Raw Dog Food Recipes

There are many ways to feed your dog a raw meat based dog food. I’ve chosen to present an easy method to start feeding your dog. As time permits I will post additional raw dog food recipes.

  1. Easy Raw Dog Food Recipe (This is the simplest raw dog food recipe to prepare and easiest to feed. This recipe is also less messy)
Special note: Use the supplements suggested with this dog food recipe to prevent nutritional deficiency disease.


  1. Hi Ed,
    I am trying out the raw food diet for my 4yr old lab mix who has bad food allergies. Is it okay to use scrambles eggs (with crushed shells) instead of boiling the eggs? Also, note that the water from boiled eggs is good for plants. Just FYI. Thanks, Mark

  2. Can I use supromega instead of lickochops. My dog doesn’t have any allergies.

  3. KWSterling says:

    The link to the recipe does not work. Can you post the recipe in the Comments on this page? Many thanks!

  4. Ed
    Glad to have found your site, I have a 14 year old lab with many tumors and arthritis and we have a little 5 lb mix breed with a finicky palate. My question is do you recommend raw organ meat like liver, heart and kidneys.
    I also want to mention that we include wild game elk and deer meat into their diets. Being in a region where there are wolves and coyotes we see the natural diets of these animals. Wolves tend to eat the viscera out of elk and deer first and unfortunately the fetus’ of unborn calves and fawns. So the tendency for carnivores to eat the semi digestive vegetative matter from their kills is easily observable.


  5. mumofmolly says:

    I have a 6 1/2 year old English stafforshore bull terroir .. She is fairly typical of her breed and very hungry! Over her short life she has experienced a number of medical mishaps. One of our over lying concerns is her teeth (and consequently breathe). At recommendation of vet I put her on dry food dental diet. Quite frankly this has not improved matters and she also continues to be slightly overweight (now I understand this to be because dental feed is layered with fat to make it more palatable ). That said after having her teeth cleaned twice within the space of 16 months I am very keen to introduce he to a diet that will help with her dental hygiene. On a side note at last op (to remove infected grass seed and when 2nd dental clean occurred) they removed a lump from her breast tissue area which may or may not have been “suspect “. Unfortunately I can not consider the expense of any form of chemo for my dog however I am now searching for a good diet for her going forward ie teeth and ” good health” ongoing. There is a lot of info on this site and it is difficult to digest it all….is raw food diet your recommendation even though I haven’t feed it to her before?

  6. I’m getting a havanese puppy soon, will this diet be okay for him? He will be 8wks. Does he need to do the fasting first? And how much of it do I give him since he will eat 2-3 times a day?

    • I’ve fed puppies raw food recipes for their first meal without any problems. Feed the puppy the same volume of raw food as you would feed kibble. Puppies adjust to raw pretty rapidly but you may still want to feed 2 or 3 small meals at first.

  7. josiemae says:

    Would it make much of a difference of I used a 50/50 ratio of ground beef and ground turkey?

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