Tools Needed To Make Dog Food

Tools needed to make homemade dog food
  • Large pot to hard boil 18 eggs
  • Large pot to cook white rice (You will need a pot large enough to hold 10-12 cups of cooked rice)
  • Kitchen sink (I mix the ingredients in a clean kitchen sink. You can also use a stainless steel serving tray. I’ve used the kind that caterers use to serve food. A large area with a flat bottom makes the mixing process easy.)
  • Rubber gloves? (Some people just don’t like to touch raw meat. If this is you then use rubber gloves. This will make clean up easy.)


Additional tools needed to make cooked dog food recipes

Tools for making cooked dog food recipes

  • Roaster pan
  • Crock-pot (I will use a crock-pot for making “bone stock”)
  • Blender (Used to puree vegetables for more advanced recipes. Also to chop up egg shells in fine particles.)





  1. I have 2 Dachshund they will be 2 yrs. old in July.My female is 13 lbs. 3 lbs. over weight she is having urinary tract infections and had crystals in her urine which after $500.00 I’m told they are gone.The Vet. put her on Royal Canine Prescription Diet S/O for urinary tract.This is nasty do you have a Diet that will help her and she has a brother that has to eat the same food he weighs 16 lbs.Please help some one!!! Thanks Ronda

    • Ronda,

      You may want to consider feeding the “easy raw dog food” recipe. This recipe has a high water content, lots of digestive enzymes, B vitamins and more. The high water content will help flush your dog’s kidneys. You may also want to serve your dogs distilled water to drink. Comercial dog foods are loaded with all sorts of terrible ingredients. Check out youtube and look up “What’s REALLY In Your Pet’s FOOD??” . Brace yourself, it is horrible!

  2. For my dog Kelsey Marie says:

    What dog food should I make Kelsey is Sharpi (chinnse fighting dog) & Shelltie (like a lasie dog)
    her wrinkle skin with a very heavy under coat and then she has soft outer coat which is long. She Gets hot spots and I don’t know if bathing is all the falt. can someone help me I’m low income and need the best care for Kelsey.

  3. I have 3 Airdale Terriers, 12,5,and 1. Food is outrageous. I’m thinking of making my own. Airdales are particularly sensitive to yeast and wheat products, especially as they age. It starts in the ears. I have tried all of the top dog brands, Blue, Science Diet, and now Rachel Ray that they seem to have less gas if none all and are doing fine, but no glucosomine in it. My real questions are: Would I save money feeding three dogs? What diet would you recommend: raw or cooked? We are a busy family self-employed so I would need to make in bulk. A 10lb recipe would last me a week with three dogs, they eat twice daily . Also, we would like to build our own kennel, we are building a new home, any unbiased recommendations? thank you.

    • Cathy,

      I would recommend a raw diet. The “easy raw dog food recipe” is a great place to start. Your dogs will do well on this dog food recipe. You probably don’t need to stay away from your dogs eating yeast. The yeast problems you are referring to are most likely due to the high carbohydrate content of commercial dog food. Yeast is one of the best sources for B vitamins.

      Will you save money feeding your dogs a raw diet? I guess it depends. Are you the kind of person who takes her dogs to the vet when they are sick? If so, then yes it will be cheaper to feed a raw diet than a commercial dog food because you will spend far less at the vets.

      I feed 4 house dogs and mix up the recipe in bulk. I’ve found freezing the dog food in tupperware containers works the best. I freeze it in 2 or 3 day quantities. My wife and I have it down and it does not take much time.

      I’ve built kennels and recommend cement floors for ease of cleaning. I also recommend tops because some dogs will climb out. Shade cloth and a comfortable dog house. Long and narrow kennels will cause a dog to pace. Dimensions that are more square are more soothing for a dog. All this said dogs do the best not kept in kennels but sometimes it is necessary.

  4. I have a Doberman Miniature Pinscher. He loves to eat chicken and rice. He do not eat dry dog food. the only other food he is is Alpo Roast Ground chicken in cans. He is 1 1/2 year old. I cook chicken and rice separate and mix and give him. I know this is not sufficient. Please help. He do not relish beef or meat. fish at times he eats but little. He has terrible gas problems, itching incessantly and constantly licking his paws. please suggest.

    • Sunitha,

      It sounds like your dog may have a yeast infection. You can try the “yeast starvation dog food recipe” but it contains ground beef. My dogs love it. You can substitute chopped raw chicken leg thigh quarter with the bones for the ground beef. You can click here to view this dog food recipe.

  5. I have 2 english mastiffs that I would like to switch to raw food they are both 15 months .What I am wondering is should I slowly switch or just jump in and switch them quickly

  6. Hi, I have a 3lbs chihuahua (about 4 yrs old) who is very picky. I was wondering if there are better ways to add the vitamins she needs without suppliments, I would really rather an all natural diet. Also what would be a proper portion and feedinng schedule for such a small dog?

    • Jasmine,

      I’ve been keeping different animals for years and have found supplementation a necessity. The produce you can purchase is not nutrient dense like its wild counterparts. I stay away from synthetic vitamins and use whole food supplements. Basically, the nutrients have been extracted or condensed out of a whole food sources. These nutrient are then blended into a supplement. The dog supplement I make and recommend is Dinovite Liquid. Click here to view this supplement.

  7. Hello i have 2 redbone coonhounds, 3.5 months old, both are around 25 to 30 lbs, when i first got them i was feeding them science diet, but recently had to change it to kibbles and bits, lately they seem to be very lethargic i was wondering if it has anything to due to the changes in dog food, i am looking for something to give them energy and is inexpensive i am on a budget and is looking for low cost

    • Nakia,

      I recommend feeding the easy raw dog food recipe. Your dogs will thrive on this dog food. Your dog food choices will effect the health and longevity of your dogs. If they are lethargic puppies this is not good. Click here to view the easy raw dog food recipe or click here to view the easy cooked dog food recipe. Either of these recipes are far better than what you are currently feeding your dogs.

  8. Hi,
    My 8 year old yellow lab retriever, Maggie has cancer. She will be taking prednisone, pepsin and benedryl to help her with her eventual symptoms . Currently she is not having any problems at all and is recovering from two mast cell tumor removals back to back. Of the time she has left I’d like to make some homemade meals for her. The vet does not recommend the RAW food diet as her immune system will be compromised. Is there another Cooked FOOD recipe using a carbohydrate other than white rice?

    Thanks for you input

  9. I am curreintly feeding my 2 chihuahuas, my 85 pound lab mix and my 23 pound (show know what mix) a homemade diet I got from alternative vet. I only add calcium and fish oil.
    Which version of your supplements would be best for me to purchase since I have so many sizes. Yesterday I adopted a 4 1/2 month old German Sheperd. As he was at t rescue he has not been on the best diet. Is a homemade diet OK for a pup? I have started him on Holistic Select.
    Thanks in advance for your advice!

    • Terri,

      You could buy the giant breed box of Dinovite Liquid and portion out the correct serving size for each dog or buy it in the tube. The tubes tend to settle out in warm weather and over time. This makes it very difficult to get the supplement out of the tube. This is why I like the single serve packets. Dinovite also makes a powdered version that is sold in various sizes up to a 5 gallon pail. Both supplements work well.

      Click here to view the Dinovite liquid. Click here to view the Dinovite powder.

  10. Donna Boddy says:

    I would like to make dehydrated dog food. I like the ingredients your recipes, especially the raw dog food recipe, but can any of these recipes be fixed in my dehydrator?

  11. I have a 10 week old, 3 lb Chihuahua. She hardly ever eats her science diet, therefore i’ve just been feeding her the meat from what i eat every day. I know that doesn’t have the nutrients and everything else a dog should have in thier diet. My question is, since she’s so young, is it still a good idea to make her your homemade dog food recipies? And would cooked or raw be better? And if i buy the suppliments- will i put the same amount in her food that would go in any other dogs food?

    • Taylor,

      I would recommend the raw dog food recipe as the best way to feed your dog. The supplements can be purchased in a small dog size, click here to view. Just follow the instructions on the supplement packaging and you should be good to go.

  12. Tamara Robbins says:

    I currently own two staffordshire bull terriers. My male has always been a real fussy eater. Angus, is 7 years old, and has developed a very sensitive digestive system.He has been getting really bad diaherra on commercial dog food. I have been reading your website on homemade food. I have two questions, one is in regards to the supplements, can i use missing link as this product is more easier for me to get, than the ones you list. And second he weights, about 35lbs how much should he be fed, on the raw diet? Also what is your thoughts on using pumpkin and acidophilus, in his meals. As currently I have him on boiled hamburger and rice.


    • Tamara,

      I bred Staffordshire Bull Terriers for years they are super dogs. In fact I developed Dinovite on my kennel dogs to improve their health. Try feeding him the “easy raw dog food recipe”. Dogs with sensitive stomachs do well on raw food and they generally love it. I’ve never used missing link so I can’t honestly comment on it effectiveness. Dinovite is easy to purchase online and is shipped to your door. To view the “easy raw dog food recipe” click here.

      I like different direct fed microbials like L. acidophilus I’ve seen improvements in dogs fed them. Dinovite contains about 5 different varieties. Good stuff.

  13. Mary Beth says:

    Hi there- love your website! I have been feeding my dogs homemade dog food and am happy to find your recipes. I was wondering – I have 2 dogs who are both 25 lbs- how much of the easy cooked recipe should I feed them each day?
    Thanks so much!

  14. Hi
    With your cooked recipe, if you want to go grain free what could you use in place of the white rice? Also would Missing Link be okay to use instead of the Dinovite? And would safflower be okay instead of the omegas?
    Thank you.

  15. If I already give my dogs fish oil, do I still need to use the dinovite?

  16. I am picking up my labrador puppy from the breeders soon she will be 8 weeks do i need to start her out the same on the cooked food diet and not feed her for 2 days or is it different for puppies? thanks

  17. I have a 6 year old cavalier king charles spaniel that is 10 lbs over weight. My vet recommended the “Science Diet” which he just doesn’t enjoy. I think a more holistic approach as you have outlined is a much better choice. What do you recommend and more importantly, how much should I feed him? He also enjoys treats after a long walk. Thank you!

    • Judy,

      You can take any of the dog food recipes on this site and eliminate the carbohydrate and do just fine. The absence of carbohydrates will help dogs shed the unwanted fat. My guess is 1 to 2 cups of food per day.

  18. I learning a lot from your site Thank you … I have lost one of my 2 Aussie Shepherds . He suffered with thyroid and terrible skin allergies …My female is now 13 yrs old and is very inactive and could sleep all day if I let her . Raw diet is what I wish to put her on if you think her age will accept it. My question if I used wild game, ( example venison ) instead of beef or chicken would this be healthy and do I need to do anything different to serve venison recipe . Thank you so much for your help .

  19. littlelings21 says:

    As far as Lickochops – can you guarantee somehow that that fish oil is not rancid? If so, how? I have read a lot about the concerns especially regarding fish oil become rancid very quickly. Thanks!

    • The fish oil is preserved with mixed tocopherols (forms of vitamin E) and it works well. If you plan on storing it for extended periods of time pop it in the refrigerator. Keep in mind doing so will solidify the Lickochops to the consistency of margarine and make it very difficult to get out of the bottle or tube until it is warmer and liquifies again.

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