Do Feed Your Dog

Remember your dog is primarily a carnivore and this means his digestive system is designed to digest meat, bones and animal fat.

Recommended Carnivore Ingredients

  • Chicken (I like to feed the leg thigh quarters. The cuts of chicken have a good amount of meat, bones, cartilage and fat. The thighs and legs are also cheaper)
  • Beef (I recommend shopping the closeout section in your grocery store for anything that fits your budget.)
  • Ground Beef (I always choose the ground beef with the higher fat content, 70/30. Dogs metabolize fat well and beef fat is good for dogs.)
  • Hardboiled Eggs ( Eggs are very nutrias for dogs and contain highly digestible fats and protein. Hard boiling the eggs deactivates the enzyme in egg whites that interferes with B vitamin absorption.)
  • White Rice (I do feed some cooked white rice in many of the recipes to help make it affordable and it also is a good medium for nutritional supplements)
  • Nutritional Supplements ( It is crucial to add supplements to all theses diets to supply needed vitamins, trace minerals and other essential nutrients.) I make the dog supplements “Dinovite“and “Lickochops” and recommend using them both to fill in the nutritional gaps in the recipes.
These are the two supplements needed to fill in the gaps in the recipes

Hardboiled eggs and raw chicken for raw dog food

Healthy dog supplement. Dinovite dog supplement.

Omega 3 fatty acid supplement for dogs. Lickochops fatty acid supplement.

How to get started making homemade dog food?

Go to our “Dog Food Recipes” section and check out our recipes. Our recipes are divided into two categories Raw dog food and cooked dog food. We believe the most nutritious dog food is a raw one but we have cooked recipes as well. We have easy, intermediate and advanced dog food recipes. Most people start off with the “easy raw dog food recipe” because…well, they’re easy.



  1. Hi Ed,
    I have a Pit Bull mix that has become overweight over the past few years as I have battled illness. He has suffered from illness from the day I found him I the sidewalk dying from parvo. He has allergies, hypothyroidism and has suffered seizures due to low blood sugar. I have tried everything possible to lower his weight but we seem to Yo-Yo. After trying every helth food on the market I have decided to start making his food. I know I need to go grain free, we are a gluten free household. Harley needs low protein, lots of fruits and vegetables and no grains. I will be adding chicken and lamb. As this will be the first time for me in making his food I want to make sure I get the proper measurements and supplements included in his food. My ingredients for his first batch are, chicken, carrots, green beans, grean peas, blue berries, pumpkin and eggs. Can you help with a recipe?

  2. My dog is staying at the kennel for a week. Can I add dinovite and lick0chops to her food ahead of time?

  3. I am concerned that most rice is now GMO. Do you use organic rice or have you ever used oatmeal instead?

  4. Hi,
    My dog is suffering ( and so are we) with her incessant itching, scratching and chewing…
    I’ve started her on the raw food diet ( ground beef, dinovite, eggs) and I try to keep the rice out.
    I’m concerned she has allergies to rice. What is a good substitute for the rice.
    And I’m wondering how long I should keep this up…? We are 2 weeks into the change and she is still developing itchy, scabby spots all over her body.

    • Carol,

      Try adding some of the Supromega fish oil, the additional omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E can help your dogs itchy skin. Plan on feeding indefinitely. You should start to see results in 90 days.

  5. colliemom says:

    If I am feeding my dogs the cooked chicken & rice diet, can I occasionally give a raw or cooked chicken leg to them (to kind of break up the monotony or as a treat)? Is there a preference to feeding the legs raw or cooked? also, do you yet have a treat recipe that is homemade? or chicken based?
    Thanks for your help!

  6. Hi Ed!
    Have a 3 year old, 57 lb german shorthaired pointer and he means the world to me. Currently using blue buffalo wilderness dog food and not hearing the best of things. Also, I believe he has developed an allergy to it. I stumbled upon your website and I’am very interested in what you have to offer. I believe I will be following the hard broiled egg, beef (raw and cooked) and white rice recipe. What are the portion sizes? Any other things to follow?

  7. Coggins9090 says:


    I am new to home made dog food. I have a 5 month old chocolate lab who I am starting to believe may just not have the stomach for commercial food. For starters he seems to get really itchy off and on, has gotten an upper respiratory infection and yeast infection in his ears, All of which he has been on antibiotics for each time. That makes 5 times he has been on some sort of antibiotic since I got him at 9 weeks old, one of which he had to be hospitalized for two days. This last time he tested positive for coccidia which I know causes diarrhea, but had never In the past tested positive for any parasites. He has been on a chicken and rice diet for the last 7 days and after 5 I tried to add just a little of his dry food 1/4 cup (merricks grain free buffalo) back to his diet and immediately got diarrhea again. So needless to say we are back to the chicken and rice or ground beef and rice. Sorry for the rant… but my question is which one of the recipes do you suggest I start him with first? Is any one better than another for sensitive stomachs? Thank you so much for your time and help.

  8. Question? When I was growing up. My dad always said; “Never give a dog raw meat because it would make the dog mean.” So, how can you feed a dog raw meat, without making them mean?

  9. I have a 7 yr old St Bernard short hair, she has always been thin, but recently she started loosing weight, the vet took xrays and found that her stomach was full of gas. he said that he thought that she had gastronomical problems. he started her on id prescription food, and b12 shots weekly its been about 3 weeks and she has gained about 2 lbs. would it be wise to start her on the chicken dog food now or wait till shes gained some more weight.

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