Required Nutrients of Dogs

Dogs, Dingos and wolves are all carnivores

Dogs are carnivores by design and therefore in a “wild” state derive the majority of their nutritional requirements  from whole animal prey they catch or scavenge. Dogs are very similar to wolves and dingos their wild dog counterparts. Wolves eat a variety of prey, large and small. Wolves like dogs are built for endurance and will hunt many miles in search of food. There are many animals that follow herds and benefit from their feeding habits and bi-products.  Birds feed on the insects the herds flush up. Seeds spout as they pass undigested through the herds digestive system. Other animals eat the insect larva in their droppings. And the plants even benefit from the grazing. It is all a wonderful balance. And the wolves feed on all these animals to some extent. Wild dogs would have the same feeding habits.

Horse and Bison herds

Herbivore manure

I live on a farm and have watched all my dogs eat many things live and dead, I know it’s gross but they’re farm dogs. I might lift a bale of hay to have mice scurry every which way. My dogs rapidly gobble up the mice. I also raise horses and feed lots of hay.  Where there are horses there is manure. This brings me to my next point.

Where do dogs get vegetable matter?

Dogs do need some nutrients found in plant matter. Unfortunately, a dog’s digestive system is not designed to digest raw plant matter. A carnivore’s digestive system is short and ill equipped to digest plants. So what does a dog do? Well, a dog finds partially digested plant matter wherever he can. In this case in fresh horse manure and other herbivore droppings.

It is truly gross but I’ve observed countless dogs over 20 years devour fresh horse manure like it is their favorite meal.  Dogs will also eat rabbit and deer droppings. The first time you see this behavior you may be repulsed but it makes sense. Many herbivore droppings have partially digest plant matter that a dogs system can utilize. The herbivore manure also contains digestive enzymes that are helpful to the dog.

In short,most animals will rarely pass up an easy meal and a dog is no different.

Dogs would  follow Deer and elk herds


Wild Dog Food Ingredients

My personal belief is wild dogs would follow herds and catch and eat the weak, young and old. Just like the wolves of today. Dogs also would eat rodents,birds and other animals along the way. And to round out their nutritional requirements would eat the dropping of herbivores. Understanding a dog’s design and behavior can help us formulate a healthy diet and maybe one that’s not going to make us nauseous. Remember dogs are very similar to wolves.

Timber wolves are one of modern dog's ancestors.

Basic nutrients needed by dogs

  • Protein – Animal based protein and amino acids are easily digested by dogs
  • Fats- Animal source fats and fatty acids are metabolized well by dogs
  • Vitamins- Dogs require many vitamins. Good sources are from animals and partially digest plant matter.
  • Minerals- Dogs require calcium and a host of trace minerals to stay healthy. Bones and partially digested plant matter supply a dog with calcium and trace minerals.
  • Water – Yes water is a vital nutrient and without it life ceases

Does the source of nutrients matter?

There is a school of thought that teaches that the source of nutrients play no role in the health of the animal. I disagree. Animal source protein was fed to sheep and cattle to raise the protein level and this practice introduce “mad cow” disease to the world. The scientific community is finding out new things about nutrition every year that advances our understanding. I believe the best way to feed an animal is by feeding “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food” whenever possible. This practice will  maintain all animal in optimum health and is called a B.A.R.F. diet for short.

Feeding a dog a B.A.R.F. diet means feeding raw meats, raw bones and partially digested plant matter (thoroughly cooking or fermenting vegetables can serve as a form of digestion). Our homemade dog food recipes will incorporate these components to feed your dog in a healthy manner. It is our belief that the best dog food for your dog is a raw one. However, we know that some of you will never feel comfortable feeding raw dog food. If this is you, take heart, we also have some cooked dog food recipes that are nutritious and tasty for your dog.

It can be difficult to provide a balanced nutritious dog food if you make every aspect yourself. This is why I recommend dog supplements to provide vitamins, minerals omega 3 fatty acids and delicate nutrients to help fill in the gaps.



  1. We have been sprinkling less than half a teaspoon of spirolina powder on our dog’s food. Spirolina is a blue green algae that is super high in protein. They seem to love it but after reading about digesting plant matter I am curious if this is okay. I got the idea from when I was a kid, our mastiff puppy had parvo and hadn’t eaten or drank for four days. With a syringe I squirted some in her mouth and within 30 minutes she was up walking around and lived. I love it for myself, is it okay for my dogs?

  2. hi i just found your website. we wondered if it would be alright to feed raw deer meat or cooked for that matter.

  3. Hi ,
    I Adopted a Dog, Layla from the ASPCA six months ago, she had her left front leg removed from Cancer days before I got her! Layla is a Pitbull. She is such a great dog, I can’t imagine not having her.. When I got her she was really under weight Well ever since I got her she has had such a sensitive stomach. I have been through so many bouts with Diarrhea and sometimes just refusing to eat. She gets better for a while then she gets an upset stomach, my daughter works at a Vets office so we always have meds on hand to treat her ailments. I had no idea that IAMS WAS BAD FOOD!! I have another dog that also eats Iams. Both my dogs are close in age, 8 and 9 yo. I give them wet, mixed with dry twice a day. I want to give Layla supplements now for her joints and because she survived Cancer. Everyone tells me how great she looks now that I have her. I take great pride in my Dogs, I want to be doing the right thing for them both. I guess my question is should she be on a special diet given that she has a sensitive stomach?? IAMS was not the only food she has been on since I got her. She has not been tested for Food allergies. I have made them chicken breast, rice and sweet Potatoes. but once they are normal I go back to the Dog food, I try to keep her weight in check because of her age and her three legs. They both enjoy Milkbones after they come in from a walk. If you could give me some advice I could use it!! I just came across this website tonight. Thank – you

    • April,

      Try feeding your new dog the easy cooked dog food, click here to view this recipe. Or try feeding your dog the easy raw dog food recipe, click here to view this recipe. Both dog food recipes are easy on sensitive stomachs.

      you may want to also consider healthy dog treat. I like freeze dried beef treats with no fillers. Click here to view the treats.

  4. Hi Ed,
    Just came upon your site and was wondering how to feed two of my adopted dogs, one is a Border Collie and the other a Border Collie/Aussie cross both came to me overweight. I’ve been feeding them rice with raw meat and vegs along with powdered bone meal, Omega 3 fish oil and Molasses, am I doing alright with this formula. The other dog which I have is a Yellow Lab and he is as thin as a rail so I give him extra at each meal.

    • Pat,

      Pat it is hard for me to tell because you don’t have any quantities of each ingredient. Try the easy raw dog food recipe I know that works great! Click here to view this recipe.

      Your recipe looks light on vitamins. The molasses may also lead to yeast overgrowth issues. The bone meal is good for calcium, fish oil is good.

  5. Ed, I do like the information, some of which makes me understand why they go nuts over the goose droppings and the goat droppings, just thought they were dirty dogs. Does that dropping stuff also go for the cat droppings in the litter box?

  6. i have a shihtzu, 7 y.o. i have started her on the licochop as well as the dinovite green liquid. the continues to each like crazy to the point of losing her hair around her mouth, chin underneath her armpit and on underneath her belly…the reason why i started her on this is because she was constantly having yeast infections in her ears and eyes. how long will she continue to lose her hair and constantly scratch herself. is there an ointment i can use to relieve the itch until i think the yeast is completely out of her system….i am asking for help….i am now trying raw meat as well as dry food that is grain free. am i doing something wrong!

    • Chloe,

      My best advice is to feed your dog the yeast starvation dog food recipe, click here to view this recipe. It can take 30 to 180 days to get it under control. Most of the time it is within 90 days. Often the symptoms can get worse in the process. This will make it look like you are taking steps backward. For some temporary relief try bathing your dog in an essential oil shampoo, click here to view a good one.

  7. Brittany says:

    My dog went to the vet today for her annual check up and they told us that she is too fat. She is a 5 year old Border Collie/Corgi mix, currently weighing 32 lbs. He recommended that she lose about 6-8 lbs. Our vet was no help with how to help her, other than mentioning cutting her portions down. I’ve done that several times before in the past and she only gets about 1 cup for the day currently. I was researching dog foods and came across your site. I saw that you use ground beef in your recipes. I like to use ground turkey in my cooking for our family. Is that something I could use instead of the ground beef? I would imagine it wouldn’t be as high in protein, but less in fat. Is your recipe for dog food something that can assist our dog with weigh loss? I’m blown away at the cost of dog food these days and feel like there has to be something that is both economical and healthy to feed my dog. Any advice you have would be helpful!

  8. Trace Phillips says:

    I’ve been feeding my 5 year old 15lb. Chihuahua/Basenji mix the raw diet for over 3 months. (I also have been using the Lick-O-Chops & Liquid) The only improvement, is that he smells like he did when he was a puppy. He still sheds like crazy, and is not losing any weight. Can shredded, cooked chicken or turkey be used in place of the raw burger? Or is there a diet for overweight dogs?

    • Trace,

      Yes, there is a dog food recipe that helps dogs lose weight. Change him to the “yeast starvation dog food recipe”. Click here to view this dog food recipe. This dog food recipe eliminates carbohydrates and can help dogs shed unwanted fat. All in all it sounds like he is going in the right direction. Keep at it.

      If still does not lose weight start adjusting daily portions of dog food.

  9. thunder says:

    hi i was wondering if someone can tell me what quantity of homeade dog food do i give my dogs^ i have 3 alaskan malamutes, 1 shitsu (very big) his brothers and sisters pass underneith him lol well hes not big but tall. ok and a other breed just got her not to long ago and a cat so thats 5 dogs and a cat…. loots of mouths to feed and i ran out of food made homemade food!! with ham-bacon-bread, and alll purposed flower with a touch of beef broil!! after saw this site and did not know it was better raw!! they would love it, but i think if they taste blood dosent it make them more wanting anyway just wondering how much to give them

    • Just feed them about the same volume you normally feed. If you feed a cup per day start there. If two cups per day, start there. If your dog starts to lose weight and this is undesirable then increase the serving a little. Make sure you follow the introductory method outlined in the recipe to limit digestive upset.

  10. I have a two year old poodle/chinese crested dog. She is only five pounds. She is very picky about her food,so i thouht i may try her on your receipes. She tends to have some allergies but I’m not sure to what. Her breath is also very bad. Do you suggest anything special I should try?

    nly five pounds

    • Connie,

      Start off with the easy cooked dog food recipe. Most dogs and owners like it.

    • Hi,
      Hope this advice helps , you should have your dogs teeth & gums checked. Very bad breath could be a result of an infection or a bad tooth. Also have his blood surgar checked for surgar diabetes. I had a Kerry Blue Terrier with sugar diabetes,which the Vets overlooked even though the the results were already available to them on the blood profile they had already had. Sugar diabetes can cause VERY BAD BREATH, and can be very dangerous if not treated .
      Good luck,

  11. christina & buddy says:

    Ed, instead of fish oil can I give my 12 lb mini pin a little krill oil? or olive oil ? thanks for your recipes and the website . you ‘re an angel !

  12. Jessica says:

    I am looking at adopting a 5yr Golden Retriever who is definitely overweight. I’m not sure of the exact weight but by his pictures he needs a little work. I was going to try your raw food diet but my question is, can I cook it like your Easy Cooked Dog Food recipe?

  13. Why do you ad the DinoVite at the time of serving instead of just adding it to the recipe?

    • Penny,

      I do it for portion control, freshness and ease of mixing. The supplements also have a fishy smell that some find offensive while mixing.

  14. Lyn Caron says:

    I recently purchased Nordic Naturals Omega-3 -PET for my mini schnauzer diagnosed with kidney failure. She refuses to eat RX kidney diet. She is eating commercial dog food, Beneful Prepared Meals and I occasionally mix it with cooked ground beef or chicken. I am going to try your recipes. Can I substitute my omega-s oil for one or both of the supplements you recommend? Which would be better for her, your cooked or raw recipes?
    Thank you.

    • Lyn,

      I prefer feeding raw when possible. I’m not familiar with Nordic Naturals. If it is just omega 3 then you will still want to use the Dinovite because it has many nutrients besides omega 3.

  15. Hi,
    I hope you’re doing well. I have a three and a half year old Fila Brasileiro. Under his chin is red, raw, and parts feel like leather. Not as bad, but his lips, nose and in between his toes are red also. Will feeding him raw help? The vet had him on meds like three seperate times, it helped but the poor things liver is going to fall out, so I don’t want to go that route if I don’t have to. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!

    Ps. I also have a Yorki and a Chihuahua. I would feed them all the same.

    • Bert,

      I’m sure it could not hurt. Give it a try. Start off with the yeast starvation dog food recipe.

      • Hello Ed,
        I actually bought him to the Vet Today. Found some bacteria mostly, and yeast. I will sure do the diet you recommend. I’m going to give some meds to make him comfortable and that’s it.

        He is a Mastiff so I’m worried about bloat. The twenty four hour fast then feed will be good for him also??? Please, inquiring minds would love to know… 😉

        Again, thank you so much Ed, I really do appreciate your help!!!


        • Bert,

          The homemade dog food recipes on this site do not swell. Swelling dog food (kibble) generally is what causes bloat. Dogs are fasters and gorgers by nature. I’ve never lost a dog with a 24 hour fast. I’ve personally fasted for 7 days and I’m still kicking. Make sure you follow tho introductory method outline and this will limit digestive upset. You will thank me later.

  16. GABRIELA says:

    Hello Ed, I have a Pomeranian 2 years old. He is perfectly healthy, spectacular little boy. Love of my life may I add.
    He is bit overweight, shedding. I was feeding him Royal canine food for indoor, small breeds. Thinking about switching to home cooked meals, reading a lot about raw diet, which I am not sure I would be comfortable with. What vitamins do I need to add to my meals for him, any other supplements I should get?? I thank you very much for your help

  17. Wow! I am so impressed with your site and how responsive you are. Thank you for this incredible information. We have an 8 month old boxer/pitbull puppy. How often should I feed him the raw food recipe and how much? Do I eliminate the dry puppy chow all together?

    • Sabrina,

      I generally feed puppies 2 times per day. Yes, you eliminate the kibble puppy chow altogether and replace it with the easy raw dog food recipe.

      • Thanks Ed! You are truly wonderful. You should add a donate button to your site so we can all contribute to you. This is priceless information.

        • Ed,

          Love this website! I have a male 8 1/2 old GSP who has a reoccurring staph infection, not sure that he smells but he itches like crazy. We are on our third round of antibiotics. The Doctor said this time I need to keep Touch on the antibiotics (1,000 milligrams daily) for 6-8 weeks ~ which concerns me. I was considering stopping the antibiotics and trying the Yeast Starvation Dog Food Recipe. Please advise. Thank you.

          • Dawn,

            I would follow your vet’s treatment, then after complete start the yeast starvation diet.

  18. i just want to know the names of the 2 items you added to the dogfood. one was something like choplick and the other was a green goo type thing.

  19. Valor Souder says:

    I have a purebred lab that is allergic to almost everything, including the following:
    pork, kelp, potatoes, corn, oats, venison, peas, brewers yeast. I was feeding her Wellness Simple Formula, Salmon and Rice, which she tolerated well, however they have changed their limited ingredient foods to include potatoe, oatmeal, and peas. I found a brand called California Natural which appeared to align with a limited ingrediant diet. I started by replacing an 1/8th of a cup of her Wellness, with an 1/8th of a cup of the California Natural. Each 1/8th of a cup was approx. 16-18 kibbles; this was not tolerated well AT ALL. After three feedings (each morning and night), she was all trots with a vengenance. I think I may need to cook for her, which is fine, I just want to make sure I am able to incorporate the proper minerals and vitamins, and give her something nutritionally balanced. Do you have any limited ingredient recipes that I could make for her or any suggestions. Please know that she is my child, so I will do whatever I need to do in order to feed her healthy, nutritional diet that she can stomach. Many thanks in advance for your advice.


  20. Valor Souder says:

    Valor here again. What are your thoughts on replacing salmon in place of the ground beef, and if it is okay, what would your recommended amount be if I kept everything else the same in the easy raw diet? Also, I saw that you recommended an alternative supplement in one of your posts to a person whose dog had an allergy like mine. What was that? Thanks for all of the work you put into your site. I absolutely love it!!! I look forward to your response.


  21. I visit here often. Your website is very interesting and full of intriguing recipies I intend to try!I will also be purchasing the supplements you have suggested. I have a 3 year old pug. He is at a healthy weight and not on any medications, which I hope to continue. He fluxuates from 20-25 lbs and is of taller height. To keep his weight where is it I know it is wise to feed him leaner meats more often but I wondered about portion control? Lastly, he has a very sensitive stomach and has been on “Blue Buffalo” brand dog food for a while. Should i transition into raw or cooked? I am worried about im getting sick from the raw even with knowing his biological make up. Overly worried “mother” perhaps?

    Thank you for all your contributions to helping others have healthy, happy pets!


  22. Ed,

    I’m bringing home a 10 week old English Bulldog puppy at the end of the month. Can I start him on your cooked dog food recipe immediately? I plan to prepare this for my 1 yr old Malti-poo & 2 yr old Shi-Poo right away. Your site has been very informative. Thank you.

  23. Hi,
    I live in Australia and would really like to try your yeast starvation dog food for my british bulldog Winston who is prone to yeast infections. The only problem is, as you are aware, the Dinovite product you reccomend for use in this recipe is not available in Aus. Is there an alternate product i could use ( available in Aus) to replace the two peoducts necissary in ensuring this remains a balanced diet?

  24. I have two 65-70 pound bull terriers. I am searching for a way to feed them fresh food that I can afford. I am disgusted by processed foods in my own diet and I would like to provide good food for them as well. I have read the information regarding raw food being best on this site and in other sources. I understand the concept that my dogs ancestors did not cook their food, but aren’t domesticated dogs different? Have they not been changed at all due to their interaction with humans as well as human interference in their breeding? I am also concerned about contaminants in raw meat. Many of these are present in our meat due to the way it was raised and slaughtered which means they may not have been an issue for an undomesticated dog eating a wild food source. Do E-coli and salmonella not effect dogs the same as humans? I am confused and unsure what is the proper choice.

    • Sarah,

      Keep this in mind, most ingredients in pet food are not fit for human consumption. So, the meats you buy at the grocery store are much better. I don’t worry about the additive, life is too short.

      The bacteria doesn’t present a problem for dogs because they are scavengers and their systems cope with it. People are another story so wash up or feed cooked and don’t worry about it. I feed my dogs both ways and they do great. Try feeding this chicken and rice dog food recipe it’s not gross and easy to prepare.

  25. hey Ed,
    my dog has I.B.S and i have tried sooooo many dog foods but i notice none of them gain him any weight or really help him, except for white chicken and white rice, but can that be the only thing he eats for the rest of his life? is there more i can feed him? we are avid hunters (only to feed our family not for sport) and gathers and growers of food. what else can i feed him that won’t make him sick? this dog means the world to me i saved his life and he has saved my family 3 times since i found him, i just want him to be healthy and happy! please help me!

  26. I have a 1 1/2 year old boxer who is very sensative. she has skin allergies and we think it is coming from her food. she also has a very sensative stomach where if she eats anything out of the ordinary she gets diarrhea. we have switched her dog food to a sensative dry food and it is still not working. we feed her a top of the line brand. we want to try and make her food with rice and meat but not sure where to start with what she needs. Can you give us some guadance? we have consulted our vet and he feels she needs some sort of hyperallergenic dog food to determine if it is a food allergy.

  27. Hi Ed,

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your site. You have lots of fantastic info here. I own a small pet food company in Northern California and feed the B.A.R.F. diet to approximately 3000 pets. We’ve done this for 13 years and I believe that longevity and quality of life are the benefits of a proper raw diet. I personally have had an 18 year old border collie, an 16 year old brittany and a 16 year old lab. I have a 13 year old lab that just had cruciate ligament surgery, which would be unheard of with a kibble fed dog…in fact I don’t know a lot of 13 year old kibble fed labs that still run and play. I also had a client whose dog recently passed who was 20. No one does studies on raw food because there aren’t huge profits to be made. I have clients who make the food at home with our guidance or if they don’t have time they buy it from us…that simple. We have some differing opinions but that is the nature of nutrition…ever changing and evolving (except those never changing toxic nuggets called kibble). I’m glad there are folks out there like yourself educating the masses. I’m not often posting but I was so impressed I had to say hi. You have my email above if you’d ever like to chat… Best regards to you and your furry friends!!!

  28. Hi there. I came across your site because I was worried about our older dogs and their kidneys. I remember making a kidney recipe for my German Shepherd in the 70’s, consisting of canned green beans, wax beans, tomatoes, rice and ground beef. I cooked it all together in a pot and feed it to our dog with much success, adding Linatone. Now I have a beagle and a silkie mix and was making a stew consisting of 1 and 1/12 lbs ground turkey, 14 oz each canned tomatoes, garbanzo beans, green beans, yams, 3-4 cups cooked rice and 3 ground up eggs you suggested. I’m adding ground flax seed on cooled food along with some yogart. I just started, so I don’t know how it will affect them. Is there anything else you might suggest – quantities etc? Thanks

  29. Hi Ed, I just asked you about cooked recipes and kidneys. I have a blog, onwhich I posted your site. Hope that was OK. Let me know. Thank you

  30. Hi Ed! Thanks for a great website and being so responsive. I have a cocker spaniel that is allergic to EVERYTHING– fish, chicken, beef and potatoes are okay, turkey, pork products and rice are not! We have been making his dog food for several months now with cooked hamburger meat and potatoes only. He enjoys it, but occasionally gets the shakes. I am wondering if there are other nutrients we need to add, and how much we should be feeding him daily (he is about 32 pounds)? Thanks for your help and insight.


  31. I have a 2 year old yorkie/poo. She scratches all the time. She has gotten to the point she will not eat dry store bought dog food anymore unless I mix something in it. So I decided to start making her food. She eats 1 to 1 1/2 cups per day. She is about 7-8 lbs. I’m afraid if she eats all soft foods it would be bad on her teeth. She has really bad breath (suggestion?) as well. What do you suggest and is it ok for her not to have the harder food? I mix cream of chicken with boiled chicken and white rice sometimes so I feel she is getting enough to eat. Is cream of chicken soup a bad thing?

  32. Hi,

    I have a 13 year old black lab who was diagnosed with Cushings in early January. I’ve been feeding him strictly a raw diet since and it’s helped with some of the symptoms. He has more energy and stopped having accidents (he was unable to control his bowels). I know that one of the symptoms of Cushings is that they always feel feel hungry, but he acts like he’s literally starving to death. He’s also getting very bony – which is another symptom – but it’s really worrying me. I give him about two full/heavy cups of raw meat with some raw ground up veggies/fruit and white rice, and even a couple tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese or a raw egg cracked on top of it twice a day. But he’s literally always scrounging around looking for food and has recently started eating non-food items – paper, sandpaper he found that I was using for a craft project, plants and dirt, his own poop, bedding, cat litter. How much should I be feeding him every day? Is he really starving to death or does he just feel like he is? I just don’t know what to do anymore, I’m so worried that I’m starving him. 🙁

  33. sir please tell me home made recipe for my labrador.
    i want my dog be a healthy i love my dog.

  34. I would like to start cooking my own dogfood. My question is where to buy the minerals they need that are not in the recipes. I live in Ottawa Canada and am not sure what stores to go to, to get the missing supplements.

  35. Thinking of changing my black lab’s diet from a kibble to either the cooked or raw. She’s 4.5 yrs old, healthy and active and I really want to keep her around for as long as possible. No disrespect intended but my concern is adding the vitamin supplements: I have avoided the raw/cooked because I believe it doesn’t meet all nutritional requirements and I fear my ignorance on nutrition may harm my pet – there is so much contradictory info out there. My concern is that I’m changing from a kibble where the ingredients may be suspect to adding an additive, that again, I know little to nothing about except taking the manufactures word for it. I’m not even sure how you can answer that query, but I will say your site has been the most informative and you have brought up the issues that concern me the most.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance and for the great site.

    • Brian,

      I developed the supplements for my own dogs and fed them for years before selling any. I use to give it out to people who bought my puppies and it grew from there. They work well.

  36. Jill Stretz says:

    I have 2 senior dogs that are active but have ailments. The 10 yo German shorthair Pointer has arthritis and is on Rymadyl. They both have protein in their urine and the GPS in on an antibiotic for blood & puss in urine. They have always been fed beef & chicken with some canned food and milk bones. The vet wants them on Science diet for kidney disease. They are both intact males, which the vet commented could also show protein in the urine!! She also wants me cut back on protein. The Weimaraner has never been as active and is 10 lbs overweight. They are walked 4-6 times a week off leash in the woods for 1-2 hours. She also wants me to cut back on the exercise! I don’t agree with her at all and have added fish oil, eggs and cut back on the quantity of the Weims food. Has my feeding caused the beginnings of Kidney disease or is this an age thing? LOVE your web site 😉

    • Jill,

      I would stay away from artificial treats like milk bones. Also try feeding one of these recipes and see how your dogs do. Try the chicken and rice dog food recipe its easy, not gross, highly nutritious. These dog food recipes also have high moisture content and this helps flush kidneys and keep them healthy.

      • Hi Ed,
        I just wanted to say that my dogs acclimated to the recipe right away since the dinovite was the only “new” addition for them. I almost gag at the smell of the omega fish oil but they have always liked the taste. I don’t know if it will make any difference in their health issues, but I feel good about the fact that they are getting the required nutrients. I will be making bone stock tomorrow which I’m sure they will love. Thanks again for such an informative website. JILL

      • Hi Ed, It’s me again…I saw a discussion about bones but now I cant find it. Besides the bone meal is it ok to feed them ham/beef bones? My dogs like to chew and I am trying to cut out store bought dog bones so now they are chewing up the kids plastic toys and spitting it out. The Weim actually eats sticks in the woods and it drives me crazy. Sticks can’t be good for him but he sure does enjoy them though he will throw up if he eats too much..along with grass. Thanks Again, Jill

  37. karen steele says:

    We have a 1 yr old Lab/Pit mix we have spent $100’s of dollars trying to figure out what is wrong with his digestive track. Chronic vomiting and loose stools, we are so concerned that he just doesn’t get enough nutrition. To rule out he was picking up some foreign substance in the yard we walk him outside to go potty bring him back in. We have him on Pro-biotics, IM canned food and dry food. Reduced him to zero treats trying to eliminate what could be making him sick. X-RAYS to check for obstruction, every test we could think of. De-wormed him even though he tested negative just a pre-caution. Any suggestions?

  38. I’m really glad to see how much people care about their dogs. I have been the running joke in my family for the last decade because I cook the dogs meals. After finding this wonderful website I finally feel justified!

  39. My 4 year old CHIHUAHUA has started having seizures. Two last summer and recently two in the last month. I do not want to go the medication route and have already started making homemade dog food but am seeking more recipes to make sure all the nutrients are balanced.
    We will be testing for hypothyroidism. blood sugar , and tumor possibilities. My course of treatment will be in the direction of holistic and acupuncture and am lucky enough to be where there is a vet school. any suggestions esp for food recipes would be great. I also have a 14 yr old JACK RUSSELL THAT i would like to feed the same food. Would cat recipe differ for my 17 yr old Siamese who is already blind but healthy otherwise.

  40. chad l minn says:

    My vet said it was ok to feed the dog from home and not store bought dog food but they said that the store bought dog food has vitamins that a dog needs that we couldn’t give him. They suggested a powder to add do you know of any or if it matters if I go by one of the recipes on your site?

  41. Hi Ed,
    I was wondering why you boil the eggs in the yeast starvation diet? Thanks and have a good day.

  42. Ed… may I respectfully ask how you learned that there was an enzyme in the egg that needed to be deactivated, by boiling and that it would release a kind of vitamin B?

    I notice that every recipe calls for Dynovite. It is expensive, as good things are. But, since you are using Dynovite, why worry about the vitamin B in the egg? Wouldn’t the Dynovite have enough vitamin B to take care of it?

    And I assume that Dynovite has enough vitamin B. But you mentioned that too much of the supplements are not good. In the area of overloading the kidneys, liver, blood sugar, certainly many things need to be learned. If you know about the enzyme in the egg etc., then you would also know which supplements we should be careful that we don’t give too much. So I ask, which supplements are a possible problem if too much is given?

    I read your approval of Spironella. It is full of good things. Will Spironella off-set the Dynovite so we would need less Dynovite? If you would proceed with the same amount of Dynovite after adding Spironela then is the dog going to get too much of anything? Does the dog benefit from the Spironella or is it something that would make no difference?

    • Bill,

      I’m not sure where or when I first read it it’s been 30+ years. Raw egg whites contain a protein called avidin that strongly binds with Biotin. Cooking it deactivates it. I learned this a long time ago raising some meat eating lizards that also loved eggs.

      Buy the 29 pound container of Dinovite it’s a lot cheaper and works great just like the smaller containers.

  43. We have beenusing probiotic powder mixed with kelp for our 8 month old australian shepherd/golden retriever mix. Would I continue using these along with the dinovite and lick-o-chops?

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