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  1. I have found your site to be very educational and I have learned quite a bit about dog food within the past few months. I began the yeast starvation diet for my schnauzer approx. 2 1/2 weeks ago. I am not seeing a difference in her skin or her itching. I was hoping for some results within the first few weeks. Any suggestions? I am also going to up the amount that I am giving her as she has been losing weight and she acts like she is starving every day when it is time to eat. Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Nikki,

      You can increase the serving size per day. Make sure you are feeding the recipe as presented with the supplements. Give it at least 6 months. The first few weeks dogs can actually get a little worse.

  2. Hi Ed. After losing one of my Chinese Cresteds to cancer, I did a lot of research online and read about the horrors of manufactured pet food. After finding this site, I immediately began making the “recipe” for my other 4 dogs – 3 Chinese Cresteds and 1 Chihuahua. As you know, Chinese Cresteds can be prone to allergies. My oldest who is 12 years old could not put on weight and was wasting away. I made the raw dog food recipe and the very first night, they went crazy. No one got sick. No one got diarrhea. As a matter of fact, each night they were waiting for their supper. This was unusual as they didn’t eat the manufactured pet food and turned their noses up at it. I guess they had better sense than I did about that food. Anyway, today, the Chihuahua who is 8 years old has a coat that now gleams. The oldest Chinese Crested is putting on weight. The next oldest Chinese Crested who always had horrible acne problems has no acne 3 weeks after being on this diet. She also had been having leg problems and this has cleared up. The ones that were slightly overweight have lost their excess weight and now look healthy. Their energy levels have shot up 1000 fold. Their eyes gleam. No more “eye boogers” or tearing. My Chihuahua had eyes that ran constantly leaving the stains under her eyes. Her eyes are now bright and no longer run. The stains are gone. The youngest Chinese Crested has so much energy, has begun to sprout a little more hair on her body. I could go on and on. I hope everyone begins this diet with their dogs. I have fed them the raw version, but I have also fed them the recipe with cooked meat. They love the raw the best. I can’t thank you enough for sharing such a healthy and wonderful recipe for my pets!

  3. Ed, let me post one more observation about this raw dog food recipe. The fur that my Chihuahua had and the little bits the Chinese Cresteds had was very stiff and wirey. After 3 weeks of eating this raw food recipe (and sometimes cooked meat recipe) all 4 dogs now have fur that is like baby hair. Soft, shiny, shiny, shiny until it gleams. I can’t get over the difference in their fur! Again, thank you so much!

  4. I have a 17 year old Lhasa Apso. He has terrible allergies and was scratching, itching, biting, pulling his hair out and whining all the time. He also has had excessive discharge from his eyes. I ran into your website and decided to switch him over to the raw meat diet. It’s like a miracle happened. Within 48 hours NO more scratching, itching, biting, pulling hair and whining. He doesn’t have any excessive discharge from his eyes either. Thank you for sharing this with other people.

    I fasted him for the first 24 hours and then introduced the food slowly starting with 1/4 portion – twice a day and increasing it for the past 7 days. He has had one problem. He has continual diarrhea. Considering his age, do you think cooking his food would help this situation?

  5. Hello, we are adopting our first family pet. A maltipoo puppy (15 weeks). He will be 5-8 lbs full grown. I have been researching homemade food recipes and would like to know if it is safe to add the dinovite and likochops after the food is cooked and cooled, before freezing? This will allow my children to just feed the puppy without having to measure and add the supplements….thank you.

  6. Hi, I’ve been using the raw hamburger recipe since last October for my two labradoodles. My now two year old doodle had a scary bout of pancreatitis that led me to research dog food, eventually finding this site. They have seemingly done terrific with this recipe, until about two weeks ago, when the same dog, Sophie became very ill again with bloody diarrhea and vomiting. I ended up taking her to an emergency Vet as we were traveling. She didn’t have pancreatitis, but they gave her sub-q fluids, antiemetics and antibiotics, as well as Pepcid. She’s fine now, but it’s made me second guess her diet again. I use a 70/30 ratio of hamburger as recommended. Would it be okay to use a leaner ratio? They love, love, this recipe, I might add. Sophie, who is rather picky and refuses a lot of kibble, stands and drools while I prepare this twice each day. Also, is it possible to cook the Dinovite and Lick-O-Chops into the cooked version? The video references the paste, but is the powdered form more stable?

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