Cooked Dog Food Recipes

There are many ways to feed your dog a cooked meat based dog food. I currently have a couple different types. One uses beef, the “Easy Cooked Dog Food Recipe” and the other chicken “Chicken and Rice Dog Food Recipe”

  1. Easy Cooked Dog Food Recipe (This is the simplest cooked dog food recipe to prepare and easiest to feed.)
  2. Chicken and Rice Dog Food Recipe (A very nutritious and tastey dog food your dog will love!)

Special note: Follow the recipes as presented with the dog supplements suggested to prevent nutritional deficiencies.


  1. I’ve been using the new recipe and dinovite (smaller amount), lick o chops, fish oil (which I used before) and my aussie has had diarrhea. I discontinued their multiple vitamin as I thought it would be too much with the dinovite. Your thoughts?

    • Deb,

      This is fine, you don’t need the multivitamin along with Dinovite. Your Aussie’s stool should improve over time, sometimes it’s just a transitional phase.

      • Ed,
        Now both dogs have diarrhea! I cut the amount of Dinovite and fish oil. I am wondering if I should add the pumpkin back in? I’m wondering if its too much meat..since I used to add 2lbs and now add 10lbs. The difference in the protein could be the problem?

  2. Hi, I have two Poms and just found out that my female has struvite crystals in her urine and she ended up with a bladder infection. My vet wants me to feed her science diet because its low ash. I personally think science diet is crap and I don’t want to give it to her. Do you think that your home cooked meals would be good for her? I’m losing faith in kibble and I’m not supposed to feed her what i consider the better quality dog food because my vet says it has too high in ash. My little four pound male even turns his nose up at some of the more expensive brands and it worries me because he NEEDS to eat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks : )

  3. My beagles have food allergies that were causing very bad yeast infections in their ears. I now cook for them. I cook beef or calf liver, add cooked rice, cooked pinto beans, olive oil,sweet potatoes and some frozen beans and carrots. If I have any gravy, bacon grease or stock, I will add that. I just ordered some supplements for vitamins and Omega 3 & 6 as I’m reading that the food is not enough. Their ears are great now!!! Yeah! Thanks for your page!

  4. I have a 50-lb year-old Husky male on the Blue Buffalo Wilderness diet. Within the first 2 months of his life, my puppy battled both parvo and coccidia before I adopted him; therefore, his digestive system has always been a little more delicate than expected. Our vet initially asked us to switch him to Science Diet, but with all the poor reviews I was hearing about it, decided to go with the Blue Buffalo Wilderness puppy food. As a nursing student, I understand the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. Our puppy loves playing in my big fenced-in backyard and ALWAYS has fresh, cool water to drink. Sometimes I reward by puppy with small pieces of cooked chicken breast, a small scoop of white rice, or a teaspoon of low-fat organic peanut butter instead of . However, as a nursing student in practicum, I hardly have time to cook for myself. Honestly, adding the time to cook for my puppy is unrealistic until I graduate. Is this method okay to continue for six more months until graduation? As any other pet owner, I just want the best for my little boy!

  5. I have two dogs (both around 50lb.), and GOOD dog food is getting pretty expensive. I have been looking into homemade dog food for the economical and nutritional benefits. I have truly fell in love with this website and all the good information on it. Just what I have been looking for! So, thank you!

    I do have a question about the amount of food these recipes make. (I’m trying to compare costs to other recipes and commercial foods). How much food does the recipe make? Thanks!

  6. Hi Ed,

    I’ve been making the chicken recipe for my dog and I add the fish oil plus dinovite but this time around I’m going to make the ground beef but I don’t see when or if I should add the fish oil to the recipe? Can I also add the fish oil and dinovite to the ground beef after it has been cooked like I do with the chicken recipe?!

    Thank you,


  7. Hello. Im new to your site. Recently I have been hearing really good things about making your own home made dog food. I love to cook and i love knowing my dogs are happy and healthy. My problem is i have a 5 year old American bull dog/pit mix who recently developed elbow arthritis. He is also slightly over weight and the doctor says he needs to loose at least ten lbs. I have tried all sorts of dog food and im ready to pull my hair out as he is not loosing and he is not gaining. Doctor said raw and home cooked diet might be the way to go. What would you suggest for his arthritis and weight loss? I have been feeding him blue buffalo longevity one cup and other cup i have substituted with frozen pee/green beans and cottage cheese also raw egg twice a week.

  8. I have two shelties and am planning to start making their food. One is having allergy issues and I think food is a big part of it. Would you make any adjustments to your easy cooked recipe to make it hypoallergenic?

  9. Susan Dodig says:

    Hi–after reading about the awful things that end up in commercial dogfood I would like to make homemade dogfood. I have been making the cooked rice/chicken recipe-with peas/carrots. The first batch was eaten and digested. The second batch, not so much. One of my dachsunds ate it and digested it. My 6 month old GS and other dachsund tolerated the first batch and the first few servings of the second batch, but now he has diarrhea and she had undigested grains of rice in her poo. I am currently waiting for my dinovite order. So there has been no extra nutrients added. Should I continue or go back to commercial?
    Thank you.
    Susan Dodig

    • Susan,

      Make sure the rice is well cooked. Partially cooked rice can cause the problem you are seeing. Also reduce the serving size until you dog’s digestion settles down and possibly fast your dog for 24 hours.

  10. Hello,

    I am going to try out your Chicken and Rice recipe for my 2 weimaraners that have a lot of sensitivities. I plan on using whole rotisserie chickens instead of the legs and thighs that you called for in the recipe. How many whole chickens do I need or cups of de-boned chicken do I need (what is equivalent to 10 lbs?)? I just want to be cost effective, but make sure I am using enough chicken. Also, I am assuming that the skin is supposed to be removed as well? So glad I found this site, it is hard to find simple homemade recipes.


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