Dog Food Recipes

Our dog food recipes are broken into to basic categories.

  1. Raw dog food recipes (click here)
  2. Cooked dog food recipes (click here)

My personal belief is feeding your dog a raw dog food is the best. There are delicate nutrients in raw meat your dog needs and cooking destroys them. I also believe that some of you just will not feed your dog a piece of raw meat. Maybe your vet has cautioned you against feeding raw meat to dogs or possible you think it’s just plain gross. If this is you let me say I’m not hear to slam or berate you. I just want to help you feed your dog the best homemade dog food possible. If that means cooking your dog’s food then that’s just what we will do. And I will help you make the most nutritious homemade cooked dog food and your dog will love it.

As time goes on I will also post some specific dog food recipes designed to help your dog fight certain health problems. Many dogs suffer with yeast infections for example and I have a “Yeast Starvation” dog food recipe that can help your dog fight a chronic yeast infection.

Take the first step to feeding your dog a healthy homemade dog food today!


  1. I have a 7-9 week old Catahoula/ Kuvasz breed puppy. She seems to be a picky eater already. She loves the canned beef chunks in gravy dog food, but it gives her the puppy trots. I switched her to purina puppy chow, and the vet said that was an excellent choice but she’s losing weight horribly quick, and with an already underweight puppy.. That’s never a good thing. She’s been dewormed, so that’s not the issue. She likes to steal my steamed carrots and broccoli and will fight me for them. Do you have a recipe that is nutritious, quick (I have 2 toddlers so I can’t prepare elaborate meals for a puppy), and will help her gain weight and fill her up??

  2. Hi Ed, I found a dog she’s so cute and friendly on my way home I saw how a car stopped and just dropped her off in the middle of the street I picked her up and named her Cookie, when I found her she had some linda balls all over her skin and she started losing hair I took her to the vet, he said she’s a blue nose pitbull but not sure if she’s pure breed or not so she got some medicine and after few days taking it she got better and better I love her and I’m planning keeping her, also the vet said she’s about 15 – 16 weeks old, well the reason why I’m writing is because I would like to know what to make her I wanna make homemade food for her I know a little bit about it but I rather experts tell me what’s the best. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for reading this. Jay & Cookie

    • Jay,

      Good to hear you found a new friend, sound cute. Well, you’re on the right site to start learning. Spend some time reading the site then pick a recipe and take the dive.

  3. gilbert says:

    I have 2 dogs one female bullmastiff and a male boxer bullmastiff mix.Female pushing 130 the the male is 92. Been feeding natures variety kibble for female and n v raw to the male.Going to start feeding both the raw diet you have but i want to use chicken do i still use lickochop and dinovite and do i still have to fast my female.Can i use msm for the male,he has arthiritis.what is your take on black strap molasses and apple cider vinager the mother?Do i debone chicken i have no i use the large breed dinovite

    • Gilbert,

      If your dogs are on kibble then fast them and follow the introductory method presented with the recipes. If you feed the chicken and rice recipe then use Supromega fish oil instead of the Lickochops. I always fed my dogs the raw bones without incident. That said, some large dogs swallow them whole. So, you may want to grind the bones for your dogs.

  4. Melissa says:

    I have a 15month husky along with a 8yr old chu/mini pin mix.. Husky has always had tummy issues on all food I buy expensive or not, sometimes he chooses not to eat.. He is a very healthy weight but I am ready to start feeding them either cooked or raw food for the health factor.. Our babygirl is starting to show signs of limping and bones creaking when she stretches and was wondering the best food to make for both of them and the supliments they might need added..

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