please. First, greyhounds are notorious for having loose stools and sensitive digestive tracts so on advice from my vet, who is being very supportive of my choice to now make my dogs their food, he would like me to add pumpkin (canned) to this recipe as well as carrots (cooked). Can you give me a suggestion as to how much pumpkin I should add to the cooked chicken recipe? Thanks again, Ed! So glad I found your page.

  44. saithao says:

    Hi Ed,

    I am wondering if this dog food recipe is good for giant breed dogs. I have a 6 month old Newfoundland puppy. He has been having problems with diarrhea for the last 2-3 months, and the only food that seems to help a little is chicken and rice with chicken broth. I wasn’t sure if just feeding him chicken and rice would be healthy and give him all the nutrients he needs so I started doing research and that’s how I found your site. I just bought the Dinovite for giant breed dogs, lickochops and supromega fish oil. I want to make sure adding these supplements is all that I need to do to give my giant puppy the nutrients that he needs for his big bones to grow healthy. Is there anything else I need to add to this recipe to make this the best dog food for my big boy? Thanks.

  45. Hi, Ed! Just found your site. I hope that it’s still active and you will respond. Is it possible to make the cooked recipes in the crockpot? If so, is there anything different that I should be doing? Thank you!

  46. Hi Ed. Please could you le me know a puppy cooked food formula. Thanjs

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