Do Feed Your Dog

Remember your dog is primarily a carnivore and this means his digestive system is designed to digest meat, bones and animal fat.

Recommended Carnivore Ingredients

  • Chicken (I like to feed the leg thigh quarters. The cuts of chicken have a good amount of meat, bones, cartilage and fat. The thighs and legs are also cheaper)
  • Beef (I recommend shopping the closeout section in your grocery store for anything that fits your budget.)
  • Ground Beef (I always choose the ground beef with the higher fat content, 70/30. Dogs metabolize fat well and beef fat is good for dogs.)
  • Hardboiled Eggs ( Eggs are very nutrias for dogs and contain highly digestible fats and protein. Hard boiling the eggs deactivates the enzyme in egg whites that interferes with B vitamin absorption.)
  • White Rice (I do feed some cooked white rice in many of the recipes to help make it affordable and it also is a good medium for nutritional supplements)
  • Nutritional Supplements ( It is crucial to add supplements to all theses diets to supply needed vitamins, trace minerals and other essential nutrients.) I make the dog supplements “Dinovite“and “Lickochops” and recommend using them both to fill in the nutritional gaps in the recipes.
These are the two supplements needed to fill in the gaps in the recipes

Hardboiled eggs and raw chicken for raw dog food

Healthy dog supplement. Dinovite dog supplement.

Omega 3 fatty acid supplement for dogs. Lickochops fatty acid supplement.

How to get started making homemade dog food?

Go to our “Dog Food Recipes” section and check out our recipes. Our recipes are divided into two categories Raw dog food and cooked dog food. We believe the most nutritious dog food is a raw one but we have cooked recipes as well. We have easy, intermediate and advanced dog food recipes. Most people start off with the “easy raw dog food recipe” because…well, they’re easy.


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