Dog Food Recipes

Our dog food recipes are broken into to basic categories.

  1. Raw dog food recipes (click here)
  2. Cooked dog food recipes (click here)

My personal belief is feeding your dog a raw dog food is the best. There are delicate nutrients in raw meat your dog needs and cooking destroys them. I also believe that some of you just will not feed your dog a piece of raw meat. Maybe your vet has cautioned you against feeding raw meat to dogs or possible you think it’s just plain gross. If this is you let me say I’m not hear to slam or berate you. I just want to help you feed your dog the best homemade dog food possible. If that means cooking your dog’s food then that’s just what we will do. And I will help you make the most nutritious homemade cooked dog food and your dog will love it.

As time goes on I will also post some specific dog food recipes designed to help your dog fight certain health problems. Many dogs suffer with yeast infections for example and I have a “Yeast Starvation” dog food recipe that can help your dog fight a chronic yeast infection.

Take the first step to feeding your dog a healthy homemade dog food today!


  1. Karen Stewart says:

    I have a six month old puppy. I was told that he is a “reindeer” Chihuahua. My vet says he is part Spaniel, possible Springer as he is white and liver and has freckles on his nose and feet. I like your raw dog food recipe. I was feeding commercial dry dog food, Taste of the Wild Salmon and Sweet Potato. Papi didn’t really like it and he would occasionally throw up. I found out that he was eating sunflower seeds from the bird seed. This is another thing you might want to add to “toxic foods for dogs” list. My vet said that they will upset a dog’s stomach.
    Thanks you,

    • Dear Ed,

      I have a sweet but allergy ridden 7 year old pedigree lab. He has suffered with flatulance all his life and can be socially unacceptable, if you catch my drift!! He is lactose intolerent, subject to ear infections, occasionally bites his paws, throws up kibble and eats too fast. I have experimented with various diets over the years.
      He is much better on my home made diet, but I want to be sure he is getting what he needs. (He cannot tolerate the fancy meats like venison or rabbit.) My receipe is of roast chicken, white rice, peas, Omega 3, 6 & 9 (flax seed) and bone meal, sometimes a steamed egg with it. He is loosing weight, which worries me. He is not a picky eater. Our vet cannot tell us much about receipes, other than suggest a few supplements. What should he be eating to stay healthy? We are vegetarians and would prefer not to cook meat in the house, but have no problem buying it for him. Thanks for your time.

      • Suzzanne,

        It sounds like you are feeding good foods. It’s hard for me to say because I’m not feeding the same recipe. Is it possible he was over weight and is just shedding un need fat? The ear infections and paw licking are signs of a yeast infection. You may want to try the “yeast starvation dog food recipe”, click here to view. Elimination the carbs and feeding the nutrients in the supplements help dogs with yeast infections.

      • mgillingham says:

        Hi I need to ask a few questions.
        I have a 9 month old Yorkshire terrier & a 4 year old Staffordshire Bull terrier. They have been on dry dog food all there life (wainwrights) which I’ve been told is one of the best dry dog foods but my dogs have constant bad breath and always seem hungry especially my yorkie. I give them the right amount of food for there weight but it doesn’t seem to satisfy them. I am interested in giving homemade dog food. I have tried raw wth my staff before but I couldn’t stomach it. So the questions are…. how much to I need to feed each dog ? My yorkie is 5kg and my staff is 25kg. And would the rice chicken and egg recipe be okay to give all the time or do I need to change it to different meats. Thanks

  2. I hate dogs and love cats

    • Elyssa,

      I feel sorry for you.

    • I cannot imagine “hating” a living creature. I can understand preferring cats over dogs for pets and dogs over cats for pets. Or, being in a situation to have one over the other. But to “hate” them, I do not understand and feel sorry for both of you.

      • Elyssa,

        I prefer dogs over cats. My dogs hate cats. The later prevents me from owning a cat. I’m met some cool cats. I love dogs, parrots and horses. On a lighter note I do believe you might hate some living creatures if you are honest. Lice, mosquitos, horse flies come to mind. I can honestly say I hate them all.

        • garfielddcat says:

          When I was a child, we had dogs and cats, loved them all. As I grew up, I found that I preferred cats (and to say that cats are standoffish is not always true). As an adult, we always had cats, as our working conditions did not lend themselves to having any dogs. My cats were loving, affectionate, and frequently acted more like dogs than cats. We even had one cat that played fetch!

          Eventually I rescued a small dog (vet thinks she is most likely a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix) and was taking her to the local no-kill shelter so that she could find a good home. I had to work that day, so the dog went with me. She was so well behaved at the office that my employer suggested I keep her and bring her to work with me daily (what a great person). Despite initial objections from my husband, I did decide to keep her. She fell in love with our senior kitties, and they learned to tolerate her. She quickly won over my husband, who now dotes on her! Eventually, both kitties passed, and to this day our dog misses “her kitties”. Amazingly, she cannot stand being around dogs of any size/breed, but has no objections to cats, even those she does not know. Taking her to the dog park is an exercise in futility.

          My dog refuses to play with toys, balls, ropes, etc. Eventually we will bring a new kitty into the house, which will absolutely delight our dog. Seems like I will never have a “normal” dog or cat, but that suits us just fine. She does not like being outside, except when she has to potty, and is always on a leash when she does go out. She actually acts more like a cat than a dog!

          We recently had a very bad scare, when she spiked a fever and started vomiting blood for an unknown reason. The vet was unable to determine the cause of the problem, but gave her medications to stop the vomiting and to coat her stomach lining so that it could heal the ruptured blood vessels. Over the next 3 days, her fever went down, and she eventually began to eat the chicken/brown rice/broth diet suggested by our vet, for use during the recovery phase. Now that she is better, we will most likely keep her on a similar diet. I know that just chicken/brown rice/broth will not provide the nutrition she needs, so we will be trying the recipes you have posted. I look forward to seeing/trying new recipes as you make them available to us.

          She has always been a very picky eater, and we have tried just about every brand/flavor/variety of commercial dog food on the market (kibble, canned, pouches, the works). Even the refrigerated/fresh foods were ignored. We had best results with Pet Botanics kibble, but she quickly tired of that too. She does NOT like anything beef flavored or bacon flavored. Chicken, chicken, chicken… Should be an adventure finding a good recipe that she will eat, but we will just keep trying.

    • You must have had a bad experience with dogs. I have loved dogs all my life, I also thought I hated domestic cats, I think because my dogs didn’t like cats so I didn’t . Maybe you just like the independence of a cat, if that is the case you would love my favorite dog the Chow Chow, they are not needy in the least , they can be down right aloof , even as a puppy they don’t necessarily need to be held or treated like a baby, as an adult just like with alot of cats you feel special if they want your attention. I’ve had three Chows and I will never own any other breed. Chows have an undeserved reputation for being mean dogs , mine are very sweet dogs . With all dogs it’s the way you raise them. I would advise socialize them to lots of people , because they are protective of the people they love.I hate the thought of any one going thru their life without the love and pure joy a dog can bring to your life,I couldn’t live without mine . So try a Chow the greatest dog in the world. Cindy

  3. robert b says:

    Hello. on the subject of rawmeatfor dogs.. what worries me is the worms in the meat. even store bought hamburger raw is unsafe for humane consuption. I have a sheltie she is 8 years old. she has skin problems. big scabs onher skin.. the vet said it is a food allergy and i have been switching foods for a year now trying to figure out which one is best for her. that is why i decided to maybe try and make my own dog food.. no coloring no preservatives all natural.. do you ahve a recipe that would help the skin and fur of a dog?? thanks and congrats on a great web site


    • Robert,

      Dogs have powerful acids in their stomachs that allow them to eat raw meat without a problem. Most worms dogs pick up from soil and flea bites. At least the most common. If you are uneasy about feeding raw then try the easy cooked dog food recipe, click hear to view. Since your dog has severe skin problems I would recommend switching Supromega fish oil for the Lickochops in this recipe, click here to view Supromega.

      • I want to try the raw recipes for my pit-bull/boxer mix. She was a rescue so shes temperamental and kind of snappy in certain situations when she gets startled. Would the raw meat considering the blood effect her to where she would bite just for the blood instead of just being scared like she does now? i know what scares her and sets her off to attack so i can prevent it but if she just bites for blood i”d have to put her down so please help. so for now im going to start the cooked recipe because she prefers table food she might nibble on dog food but she doesn’t like it and Ive tried varieties but she doesn’t gain weight. so im looking for a nutritious diet so she can be happy and healthy not to mention full.

        • Brittani,

          Feeding these diets won’t make her “bite for blood” any more than you eating a steak will cause you to bite someone. My guess is she will love it and do great. It sounds like she is a fear biter and this you will have to work through with training and socialization.

  4. Linda Maynard says:

    I have a 3 year old deer head chihuahua named Atlee. He has recently been diagnosed with kidney disease. We go back to the vet this Friday for further blood work to see just how bad, but he needs to eat a low protein diet. I’ve been feeding him veg., pasta and bread and he loves them, also the vet gave us a perscription dog food for him but I would like to make it myself. I will, of course, ask the vet when we next see her but can you give me a list of foods that might be acceptable and any recipes. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Linda,

      The school of thought on low protein diets for dogs with kidney issues is changing. Your dog will not be able to sustain himself without protein. This topic is pretty complicated. High water content in the food seems to be more important. Raw meat typically has a 70% moisture content.

  5. Hi Ed-

    We have an 8yr old keeshond/lab mix. I am new to this ‘raw dog food’ diet, but our poor dog has suffered years from skin allergies and hot spots. He chews himself raw at times and wears the ‘cone of shame’ a lot. We’ve tried prescription dog food, but his stools became so watery, so we have switched to food without corn, food without sweet potato, food without lamb. On and on, we have tried several options. Each time a new food is introduced, we do the typical slow introduction and wait. He does fine for about a month or so, then it’s back to scratching and seems to be anxiety driven. We can’t afford to have him tested at the vet for allergies, so I thought maybe making his food is the trick. My husband thinks part of the issue is undercoating? When we brush him with the furmanator brush he’ll start scratching those areas in about a week or so. So, we keep him trimmed & brushed, but still the scratching. He’s also very gassy, gaggy at times, and has lumpy fatty deposits. His weight is normal and is excercised almost daily. Would you recommend the raw diet or easy cooked diet? I know I need to check with our vet, but they usually push their prescription food.

    Thank you!

  6. Pat Delaney says:

    Thank you your first video of a home dog meal was great. We recently lost our dog Maggie (sptiz) she was ten years old. We didn’t know why she passed away until recently. The kids and myself included were having a great time throwing her grapes, a lot of grapes she would run and catch them. She was having fun and so were we. We didn’t know this was toxic for a dog. Since then I have been afraid to feed them anything. I have three additional dogs. I don’t give then anything that we eat. This is upsetting to them because we always gave them the last bite of our meal. You have given me comfort with the meal you prepared on your first video. I hope there will be many more videos coming I will be looking forward to them. Thank You and Blessings to you, your family and to your aminals.

    • GRAPES ARE TOXIC TO DOGS isvery important to know. Thanks for bringing it up. so are some other things. You can probably find a web site taht lists them.

  7. Carol,

    Thanks. White rice is best because dogs can digest it well. You can give your dog some raw beef bones to check. The homemade dog food recipes keep dog’s teeth clean due to their composition. My dog Charlie’s teeth are shiny white and he has never eaten kibble.

  8. Laura Young says:

    Dear Ed,
    I watched the video on the dog food recipe. I have two questions. My dog is a shepherd lab mix. She is 13 years old and suffers from hepatitis and Alzheimers. She is refusing to eat her dog food(Hills Science Diet LD). Would your recipe with the beef, eggs and rice be harmful to her liver? How much would I feed her? She weighs about 60 pounds.
    Thanks for your time,
    Laura Y.

  9. Hi Ed, I have a Boxer and a Pomeranian. I just started making them homemade food because I had turkey burgers in the freezer I know my husband wasn’t going to eat. So now I use turkey or chicken breast or thighs. I add rice or oats and frozen mixed veggies. I sometimes grind Science diet ID food in there also. Next meat is chicken livers. My mom was doing this in the 60’s and 70’s. I am considering oon just putting fish oil in there as well. SO I am going to vary and hope to share with friends but before I do I was hoping you might save me any heart ache and tell me the no no’s. I know some but not all and I am sure I can find a we-site for food for animals but I just wanted to say hey to you as well.


    • Iris,

      I think it is great to feed dogs homemade dog food. They love it and it is so much better than kibble. I feed my dogs the easy raw dog food recipe with great results. Click here to view this recipe. Fish oil is great to add to your dog’s food, click here to view a great fish oil supplement that has added vitamin E. The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil are a great benefit to a dog.

      Whenever make a homemade dog food I have found it necessary to add a good dog supplement to fill in the nutritional gaps. I use Dinovite Liquid with great results. Click here to view the Dinovite Liquid.

  10. Jackie C. says:

    Hi, I loved the reipe, do you know any with rice and chicken? I have never fed my dogs “dog food” they all lived long, happy lives! We have a yorkie-poo now and she seems to more fragile. She does not like ground sirloin but does like chicken. Thanks so much, love this site.

  11. Hi,
    I have an aewsome Blue Heeler mutt. He sheds a lot and I wonder if a healthier change in diet will help? Good for you for putting your knowledge and experience oeut the to cate health for our beloced dogs!

    • Plyusha,

      Yes, these healthy dog food recipes with the supplements will greatly reduce your dog’s excessive shedding. I think you will be pleased with the results.

  12. Marlene Varner says:

    Hi Ed, I am going to try yur homemade foor for my 17yr old dog AND my 3 yr old Laso Opso. Is it ok to feed just this wet food? I thought that small dogs need dry food also. My older dog is a deer head chiwawa (I can’t spell that word) She acts like a young dog at times, then she shows her age. Anyway thank you SO much for the great video!! Just please let me know about the dry food ok?

  13. Catalina Brown says:

    I have 3 male and 1 female pugs weighing more than they need to be. After neuter and spade them their weight it has been harder to lose. I have them on a expensive WRD and RD diet food with fiber and wonder if the food i watched on your video would make them gain more? I also have the problem with the shedding and can’t understand buying an expensive diet food they still shed so much? My husband adds to their food shedomega liquid that makes their mouth stinks like a sewer but I admit it has helped with their skin not dealing with hot spots that would get infected and taking them to the vet. But still shedding problems. Would love to hear what you have to say.

    • Catalina,

      I suggest you try feeding your dogs the yeast starvation dog food recipe. Click here to view this dog food recipe. The yeast starvation dog food does not contain carbs and helps dogs shed unneeded fat. The quality protein and supplements will also help to drastically reduce the shedding.

  14. Ed
    I just found your website and think it’s great for any dog lover. Thanks! I have a 5 year old female boxer with severe allergies. We had her tested and out of 20 allergens she came back positive on 17 and 6 more borderline (including eggs and beef). The vet gave me recipes for rabbit and goat mixed with cooked potato which she seems to be doing really well on but it’s terribly expensive. She gets all the supplements you suggest along with Cod Liver Oil and Safflower oil. My biggest concern is that she is getting Prednisone which makes her very hungry and thirsty. She is now stealing food which she has never done before. She is also urinating in the house occasionally. Our vet says she can’t help it right now. Her weight is also increasing which worries me. I like your raw food diet and wonder if I could use any of the protein that she can tolerate with rice? Any suggestions?

    • Lynne,

      you can try raw chicken and cooked rice. You will need to include the bones to supply the calcium. Your dog is large and should not have a problem crunching the bones.

  15. Thank you so much for that info. So then for their teeth and gums? Do you make any Doggie Trats yet? and how about SOFT treats for my older dog?

  16. Thanks Ed
    I have a butcher that will grind the chicken (with bones) and will start her on this menu right away.

  17. Please email me this recipe “Yeast Starvation” dog food recipe that can help your dog fight a chronic yeast infection. My poor baby [chi] is covered in it and the vet just plays with different antibiodics not trying to get reid of it. it is under her arms, butt and ears.

  18. Stella Chan says:

    Hi Ed:
    How about salt? I was told that dogs need iodine too. Should we add salt to dog’s diet?

  19. Annette says:

    Hi Ed,
    We have a schnauzer who will be 3 in a week. He has cost us a lot of money in vet bills from eating stools in the yard (stray cats see our yard as a litter box after we filled in low spots with sand). He is now supervised during every trip to the backyard. It is my understanding that he is trying to replace some nutrients from a dietary deficiency. Our vet warned us that he may get pancreatitus (sp?) from doing this. The only thing he could recommend is using a muzzle or supervising him during his time outside. I can`t help but think there is something I can do to fulfill this nutritional gap that makes him want to eat stool. He has been tested for parasites. I would like to begin cooking his meals. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We currently feed him Purina lamb & rice. Schnauzers also seem to have sensitive stomachs. He takes omega each day to prevent skin issues. Thank you!! Love your site!

  20. Marlene says:

    can dog vitamins be used instead of the liquid stuff and the lickochops?

  21. tabbath says:

    I have 9 year old pug who has diabetes what diet do you recommend for her for her insulin level etc..

  22. Dorothy Harris says:

    Do you have a chicken receipe yet. I have a dog with liver issues. thank you.

  23. Christina Jacobson says:

    Hi, I was researching alternate bland diet dog foods when I found your page. I have a few questions and am hoping you have the answers.

    1. My Staffordshire terrier recently (2weeks ago) had surgery and has been on a bland diet of steamed white rice and boiled chicken. It seems that this diet is causing constipation in her as she is straining to defecate. I tried adding 1-2 Tbsp of pumpkin (not the pie filling) but then she started eating grass and throwing up. Is there something I can add to her bland diet to help ease her bowels?

    2. I am very interested in putting both of my dogs on the cooked (or raw) diet..on average (ballpark ok), what would it cost me to do so per week. I have a Retriever Shepard mix (approx. 72 lbs) and the Terrier (62 lbs).

    3. What is your stance on giving dogs a bone? I have heard that raw-hide is really bad for dogs so I switched to pork femurs with some meat attached and was really nervous when my Shepard crunched through the bone and then proceeded to eat the pieces..from reading your blogs it sounds like dogs are capable of digesting the crushed bones just fine.

    Thanks for your time and sharing of information! God Bless!

    Christina Jacobson

    • Christina,

      You can substitute some sweet potato for the rice. Sweet potato has a decent amount of fiber so it should help. I don’t have the costs figured because it is different throughout the country. I have found chicken is usually cheaper than beef. I have some chicken recipes I plan on posting when my life settles down a little.

  24. Hi Ed,
    I am going to have a 3 months old goldendoodle puppy.
    I am an inexperienced new owner. Can I feed puppy by your recipe? Can puppy digest it?

  25. Hi Ed.
    My name is Daisy. my pets just rescued me from a shelter. they say I’m two years old and I have separation anxiety, I do fallow when someone moves to another room or pace the floor when they go out a door,
    its been three days and I’m not so nervis . but I think I’m older then they say and i don’t wag my tail much. I don’t play much, I don’t really care about toys. I love to walk and or ride in the car, I’m very protective, I don’t eat much food, I also have trouble getting up stairs and getting on my pets bed or couch,
    I am a Shepard / mix at 99lbs.
    What would taste good to me and make me feel good?
    Thank you.
    Daisy.. (woof)

  26. Hello Ed, I love your site and all the information. Great stuff =) We have 3 Rottweiler’s, as you know they are a large and they eat a lot LOL =) How can I switch to your “Easy Raw Recipes” and keep it affordable? I was a little worried about the cost of these supplements with my large crew. With my “pack” right now I will need about 9 lbs. of raw food a day. I really need to keep my cost per lbs under a $1.00. Do you have any more helpful tips for me? I am so tired of buying commercial! Thanks for all your information, Sophia

  27. Michel Alysee says:

    My name is Micheland i have a mix breed chihuahua and i was wondering what kind of food should i give him if it raw food?

  28. Do you have any salmon recipes? I would like to alternate between turkey and another food for variety.

  29. We just got a new puppy, 8 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, when we picked up the puppy the breeder was feeding the puppy wysong epigen dry dog food, she gave us a large zip lock bag till we could purchase more but it is impossible to find this product in any pet store and believe me I have been looking and calling pet/vet store for about a week now. I was going to order online but the shipping cost more than the product. I have never heard of wyson dog food and would like to know if it’s worth it. Please advise.

  30. Shirley Wilson says:

    Thank you for the advice; I will start him on the starvation diet tomorrow and will let you know how he’s doing.

  31. I have a 7-9 week old Catahoula/ Kuvasz breed puppy. She seems to be a picky eater already. She loves the canned beef chunks in gravy dog food, but it gives her the puppy trots. I switched her to purina puppy chow, and the vet said that was an excellent choice but she’s losing weight horribly quick, and with an already underweight puppy.. That’s never a good thing. She’s been dewormed, so that’s not the issue. She likes to steal my steamed carrots and broccoli and will fight me for them. Do you have a recipe that is nutritious, quick (I have 2 toddlers so I can’t prepare elaborate meals for a puppy), and will help her gain weight and fill her up??

  32. Hi Ed, I found a dog she’s so cute and friendly on my way home I saw how a car stopped and just dropped her off in the middle of the street I picked her up and named her Cookie, when I found her she had some linda balls all over her skin and she started losing hair I took her to the vet, he said she’s a blue nose pitbull but not sure if she’s pure breed or not so she got some medicine and after few days taking it she got better and better I love her and I’m planning keeping her, also the vet said she’s about 15 – 16 weeks old, well the reason why I’m writing is because I would like to know what to make her I wanna make homemade food for her I know a little bit about it but I rather experts tell me what’s the best. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for reading this. Jay & Cookie

    • Jay,

      Good to hear you found a new friend, sound cute. Well, you’re on the right site to start learning. Spend some time reading the site then pick a recipe and take the dive.

  33. gilbert says:

    I have 2 dogs one female bullmastiff and a male boxer bullmastiff mix.Female pushing 130 the the male is 92. Been feeding natures variety kibble for female and n v raw to the male.Going to start feeding both the raw diet you have but i want to use chicken do i still use lickochop and dinovite and do i still have to fast my female.Can i use msm for the male,he has arthiritis.what is your take on black strap molasses and apple cider vinager the mother?Do i debone chicken i have no i use the large breed dinovite

    • Gilbert,

      If your dogs are on kibble then fast them and follow the introductory method presented with the recipes. If you feed the chicken and rice recipe then use Supromega fish oil instead of the Lickochops. I always fed my dogs the raw bones without incident. That said, some large dogs swallow them whole. So, you may want to grind the bones for your dogs.

  34. Melissa says:

    I have a 15month husky along with a 8yr old chu/mini pin mix.. Husky has always had tummy issues on all food I buy expensive or not, sometimes he chooses not to eat.. He is a very healthy weight but I am ready to start feeding them either cooked or raw food for the health factor.. Our babygirl is starting to show signs of limping and bones creaking when she stretches and was wondering the best food to make for both of them and the supliments they might need added..

  35. Hi. We have a 12 year old Maltese Poodle who has dealt with calcium oxalate stones in the past (one surgery). We are searching for homemade diet ideas/recipes. We were wondering if you might have information on this that could help?

  36. Hi, I know this is an old post but I am currently getting in to breeding and want to do the best for my dogs. I have been considering a raw diet to help get away from things most dry dog foods contain that can hinder breeding but would like to get your advice if you don’t mind? I am wanting to avoid things like anything meal, flaxseed, pea, etc. Thanks in advance

  37. Ed,

    In February of 2013, I had gotten a dog to train as a service animal for my husband. Sparrow is a broken-coat Jack Russell. I had read up on a raw food diet prior to getting her. I have used your recipe for easy raw dog food exclusively since the second week we’d gotten her.

    When we got Sparrow at about 17 weeks, she’d been on a puppy kibble diet. She didn’t seem all that interested in food. She’d just go nibble on it a bit, then come back to it later.

    That definitely changed after she began receiving homemade raw food! Then eating was exciting! Food was sought after! The kitchen held interest all of a sudden. We always train her when feeding (she doesn’t get food without doing “tricks”, her training). It was very funny to see her quivering, with her tongue vibrating (seemingly with anticipation) while sitting and waiting to be fed. SO, it’s quite safe to say that she enjoys her raw food.

    In terms of health, every time we take her to the vet, they say she’s in excellent health. Some people have commented on how skinny she is, but I just tell them, it’s not that she’s too skinny, it’s just that she’s not fat (like most Americans and their pets). It’s true. The vet doesn’t feel that Sparrow is under weight.

    Sparrow is almost three years old, and we’ve never had medical issues with her up to this point. Sure, she’s had occasional tummy upset or diarrhea, usually from eating something inappropriate (not often). But, we fast her for a day or so, then give her bland food like chicken and rice, or pumpkin, or plain yogurt. Then it’s back to regular raw food diet.

    Sparrow loves apples, peanut butter, green beans, cauliflower, bananas (which she doesn’t often get), sweet potato. She eats these as snacks in addition to her single meat patty per day. Sometimes for breakfast she gets a rice cereal or oatmeal. She’s not terribly fond of bones, and will only gnaw on them until there’s no more meat on them. Then they get hidden under her bed for safe keeping. A chicken foot will disappear completely though in a matter of minutes.

    I appreciate the wealth of information contained on your website. Because of the information and recipes I found here, I believe we will have Sparrow for a long time, and she will remain in excellent health.

    Thank you for posting all this information. What a blessing!


  38. Hi Ed:

    I found your website while doing research for my 2 year old Shi Tzu that has a high bile count. I have been told by vets and nutritionist that she needs to be on a low protein diet. There is so much conflicting information about how to home feed (raw vs cooked) (vegetables, cooked or raw, etc.) I have been cooking for my dogs using with Dr. Karen Becker’s receipts after reading her book. I have been a bit insecure about feeding raw and I honestly don’t know if it is better or worse for a dog with high acid. My dog licks a lot in the middle of the night. I found some valuable information on your website regarding however there wasn’t anything on how to feed dogs with high acid. Do you have receipts or recommendations?

  39. Brwneydmom says:

    I just got a Beagle/Feist puppy and she’s only 3.8 lbs. I made my own dog food with boiled chicken breast, next time I’ll get dark meat, and rice and canned carrots, I’ll get fresh next time, but my question is how much of s proportion should I be feeding her per day. I see on here you say 1/2 cup per day for a 10 lb adult dog. But I’ve also seen where puppies needs more because of their growth.

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