Dog Food – Meat Grinder

dog food meat grinder

My Dog Food Meat Grinder

A commercial meat grinder is a great asset when making homemade dog food. If you buy one that is powerful enough you can grind up chicken bones along with the meat. This is a great way to supply calcium and cartilage to your dog. It is also ideal to grind up food for puppies, small dogs and old dogs that may have dental problems. It also makes the dog food more uniform for easy mixing, serving and storage. This is my meat grinder it is a Weston 1.5 HP. This grinder breezes through 10 pounds of chicken leg thigh quarters in a few minutes. It is extremely heavy duty!

Dog food meat grinder parts

Dog Food Meat Grinder Display of Parts

As you can see the meat grinder I use to make some of my homemade dog food has a handful of parts. The meat grinder assembles in minutes and is easy to clean. You will be making dog food in minutes.

Meat Grinder Plunger

Meat Grinder Auger

Pictured above is the auger and the plunger. The tray also has a safety shelf that I forgot to put on for the pictures. Obviously never stick your hands, fingers or toes down the hole. If you don’t think you can resist the urge to do so then don’t use this meat grinder. Nuff Said:)

Dog food meat grinder blades

 Meat Grinder Cutting Assembly

The picture above shows the cutting blade to the left and the screen to the right. The meat grinder comes with two screens and this is the larger of the two screens pictured. Basically, the blade turns in unison with a heavy duty auger and this drives the meat up to the screen where the blade cuts and chops it. The ground meat is then pushed through the screen into a waiting pan.

meat grinder

Super Nice Feature of this Meat Grinder

Occasionally you may try to grind something that is a little tough and this can jam the meat grinder. If this happens simply switch it to reverse for 5 or 10 seconds until it gets unjammed. Then turn it back to forward and away you go.

This meat grinder retails for around $750. It is a very heavy duty sturdy built meat grinder. This grinder also can be used for your own household grinding needs. A very handy tool.

Click here to view a store that sells these meat grinders.



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