Parasite Prevention

A common concern when feeding raw meat to dogs is parasites.  Actually most dogs pick up internal parasites from the ground, fecal matter mosquito and flea bites. These are the top ways a dog gets internal parasites. Your veterinarian typically checks for these through blood and stole samples and treats the parasites accordingly.

There are some parasites that can be in raw meat but freezing the meat for 48 hours kills the parasites. This is how people can eat raw salmon and  not be infected. All the salmon and tuna for that matter is frozen first to kill parasites.

All are raw meat based recipes we recommend freezing for 48 hours before feeding. This is not a problem because the finished food is stored in the freezer. Parasite infestation through feeding raw meat to dogs is a scare tactic critics of the diet often use. Keep in mind virtually all critics have never fed a raw meat based diet to their dogs. They have never seen the wonderful results. It is just head knowledge based on personal belief not experience.


  1. I have a 12 year old Cocker spaniel who has been diagnosed with a carcanoma tumor inside his chest cavity. It’s untreatable and inoperable. He’s doing well, but I really have a difficult time getting him to eat every day so I can give him his anti inflamatory med. I’m not sure about the raw diet, but would like your opinion, and appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

    • Cheryl,

      There are so many terrible ingredients in commercial dog food. Go to Youtube and do a search on “what’s in dog food”. You will be horrified. That said, yes I believe a raw meat based nutrient rich diet will be great for your dog. Try the “Easy raw dog food recipe. Click here to view this recipe.

    • Cheryl, go to I just discovered this recently. It may help. I am treating two of my dogs with it. It has been a miracle for one of my dogs, but the second is still being treated. Funny… she has a large very soft swollen mound on the left side of her chest and she is 12 also!
      I feared it was cancer, but she eats very well. I started her on the Advanced Colloidal Silver and will see how it goes. No, I don’t work for Utopia. I have just been trying out their products for my family and dogs. Hope whatever you tries works.

  2. Maria Kondrath says:

    I have a 6 yr old puggle who has high alkaline Ph in her urine. She is forming casts and crystals. A very expensive Vet bill proved it. The Vet put her on Royal Canin urinary dog food which is very expensive and can only be purchased at the Vet office so I was told. and he put her on antibiotics and steroids. The VET SAID SHE WOULD HAVE TO STAY ON THIS Dog food forever. Could your Raw meat based diet help my puggle. I dont trust all these dry dog foods in the store. I am feeding my other puggle Max Purina Smart Blend in the meantime, and also I was worried about bacteria and parasites in the raw meat based diet. Thanks Ed

    • Maria,

      Raw dog foods are the natural way to feed your dog. Do you think feeding your dog a food that more closely matches his natural food would be better for his health? Click here to read about bacteria and parasite in raw meat.

  3. I have an 11 year old poodle/terrier mix. He was just recently released from a week stay at the vet. They said he was in CKF. I take for fluids 3 times a week which should help. They also put him on a strict KD diet. He does not like the food. I was told to keep him on a low protein diet, but he does not seem to be doing well with that. He has lost 3 pounds. I have been doing research and have found out that alot of doctors are not agreeing with the low protein diet. I was wondering what you thought about him being on a raw meat diet?
    Thank you!

    • Bobbie,

      I would agree that the low protein diets are the wrong way to feed your dog. I suggest a raw meat based dog food it has a high moisture content, around 70%. Click here to view the “easy raw dog food recipe.

  4. Very interesting and informative website..i would love to feed my dogs-1 mastiff-1 shep/lab-1 lab..but the cost is prohibitive at this time..keep up the good work for our loyal 4legged friends!

  5. Bea Noyola says:

    My husband and I are gettting ready to inherit our sons boxer who is 1 1/2yrs old. She is healthy but looks like she has allergies. Sheis an inside dog and a picky eater. I am very interested in this diet for her since I will be taking care of her I feel like this is a much better way of eating than can food. So do you think the intermidiate raw diet is best to start?

  6. I’ve heard rumors that garlic is good for keeping the fleas away. At least that’s what my roommate said when she put some in my dogs food one morning! I found that it made her breath STINK and she’s what we call a BATHING KISSER. (GROSS!) I told my roommate the only thing that garlic repels is people (and vampires), not fleas. Maybe she thought vampires and fleas were comparable. Anyway, my question is, have you ever had any experience with diets/food that DOES discourage fleas/ticks/otherwise?



    • Jen,

      I’ve heard the same thing over the years. I’m not sure if it really works or not. I’ve seen meat based dog foods with little or no carbohydrates help but not perfectly. I use Program whenever we have a flea problem.

  7. Ed,
    Thank you so much for your invaluable information! I have a 12 year old mix breed. She develops crystals and then stones in her bladder. We have already had them removed once. She has been eating Urinary SO for years per my vet’s suggestion. I have recently learned that in Vet School, they are not taught the dietary needs of dogs or cats, so they just take the advice of the dog food salespeople? Hmmmmmm…. So, in my mind, if the Urinary SO is supposed to prevent crystals and stones, why does it continue to reoccur? I have heard that giving dogs too much protein actually gives them the crystals, but I have begun feeding her cooked chicken and rice. Her fur looks great, but now I think I will start all three of our dogs on your raw recipe. I have a jar of “NaturVet” brand digestive Enzymes with pre and probiotics. Would this suffice for our dog’s enzyme needs? I would like to begin as soon as possible! Thank you, Karen

    • Karen,

      I believe feeding dogs homemade dog food prevents many of these problems that affect dogs today. Kibble is just far from natural. I think your dog will thrive on any of these recipes because the quality of the ingredients is so much higher than dog food.

  8. Mary Ann Foster says:

    Hi Ed,
    Thank you for the help you give to the health of countless dogs. Two ?’s. My dogs enjoy
    vegetables, such as broccoli. Could vegetables be added to the raw food diet? If so, in what
    ratio? Also, my does are fine with the brown rice and I like the fact of the extra vitamins.
    Should I continue with it or would it be best to switch to white. I use your reccomended
    supplements regardless. Thanks, Mary Ann

    • Mary Ann,

      Veggies need to be finely ground and cooked. Blending them in a blender works well. Brown rice is great for people but most of the goodness passes through a dog undigested.

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