How to Make Dog Food

I have made every effort to simplify the process of making your own homemade dog food. You won’t need any fancy gadgets or gismos. If you have decided to go the raw dog food route mixing the ingredients is similar to mixing meatloaf. ┬áTo make most of the homemade dog food recipes you will need ┬ásomething to mix the ingredients in and a pot to hard boil the eggs and cook the white rice.

I personally clean my kitchen sink and mix the ingredients in the sink. This makes clean up a breeze. I just suds up the sink with some “Dawn” dish washing liquid, scuba and let it go down the drain. Quick and easy.

For more details on how to make dog food click the links below.

  • Tools needed to make dog food
  • Storage of finished dog food
  • Clean up

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  1. anne haseltine says:

    My dog has been suffering with skin disorders for the last 3yrs…He is now 4yrs.
    The vet never told me about a Raw diet!..He tells me he has to have cortizone shots and antibiotics,but nothing really helps!…Should I start him on a raw diet?

  2. My dog ( Rocky ) doesn’t want to eat his food that often and we feel sad and we don’t know what to do or what to feed him.

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