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I hope this helps those of you who are new to our website and websites in general.


  1. please share some easy reciepes for my jackrussel who has ichy skin .

  2. Debbie Taylor says:

    Hi Ed, just found your site the other day…I love you have any good treat recipes?
    And also, what are your thoughts on rolled oats…

    • Debbie,

      To be honest I’ve never used them on my dogs. My horses love them. If I were to use rolled oats, I would cook them thoroughly with lots of water.

  3. ilove the also a site how much food do i feed a 741b dog vet says must be no more than 65

    • Judy,

      I never have overweight dogs because I use portion control. If one of my dogs is gaining weight I cut back on how much I serve. The homemade dog food recipes I feed are very nutritious and make this method easy. Feeding kibble can be problematic because of the high carb content of kibble.
      The high carb content can cause a dog to pack on the fat. Try feeding you dog the easy raw dog food recipe and use portion control. Click here to view this dog food recipe.

  4. Pamela Gardner says:

    Thank you Ed….great meal for your little ones. I have 8 dogs currently and they are big dogs including four seniors and a Pit Bull who is developing problems with her spine. I’ve been feeding them home made food for about ten years. My husband has been unemployed for a year now and I’ve been mixing home-made with Science Diet mainly as the kibble helps stretch it out. Would you have any suggestions about making treats with fruit? Thanks so much, your video and information is excellent!

    • Pamela,

      I try to avoid kibble all together. A good treat is to cook some beef liver, then cut it up into bite size pieces. I do this then store it in the freezer. For something easy, click here to view a good freeze dried beef treat that does not contain any fillers.

  5. Hi Ed
    I just started my 5 year old american Bulldog that has lots of Allergies on homemade dog food, He has taken to it he loves it. But I am worried that it is not enough Vitimins or I might be missing something, The food is boiled chicken,Carrots,broccoli, rice, and sweet Potatoes what do you think about a supplement ? and if so which are good products? You site is great !!!!

    • Debbie,

      you are right you need to feed some supplements to prevent a nutritional deficiency disease. Try the “easy cooked dog food recipe” it has good supplement recommendations. Click here to view this dog food recipe.

  6. Hi, I love your website!
    I have had dogs for 4 years and my first dogs as an adult (49 years).
    I was given a Toy Poodle and then a friend couldn’t care for his Rat Terrier and the
    two had puppies and I kept one: a “Rattle” I suppose..
    Anyhow, I am so confused as to give my dogs a better diet and a long life without all the
    fillers, and colors added. I am looking for recipes with cooked meat since I fear the bacteria in meat now unless it’s organice and I cannot afford ogranic now.

    Thank you so much
    Vee, Colorado

  7. I have 3 Chi-Chi s and 1 French Bull dog. I was tired of the Commerical Dog food and all the added problems and cost that comes with it. I decided to start making my own dog food by starting off with the Easy Cooked dog food recipe on this websit. We just started it and they really seem to like it. I use to feed my dogs twice a day and I am not sure if I should with the homemade dog food. Can any give me some advice on this? Also, if it’s ok to do so, what amounts do I following?

    • Kathy,

      You can feed them twice a day. I would start with the same volume you normally feed. If your dogs lose weight and this undesirable then increase the portion a little.

  8. Hi we just rescued a German shepherd from the German shepherd rescue and she has had really bad diarrhea but is drinking plenty of water. I’m feeding the same kind of food they were so I was curious if there is something I could make for her cause she is now not eating that much.

  9. Theresa Fairbanks says:

    Good morning to you

    I am very intrigued by your website and homemade dog food. I have a awesome Yellow lab who just turned 8 and she has allergies to everything. I was feeding her “Go” but they just changed the ingredient from sweet potato to white potato which she can’t have. She has a list of things she cannot eat. Eggs is one and the list continues. I would love to make her food from scratch but your recipe has eggs and rice..she also has a problem with her small intestions they are shaped like a u and she has “Colic” episodes which we have corrected by feeding her bran with her dry dog food..We have learned to keep her “Colic’ like problems to bay by braning her like I bran my horses. So what I am trying to ask her is how do you go about making a homemade food when she has so many you have any suggestions.
    Would greatly appreciate your help, my vets have been trying to force me to feed her foods that are not good for her..thank you blessings


    • Theresa,

      I think dogs develop allergies because their systems are running on empty. So constantly removing items as they develop a sensitivity just adds fuel to the fire and makes it worse. I would try and feed the most nutritious homemade dog food and see if you can’t get items to drop off the list.

  10. ADeHaen says:

    Hi Ed,
    I have a 3 year old goldendoodle who has had stomach issues since 6 months. He is allergic to chicken, fish, and we think grain. At this point we have been feeding him Dr. Harvey’s Veg To Bowl and cooking ground beef and ground lamb and adding digestive enzymes. I really like your recipe and was wondering if potatoes can be a substitute for the rice and should veggies be added? FYI : We have tried raw food and he hates it 🙂
    Thank you!

  11. Hi,
    I have two four legged children, one is a Aussie (11 yrs. young) and the other Pit-mix (9 months). My Aussie was dianosed with a heart condition in late 2011 and the puppy seems to be alergic to commerial to dogfood. I ‘m now trying to make homemade food, I have started with chicken, rice, peas, carrots and boiled eggs with the shells. They LOVE IT!! I have been giving my Aussie fish oil since day one, and now my puppy. Is there something else that I should be adding to the homemade food??

    Thank you for your time.
    Miss Classy

  12. I have a small Maltese that has hip problems on one side. Will this diet and the supplements help her? Jan

  13. I have a small 9 year old dog I rescued. She was allowed to eat wet cat food anytime she wanted it. She weighs 17 lbs. and should weigh approximately 12 lbs. She weighed 18 lbs. when I got her 2 1/2 weeks ago. I fed her buffalo bill WD and Hills WD. She will no longer eat either. I baked a chicken breast and she ate that with English peas. She will not eat green beans. What is a good recipe to give her so she receives needed vitamins, etc. and still lose weight?

  14. Heidi Gifford says:

    Hi Ed,
    I just watched your video on making the homemade dogfood. It looks great and I’m going to make some. Can I order the supplements on line? I am also a animal lover:). Thankyou for making the video. Heidi

  15. Krystyna says:

    I give this food to my boxer puppy ,but I’m worry if the egg shells will not cut her intestence ??? She is 15 weeks old and she love your food ! Today I see blood in her stool ??

  16. Emerie Wiggers says:

    Hi Ed,
    I have a new puppy coming to me in a few weeks. She will come having been started on puppy chow. What is the process to start a new puppy on the raw recipe. I am concerned about weight loss. My older dog lost a couple of pounds starting out on this diet. He is doing fine now. Any suggestions for the new puppy?

  17. Annie Galanda says:

    Hi Ed,

    My first time on your site, it is very straightforward and a wealth of info., this certainly won’t be my last. My husband and I have two Aussie Cattle dogs, ages 4 and 6 years. They run around on our 65 acre farm all day and are always there to move horses, or even our chickens.
    I do not make food for them now, but this is my goal. My question is can I use cattle organs from my local buthcher? We buy our beef from a local farm and our local butcher cuts and wraps it for us. He always asks if we want any of the organs or bones. We have always said no thank you until this year thinking maybe I could use these for dog food. If so will you plesase note if there are any beef organs that a dog should avoid, and how they should be prepared. i.e. cooked, ground up, used in replacement of grnd. beef?

    Thank you,

  18. I have been reading your website and am very interested in trying your “raw dog food recipe.” How long will this last in the fridge?I was in the pet food store the other day and there was a speaker talking to a bunch of people promoting their dog food. Someone spoke up and said that service dogs that ate raw food were not allowed in hospitals if they ate this kind of diet because they could have samonella and other bad bacteria in on their teeth and in their mouth. Also if they pooped it would be in their as well so they were very cautious because it could expose patients to it. Was wondering what you thought and if we need to be concerned? Thanks

  19. I have 4 toy poodles. I did the 24 hour fast and started them on this home made diet with the dinovite and lick o chops. They seemed to do fine the first 3 days. On the 4th day they all had diarrhea one also had blood. I tried cooking the beef some and leaving it pink but I dont know about this. They stay in their crates during the day while we are at work and we cant come home to this mess every day. Any suggestions.

  20. hi i was wondering if you know of any sort of recipies that are good for a dog about 5 years old and is a pomeranian and seems to be stuck on table food and treats.. i know this isnt good for him. i try regular dog food he wont touch it. i give him vitamans to try and supliment what he dosent eat and thats hard to keep up with. i gess what i am asking is do you have any realy good recipes that even this dog might like ? and any good vitimans that i could put in his meals being of a small breed that he is . thank you!

  21. terry smith says:

    Hi……love your cooked recipie…i use chicken or beef…i want to know if i can use oats instead of rice for a chsnge especially with the new info on arsenic in rice…..

  22. Hi Ed,
    I have a 12 year old Lab Mix who just had bladder stones removed and needs a special urinary diet. Can either of your formulations be used for her?

  23. I want to make your raw dog food but my dog can’t have rice of any kind nor potatoes of any kind. What can i use other than rice?

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