Dog Food Ingredients

Healthy dog food ingredients

I have some great news for you about the dog food ingredients. All the main ingredients for the dog food recipes are readily available at your local grocery store. Ground beef, chicken, eggs and white rice are the base ingedients. All the recipes do require the addition of dog supplements of added omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and direct fed microbials. All the supplements  are available online.

Now I know some of you will say “you just want to sell me supplements”. My answer is; of course I do!

Almost twenty years ago I started feeding my dogs raw dog food. I quickly found out that the dogs needed supplementation to fill in the nutritional gaps in the raw diet. So I started adding a gram of this and 15 grams of that and on and on. The dogs did well. In fact they did so well I had visitors ask me what I spayed on my dogs to make them so shiny! It was funny actually. The supplements I recommend are my own and I call them “Dinovite” and “Lickochops“. These supplements will help fill in the nutritional gaps. The recipes will be deficient without adding the dog supplements.

Healthy dog food supplement. Dinovite dog supplement.

What Dog Supplements to feed?

  1. Dinovite-(Supplies vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, digestive enzymes, direct fed microbials and a whole lot more.)
  2. Lickochops-(Supplies Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids and natural source vitamin E.)

Omega 3 fatty acid supplement for dogs. Lickochops fatty acid supplement.

Feeding your dog a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet “B.A.R.F.” plus supplements will help him do just great! Feeding your dog this way has some added benefits like; less vet visits, reduced shedding, less odor and a overall happy dog. Take the plunge and change your dog’s food. You and your dog will be happy made the change.


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