Yeast Starvation Dog Food Recipe

Yeast starvation dog food ingredients

NOTE: In an effort to simplify the homemade dog food recipe I have incorporated the use of supplements. Without the supplements the homemade dog food recipes would need an additional 10 to 20 ingredients. Unfortunately, our current agricultural practices yield foods with a fraction of the nutrient content of wild counterparts.

That said; this dog food recipe is deficient without the two supplements that are essential to the recipe: Dinovite dog supplement and Supromega omega 3 fatty acid dog supplement. Feeding this recipe without the supplements will result in multiple nutritional deficiency diseases.

Purchase the  dog supplements needed for these recipes.

  • Click here to view Dinovite dog supplement. I feed 1 tablespoon of Dinovite with each cup of dog food.
  • Click here to view Supromega omega 3 fatty acid dog supplement.

Yeast Starvation Dog Food Ingredients:

  • 10 lbs. of raw ground beef
  • 18 hardboiled eggs including the shells-cooled (the egg shells supply digestible calcium to your dog. Yes, studies have proved that the calcium in egg shell is highly absorbable.)
  • 1 tube of Supromega omega 3 fatty acid Supplement (This supplies important omega 3  fatty acids. It also contains natural source vitamin E.)
  • Dinovite daily dog supplement (This supplies a host of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, zinc and live direct fed microbials. Dinovite also has a nutritious plant component in the “Alfalfa Nutrient Concentrate” that replicates the partially digested plant matter of herbivores.  All great stuff!)I use 1 tablespoon of Dinovite per cup of dog food. In the video I show the Dinovite Liquid but now I use the powder because Dinovite has discontinued production of the “Dinovite liquid” in the single serve packets.

Yield: 32 cups of dog food.

This recipe can be halved or doubled to accommodate the size of your dog or for multi-dog households. Do not feed this recipe without Dinovite and Supromega dog supplements as it will be deficient.

Crushed eggs for dog food

Crushed eggs for dog food

Mixing yeast starvation dog food

Filling containers with homemade dog food


    1.  In a very large bowl, bucket or in your plugged kitchen sink, crush the cooled hard boiled eggs (and shells) into small pieces.
    2. Add 8oz. of Supromega omega 3 fatty acid Supplement (1tube). You can also serve this when you feed your dog. I prefer to add this each time I feed because of the fishy smell.
    3. Add raw ground beef.
    4. Mix well and completely with your hands or with a large,strong spoon until all the ingredients are thoroughly combined.
    5. Yields about 32 cups of finished dog food.

Watch the Yeast Starvation Dog Food Recipe Video

Storing your Yeast Starvation Dog Food:

Place 2-3 days worth of yeast stavation dog food in zip lock bags or plastic freezer containers. Store them in your freezer. You can also make individual patties or meatballs in single daily servings, freeze them on cookie sheets and remove and store in larger bags/containers once frozen. Thaw as needed.

I personally prefer the freezer containers because they are easy to fill, thaw and serve. There is never any mess. I take one out and let it thaw on my counter. Feed my dogs and store the unused portion in my refrigerator. When it’s empty I wash it and it is ready for the next batch. It works well.

NOTE: Remember you are handling raw meat so use common sense when making, storing and serving this food. Use the same precautions you would use when handling raw meat for your family.

Serving the yeast starvation dog food

Serving Size for your “Yeast Starvation Dog Food”:

*Special note: These are general guidelines, we are not trying to land a man on mars. If your dog is losing a little weight and this is not desired, increase the amount you are feeding. If your dog is gaining weight on the serving size then cut back a little. In short, adjust the serving size depending on your dogs age, weight and activity level.

  • 10 lb. dog1/2 cup dog food daily + 1/2 tsp Supromega + 1/2 tbs Dinovite
  • 20 lb. dog 1 cup dog food daily + 1 tsp Supromega + 1 tbs Dinovite
  • 40 lb. dog 2 cups dog food daily + 2 tsp Supromega + 2 tbs Dinovite
  • 60 lb. dog - 3 cups dog food daily + 3 tsp Supromega + 3 tbs Dinovite
  • 80 lb. dog 3 1/2–4 cups dog food daily +3 1/2 tsp Supromega + 3 1/2 tbs Dinovite

*Special Note: If you add the supplements to the whole batch when making the dog food recipe it is not necessary to add them with each serving. Use whichever method you find easier.

Introducing the yeast Starvation Dog Food”:

  • Fast your dog for 24 hours before starting this diet. Water should be available to your dog during the fast. This will give time for the old dog food to pass through your dog’s digestive tract. It is important to follow this procedure to limit digestive upset. This is an important step, ignoring this step greatly increases your dog’s chance of having digestive upset.
  • Day one and two: Feed a portion 1/4 the size of a normal meal.
  •  Day three and four: Feed a portion 1/2 the size of a normal meal.
  • Day five and six: Feed a portion 3/4 the size of a normal meal.
  • Day seven: Feed a full portion.
  • Special Note: The whole process takes 8 days when you include the 24 hour fast. This method will allow your dog’s digestive tract time to adapt to the new food.

This method will allow your dog’s digestive tract time to adapt to the new food. Please follow this introductory method, your dog will be fine. Your dog will not starve or hate you. Rapid diet changes can cause vomiting and diarrhea. A horrendous mess all over your house!

***Important Note: Do not mix kibble and the “Yeast Starvation Dog Food” together! Doing so will GREATLY increase the chances of digestive upset for your dog! This will also completely defeat the purpose.

***Very Important Note: Sometimes the yeast causing your dog’s yeast infection die off rapidly after you start this yeast starvation dog food. If this happens your dogs symptoms can initially get worse. Symptoms like increased itching, redness and  sores . Some dogs even get lethargic. This is caused by toxins in your dogs system that are the result of the mass yeast die off. Serving distilled water during this process can help draw out toxins.

I also recommend a soothing dog shampoo with essential oils like Dogosuds. This will help wash away any irritants on your dogs skin without causing any additional problems. This step is well worth the added time and money.


Good luck!


  1. Hi Ed,
    Do you have any recipes for treats? I was also wondering if you have any recipes for cats.
    Thank you,

    • Sherri,

      I plan on posting some dog treat recipes in the future. I feed my dog dehydrated dog treats that are all natural not fillers. You can click here to view the treats I feed my dogs.

    • Barbara Pellicano says:

      Love this site. I have been adding all types of vegetables to my dogs home cooked diet, thinking it was good for them. I do boil them out and chop them up. I found your web site and tried the recipe, with the rice, they liked it. I did notice the ichy paws, so I read on to the Yeast Starvation diet.
      My girl Lucy, a 3 year old Peke use to get alot of yeast in her ears. I thought I cured that with the plain yogurt I have been giving her. She loves it and has not gotten ill from it. Her ears are doing great. But she is now going for the paws. I am going to try your yeast free recipe, now that I know the source of the yeast. Thank you for the knowledge.


  2. Hi,

    Great site! I have some questions I was hoping you could help me with…

    I have a 9 year-old husky/border collie mix. She has had surgeries and chemotherapy for mast cell tumors. She has been cancer-free for almost two years. I also have a 2 year-old pomeranian/corgi mix. He has been very healthy, except for a skin infection that my vet believes was a yeast overgrowth. I have been feeding both dogs canned Nature’s Variety, Grain-Free Chicken Formula, for the last year. They have done very well on it, however, I must special order it and it costs me several hundred dollars a month. I am at the point where I can no longer afford it.

    I would love to feed both dogs a homemade diet. So here, finally, are my questions:

    *Which diet would you recommend that I feed to my dogs, given their health histories?
    *I would prefer to not feed them grains–is the Yeast Starvation Diet meant to be a long-term diet?
    *If I wanted to add some vegetables instead of grains, what would you recommend and how much? And would I steam them, then chop them up finely in the food processor?
    *I currently give my older dog supplements–K-9 Immunity (with transfer factors and Omega 3 fatty acids) and Apocaps to try to keep the cancer from coming back. Would the supplements you suggest adding to the homemade diet cause my older dog to overdose? Or would it be okay?

    Thanks for taking the time to be of such a service to people wanting to do the best by their dogs!


    • Gerri,
      Since your dogs have had a history of yeast infections I would feed the yeast starvation dog food. If you feed this diet as I lay it out you will not need to add any vegetables. The Dinovite Liquid dog supplement has two nutrient packed plant sources, “Alfalfa Nutrient Concentrate and Kelp”.

      I recommend feeding the diet as presented first before making changes. If you are going to feed vegetables to your dog they need to be chopped and thoroughly cooked or fermented. If not your dog’s short digestive tract will not digest them well.

      It does not look like adding those supplements will be a problem with overdosing. The Supromega will replace the omega supplement. Supromega has fish oil and natural source vitamin E.

      • Ed,

        Thanks so much for your response.

        I will try out the Yeast Starvation Diet when we run out of this month’s supply of Nature’s Variety. I’m glad to know that the supplements will be a good replacement for the vegetables–that will make my job much easier! :)

        I have another question for you–I know this is a site for homemade dog food, but I also have four cats. Do you happen to know if they, too, would thrive on the Yeast Starvation Diet? Would I need to modify it by adding taurine (or anything else) to their batch of food? Right now, they’re eating the same food as the dogs–Nature’s Variety canine diet (it’s exactly the same as the feline diet, just better pricing/bigger cans) and doing very well. None of them have any health issues.

        Thanks so much,

  3. Hi Ed,
    I have an Olde English Bulldogge who sounds like she has been suffering from yeast issues since we rescued her. Her skin is constantly pink in some spots a little raw, she has chronic gas, she has eye tearing all the time and she always looks sad. I have tried all kinds of commercial foods with little success. I also have a rottweiler who is quite overweight, but only seems to have the gas issue. Is the yeast starvation diet only appropriate for the bulldog, or should I feed it to both of them? Also, how long should she remain on it before switching to the easy raw food diet? Thank you, your website is very informative. Carol

    • Carol,

      Yes, you can feed both dogs the yeast starvation dog food. You will feed this food for about 3 to six months. In that time prepare yourself for things to get worse as your dog’s yeast overgrowth dies. This can cause toxin build up in your dog. You may see digestive problems, sores and odor as the yeast die.

      It is good to just push through this time. I recommend bathing your dog throughout the process. I recommend a natural essential oil shampoo to gently cleanse and sooth your dog’s irritated skin, click here to view this shampoo.

      When you arrive at the other side and your dog is healthy you can slowly introduce carbohydrates. When symptoms return, back off the amount of carbohydrates. Some dogs are more sensitive than others and can’t tolerate any.

  4. Your information has been so wonderful to find–simple, straightforward, and sounds very reasonable. Your site is great. I am now thinking maybe the yeast-starvation diet would be best for Both my dogs. My shepherd-lab is scratching herself raw and the vet said it is flea allergies, which she has every summer, but she is now much itchier than ever and making sores on herself. My second girl, the shepherd-lab-hound mix has chronic stomach troubles. This no-yeast diet sounds worth a try. Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Ed,
    I am really enjoying your site, thank you for the wonderful information here!
    My question is this, if a dog has yeast issues should potatoes be cut from their diet? Doesn’t starch turn to sugar in your system? One of my girls has ongoing yeast/allergy issues and I home cook for them, the recipe I had called for both white and sweet potatoes and she was itchy but once I took them out she seemed to do better. I have substituted beef for chicken in that recipe and she was still itchy but it could have been the potatoes and not the beef. I would like to try your yeast starvation diet but I have slight reservations since I don’t know for sure which one bothered her. If I need to substitute chicken for the beef should I use ground chicken, chicken breast, or does it matter?
    Thank you,

    • Teri,

      My guess is it it is the potatoes that are causing the problem. Potatoes contain much starch (a carbohydrate) and this does turn to sugar. The sugar feeds the yeast and keeps the yeast issues from subsiding. Try the yeast starvation dog food recipe, click here to view. Read the page carefully so you understand what to feed, how to introduce it to your dog and what to expect.

  6. Elly DeMeyer says:

    I am excited to start this with my 8 1/2 y.o. Shih Tsu. She has been suffering with yeast infections and dermatitis her whole life and I have tried just about everything. I am curious though….the other recipes are cooked. Do I understand correctly, the yeast starvation diet is raw? Thanks.

    • Elly,

      I personally believe dogs fed raw meat based diet do the best. However, many people struggle with the idea of feeding their dog a raw meat based dog food. This is why I offer both forms of dog food recipes. The cooked recipes are light years ahead of commercial kibble. So you can feel confident you are feeding your dog the best with either raw or cooked.

      The yeast starvation dog food recipe is a raw meat based dog food, you are correct.

  7. Paula Mason says:

    I just wanted to know what the ‘Yeast Starvation’ diet is used for. I apologize if I’ve missed this info or if you’ve already answered this. I love your website so far. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    • Paula,
      Many dogs suffer from yeast infections. Yeast infections in dogs can cause itchy skin, inflamed ears, bad odor, sores and paw licking. Dogs with yeast infections are miserable. Yeast overgrowths are cause by a high carbohydrate content in the dog’s food. The yeast starvation dog food recipe eliminates the carbohydrate and starves the yeast out. It usually takes about 3 months.

  8. Betty Adams says:

    Ed, thank you for your informative web site. We have a 7 year old Golden and have been struggling with ear infections, skin allergies, licking paws etc, etc since we brought her home at 8 weeks of age. I am glad I found your site and am anxious to get started on this program. One question, we do not feed her regular “treats” but give her apple slices for her treats. Is that a good thing to do, or should we rethink that. I am also anxious to get started with your new diet because it has cost us so much money for drugs and shots that are never ending. I am hoping this will really do the trick.

    Thank you for your help, Betty Adams and Buttercup

    • Betty,

      I suggest feeding your golden the yeast starvation dog food recipe. Click here to view this recipe. I would eliminate all carbohydrate, apples, and stick with meat treats. It sounds like your dog has been struggling with yeast infections. Click here to view a healthy freeze dried beef dog treat. These are made in the USA and contain no fillers.

  9. Hello I was wondering I have a 1/2 Chocolate lab and Pitbull mix. My dogs has been fight yeast, bacterial, and fungs on his skin/ears for years not. At one point his tail died and got greengage and I had to have it docked. He also gets reoccurring hematomas in his ears as well. They keep putting him on zertec and prednasone and I don’t want to do that anymore. I was wondering what you recommend for his diet.

    • Krys,

      Try the “yeast starvation dog food recipe” it should help your dog, click here to view. Keep in mind your dog has been suffering with this condition for a long time so it may take a while to get under control.

  10. I have ordered the LickOchops and the DinOvite liquid for medium dogs; however, I noticed that you recommend SupraOmega instead of the LickOchops when making the yeast starvation diet which I plan on starting my dog on when I get my order tomorrow. Should I order the SupraOmega and use it instead of the LickOchops? I am confused, but I want to do the right thing for my dog since he is suffering from yeast problems.

  11. Hi,
    I currently have my boxer and OES on the yeast starvation recipe. I am using the Dinovite and the Lickochops in that mixture. Should I be using the Supromega instead of the Lickochops?

    • Randee,

      Yes you should be using the Supromega instead of the Lickochops. The additional omega 3 fatty acids will benefit your dog. Lickochops has them also but the fish oil will almost double the omega 3 fatty acids.

  12. In addition to my question above how long can my kiddies stay on the yeast starvation recipe? Do I need to change them to the raw meat recipe somewhere down the line?

  13. If you use the Supromega at the time of feeding, how much should be added? I’d be using it with my two small dogs.

    By the way, this diet seems to be exactly what I was looking for for my dog Harry. The poor guy has been plagued with yeast infections these past six months and suffers from multiple bouts of constipation. Nothing seems to be helping. I have faith in this diet, though.

  14. Ed, I have two Yorkies, one which is being treated for allergies. He was tested by a Vet Derm and is allergic to a lot of environmental things. In addition to the weekly desensitization shot, he gets half a pill of Temeril-P every other day. I believe both boys have a yeast problem, as they lick their feet and smell like corn chips. I feed them high quality kibble as well as a little canned (no grain). They are spoiled and extremely picky. I would like to try out the yeast diet, but I’m afraid they won’t eat it . Any suggestions?

    • Anna,

      Try it but just make a small amount. Most dogs learn to really love it. Feed them after you are done eating and they will think it is table scraps.

  15. Are probiotics helpful or harmful to a dogs digestive tract?

    • Elle,

      Probiotics are helpful for dog’s digestion. The Dinovite dog supplements I recommend contain 5 types plus live yeast cultures. Good stuff for dogs!

  16. I have my giant shepard “Diesel” on the starve the yeast diet…is it ok to feed him a canned dog food that has absolutely NO carbs in them? Also, I see DINOVITE has live yeast cultures in it, won’t that undo starving the yeast? Thanks. Lana

    • Lana,

      I would not feed the canned dog food. The supplements have live yeast cultures that are a nutritional yeast. Not the same species you are try to starve in your dogs system.

  17. Cindi Lou Who says:

    We have 2 old dachshunds, one who seems to have a never ending yeast problem. The medicine seemed to help, but not clear up the problem, and I could not afford to continue on that path. I would like to try this. 2 questions: 1. Can you sub chicken? Since it costs way less, it makes it more affordable. 2. Is this is going to cause him to poop more to start with and how would do you think it would last? Sometimes, for no apparent reason, he seems to have somewhat of an upset stomach. Thanks so much.

  18. Cody's Mom says:

    I was wondering if you have a receipe that uses fish instead of beef, or can I substitute fish into this recipe. My dog has yeast problems, and I want to use this diet but I think beef has many harmful chemicals in it (steroids used in factory farming) and god knows what other crap they use to make the animals larger. I have read that chickens and turkey also have a great deal growth stimulator drugs, steroids ect… in them also. I am avoiding all of this and would like to help my dog avoid it also. Thanks!

    • Cody’s Mom,

      I would recommend chicken. Chicken producers are not permitted the use of steroids. Personally, I don’t worry about it. Anything fit for human consumption is far better than what is in dog food.

      • Cody's Mom says:

        Chemicals found in poultry: antibiotics, arsenic and chlorine. Times have changed… and factory farming is a business that uses chemicals to increase production and profits. I shouldnt even say this but my father sold poultry for living- I wont touch it. Fish,wild fish is where I get my protein. Hope you come up with a fish recipe soon, :)

        • Cody’s Mom,

          And then you have to worry about mercury levels in wild fish, it’s a vicious circle. Have you ever heard this? You can eat right, not smoke, not drink, exercise daily and still get hit by a bus and it would serve you right:)

          • Cody's Mom says:

            Ha ha… It reminds me of when I go to vote. I dont like either party but I have to pick someone.

  19. Hi Ed,

    A couple of weeks ago we brought home a wonderful Shar Pei/German Shepherd mix from the animal shelter–he is perfect in every way except he is absolutely driven to distraction by itching. Paws, legs, belly–they all get chewed and licked nearly constantly throughout the day. Our previous dogs have had corn allergies, so we switched (gradually) from the Iams he was on at the shelter to a corn-free better food. No difference. We’re now wondering if it’s chicken–we do dried chicken for treats. I just cut that out tonight, but there is still chicken meal in his kibble. I made up a big batch of food that I feed with his kibble (he’s a very picky eater), which has ground beef, rice, boiled peas and carrots, nutritional yeast, greek yogurt, and flaxseed meal in it. I didn’t know about adding hard-boiled egg, but will do that henceforth. I’d like to do the yeast starvation diet, but need to order the supplements. In the meantime, do you think our pooch will be okay if we cut out the kibble and only feed the homemade stuff I mentioned above?

  20. Melanie says:

    I have a Newfoundland puppy (1 year old) weighing in at 140 vet says she is larger thanan average female and is not overweight. But she suffers from horrible skin problems and stinky yeast infections we have tried steroids and evrything for her so i hopebthis works. I had her on darwins raw food but it didnt clear pbthe skin issues because i believe it had starchy items in it. So would I use about 7 cups of food a day for her? And wouldbone packet still be ok for each vitamin?

  21. Rosie's Mom says:


    Thank you so much for your site! I am so excited to find it. Rosie is eating very expensive dog food right now that is based on salmon and sweet potato. She is itching less and acting better. I was told she is allergic to rice and chicken, but after reading your information, she may have had a yeast problem. She is almost 12 and this started about five years ago. If I start her on this yeast starvation diet how soon can I tell if it is a yeast problem? Also, since she may or may not be allergic can I just leave her on this diet indefinitely or should I change to another after some time?

    Thanks again. I really appreciate all your great information.

    • Rosie’s Mom,

      I would feed the yeast starvation dog food for at least 3-6 months and see how she does with the yeast infection. Then you can slowly add some rice but sometimes the yeast infection will come back. So, you may end up feeding her the yeast starvation dog food indefinitely.

  22. Hi Ed ,I’m so glad I found this website , my question is about the yeast starvation recipe ; for how long do I feed this food to my dog, can I switch to the homemade recipe with rice after …..thanks

    • Erika,

      You can feed the recipe indefinitely. Usually, you will need to feed it at least 90 to 180 days. Then you can see if you can slowly add rice but sometimes dogs won’t tolerate any added carbohydrates. Any additional carbohydrates in some dogs cause the yeast to flare back up.

  23. Rex's mom says:

    Rex has food and environmental allergies. His vet had his blood tested and it showed that he was allergic to beef, dairy, eggs, rice, oats, barley, lamb, and a little bit to turkey. The vet put him on Hill’s DD and said limit the treats. Eventually all of the fur he’d scratched off grew back, but he still gets very itchy in the spring/summer when he goes in the water a lot and the wood and weeds where we hike grow higher. I eventually took him off the Hill’s and put him on Natural Balance fish and potato and when he was bored last winter tried the duck and sweet potato. I use carrots for treats and occasionally make him a sweet potato or give him some fresh or cooked fish or chicken. He gets salmon or fish oil every day and if he is really itchy a couple of benedryl. I would like to try the yeast starvation diet with chicken or fish, but what would I use in place of the eggs and their shclls for calcium? Thank you for you suggestions.

  24. I have a 11 lb. poodle who has been so picky and I was so excited to start your diet and did make the recipe. The one thing that I messed up on is that I did not see where you do not feed them until all other foods are out of their body. I started her on it yesterday (1/2 cup) and she just loves it but begs for more. What should I do and will she have problems because of my mistake?

    • Becky,

      The introduction period is just to limit the possibility of digestive upset. Many dogs don’t have any problems with switching quickly. It is possible your poodle is one of them. Still I would feed less than you normally would feed for the next couple days and see how she does. If her stool is fine than she is fine with a rapid change of diet. It is good she loves it!

  25. Hi Ed-
    I’m glad I found your website. This diet looks like a good one for my kiddo, although I’m nervous about the fact that she’ll get worse. When should I start to worry and think about taking her to the vet? Normally being lethargic would be my first tip but you say that is normal. Also, for the 24hr period when she can’t have anything, is there any reason why I couldn’t give her a raw bone like I normally give her? She knows she eats at 6:30 am and 5pm and she starts getting wound up about 6am and 4:30pm :) She’ll know if she’s missed a meal, and thus I’ll have to live with her going nuts all day!

  26. I have a 120 lb labradoodle (more lab than doodle) he has recently – within the last two and a half months begun itching his back side, back legs and ears, pulling the hair out to practical baldness. He has been to the vet 3 times, has been taking a steroid for the past two months and an antibiotic for the open wounds and benadryl for the itching with no change. He has been put on Hills prescrition diet z/d which he absolutely refuses to eat. He is not a happy camper by any means and yet he used to be. Even with not eating anything and drinking water occasionally he has still managed to continue to chew his backend raw. I don’t know what to do. From what I am reading here I think he may have the yeast problem that you have discussed. I am like a couple of the others on here – afraid to make any change for fear he could get worse but the not eating thing is just killing me. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

    • Katie,

      Sounds like a yeast infection. Try the yeast starvation dog food recipe. Yes, it can get worse before it gets better. He is currently miserable, right?

  27. Yes totally miserable and very lethargic, plus he has a strong odor to him as well. Poor boy..:(

  28. I have an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier mix. She has had problems with allergies most of her life and has been on Prednisone twice. She had considerable digestive problems when she was younger, but now she itches constantly and gnaws and licks her paws. I give her Benadryl when she experiences excessive itching and scratching. Her skin is pink and feels hot to the touch and she has a bad odor. I bath her in an aloe and oatmeal shampoo one a week, that was recommended by her veterinarian, but the odor comes back within 3-4 days. I have had her on duck and rice and currently she is on a prescription diet food that her vet put her on to help her lose weight. She had gained up to 10 lbs and is now down to 8 lbs. The RD diet food has corn in it and I am surprised that the vet would prescribe it since she has allergies. I was wondering if the Raw Yeast Starvation Diet would be good for her and if I could substitute venison instead of ground beef to eliminate the additives that are in beef and chicken. What are your thoughts?

    • Gail,

      It does sound like she is battling a yeast infection. The yeast starvation dog food recipe would be the best place to start. There is also a great shampoo on that page. All products can be purchased at I would not worry about beef or chicken both are fine. Most ingredients in kibble are a lower grade then what you can buy for yourself.

  29. my son has an older Quensland blue healer…. he was around 55 lbs but the vet put him on a low fat diet and now he is skin and bones… they said he whould not be over 45 lbs…. he has never been fat or even over weight…. but the problem he was in for was always having runny stool…. we can not find out what is going on…. he has nothing coming out solid at all…. what do you think….Thank you …. apollo

  30. Christina says:


    I have a dachshund mix and he continually licks his paws and recently he had red irritated eyes after a visit to see my parents in the high desert. I am interested to know if this is signs of a yeast infection or allergies? His poop is often constipated as well. Should I try the yeast starvation diet on him?

  31. Thanks for all this great information and recipes. I have learned in my research that it is not recommended to feed raw meat without the bone. I cannot afford to purchase a meat grinder that will grind the bones, and my dachsies are gobblers and do not properly chew chicken wings etc. Will the egg shells and dinovite supplements provide all the nutrients that the bones would? In my experience so far, my boys seem to tolerate switching between raw and cooked, so long as I wait about 12 hours in between feedings. What are you thoughts on this? Are you certain that freezing will not adversly affect the microbes in the supplements? I was told by a company representative that freezing would adversely effect the probiotics in their supplement for dogs, but that refrigeration is important . Thank you again for your help in keeping our precious pets healthy and happy!

    • Paula,
      I’ve found the calcium in the egg shell to be sufficient. I feed my dogs once per day so they always have 24 hours between meals. I’v never had a digestive upset switching between either raw or cooked homemade dog food recipes. That said my dogs are farm dogs and eat al sorts of stuff. Some stuff a buzzard may turn down. I have had them have digestive upset when they switch to kibble.

      As far as the supplements go, I serve them fresh daily. For me it is easier to measure serving sizes. My dogs range from 8 pounds to 45 pounds. Freezing does not harm the probiotics.

  32. I have lost one of my beloved dogs to pancreatitis, and am wondering if there is a problem with dogs consuming the fish oil in Dinovite and Supromega ? Also, I am concerned about mercury levels in fish oil; are the oilds used in these supplements checked for mercury content?

  33. I made this 3 days ago, keep it in the fridge, and have started the diet to help get rid of my dog’s yeast problem….but it already has a foul smell like its going bad. Should I trash it and make some more? It doesn’t smell like it did the day that I made it….I dont know if its just a reaction from the eggs being mixed in with the raw meat, but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t give it to him. He had some this morning (small dog, so he only got a couple tablespoons of it) and he hasn’t gotten sick or anything….what should I do?

  34. Lorinda Bushey says:

    Your site is a wonderful service to the public. It is also fantastic that you offer comment posting and have enjoyed reading everyones responses and experience’s so here’s mine.
    I have a Shepard/Bouvier (wire haired, ruff, double coated in some places) mix, that is now three year old. Being fair warned these dogs grow fast. That he did, at the rate of 1-2 inches a week. I was concerned about the quality of puppy food he was eating.
    There is only one brand offered here in our small little town..and sometimes you can’t even buy that. After the first year weening him off the puppy chow to “Large breed” dog food I started supplementing his food with Fish oil. Everything was marvie until the fish oil tablets (human grade) ran out. I didn’t think much of it as his growth rate had slowed. It was flea season. Not that it is ever Not flea season. Here after the snow & frost leave us there is no time like the “now” to stock up on Flea preventive or my house will be jumping before the cooler weather hits. I have been told by a Veterinarian that he has a sort of mange. He (Damon) had been biting and itching himself bloody for 2 months. I had tried everything..shampoos, expensive flea remedies, ( changing of his diet to anything better than what the dogs at the Humane Society eat, ( they don’t have yeast problems per say) and yet no better was he. A sample was taken. The sample examined was diagnosed as “negative” as a mange mite. So what is it? No one around here seems to know. The Dairy Farmers I have talked to say, yep we’ve seen that. They call it “Barn itch”. Their remedy was to saturate the dog in paint thinner. What’s up with that Ed? Do you know of this? Needless to say I didn’t do it.
    I am broke from the Vet visits, his fur is growing back being treated as “mange”. That which doesn’t get bite or scratched out, he continues to naw on himself as if he had a million fleas..scratches as he walks and walks into things. What do you think? Thanks so much~

  35. I am wondering how much a diet like this typically costs, per month or year? I have never considered feeding my dogs only raw meat and it is a totally new concept to me. I have a cockapoo and a shih tzu and although my cockapoo appears to be thriving, my shih tzu has had terrible skin issues which the vet said are allergies but we do not know to what. Her skin seems to secrete a sticky substance which does not wash off with any dog shampoo that I’ve tried. She has been itching like this for 3 years now and I can only imagine what it would be like for her to get some relief. I would love to get her started on the yeast starvation diet and continue with the easy raw diet but as a college student I am concerned about the costs of buying that much meat (when I hardly can afford it for myself) as well as all the supplements. Any suggestions you might have would be wonderful! Thank you :)

    • Lyuda,

      I remember eating a lot of cheap food in college. You can substitute chicken for the beef and save more than half the cost, usually.

      • Thanks for the response! Would any kind of chicken be fine? I know everyone prefers chicken breast but I get the thighs as they are juicier and way cheaper. I assume since the beef fat is good for them then chicken skin should be as well? I’m actually nervous my dogs won’t want to eat the raw meat but I’ll try to transition them slowly if anything. Thanks for your help!

  36. Dear Ed,
    I can’t thank you enough for all your great information. And I can’t tell you how angry I am that the veterinarian I been seeing for past 23 years has not been able to diagnosis my poor little five year old Maltese. I been cooking white rice and ground beef and green beans for my dogs for more than 20 years. I lost my first Maltese at age of 15 to heart failure. I got my two new Malteses at the same time five years ago, one is purebred (Puffy) and one is mixed (Kujo). My Puffy has been suffering from all the problems you have mention here all his life as the result of yeast infection , and I am 100% sure it is yeast that is causing his suffering because mothers know best!. He suffers from very dry and itchy and red skin. He is always chewing his paws and I die when I see how much he suffers. He has been on so many medications off and on and always ends up in the same place again.
    I can’t wait to start your recipe for him, just need your help with few things before I order all the supplements for your recipe. If you could please tell me:
    1- When you say “symptoms can initially get worse” to the point he may be lethargic, how lethargic should he be before I get worried and take him to his doctor?
    2- How long will he be in this stage?
    3- Is there anything I can do to make it easier and faster for him other than giving him distilled water during this time?
    4- How long after he got better should I keep him on this diet?
    5- Should I keep my other Maltese on the same diet even though he is fine? (they eat together at the same time once a day)
    6- The supplements you are recommending is for life time?
    So sorry if I am asking so many questions, but I guess I am one of those people you been mentioning all over your site that are not used to the idea of raw meat for my little ones.
    7- Also do you recommend adding garlic to their food for heart warm? I been reading about it and just not sure. If you do, and since you do not recommend raw vegetables for dogs, should I cook the garlic? If you don’t recommend it, any other suggestions?
    8- Also do you recommend anything other than the monthly drops for ticks and fleas? Using them also causes my dog to itch more.
    Again so sorry for all the questions, and thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for all the great information.

    • Kathy,

      It can take up to six months to get the yeast under control on the yeast starvation dog food recipe. However, most people start to see improvements in about 3 weeks. The first two weeks is usually where dogs get lethargic and more itchy. You can use distilled water and organic vinegar. Also I’ve found Dogosuds dog shampoo is soothing.

      • I have a tiny little guy (chi) that appears to have a yeast problem. He seems to be handling the yeast starve diet well, loves his new food, and is going through his “getting worse” period before getting better. Any who … my suggestion re bath time. After shampooing with a gentle shampoo (can’t wait to try dogosuds) I rinse my little guy with organic cider vinegar and water. He needs to stand in it for 30 seconds or so, and then I rinse him off. It works really well. I was told that the vinegar helps a dog with their skin ph, and makes sure all the soap suds are removed. It seems to help him stay comfortable a bit longer than just the vet soap that was recommended. I have high hopes for dogosuds!


  37. Ed,

    I really appreciate all the information on your site. I have a 55# Lab mix that has had yeast problems since she was dumped off at my house 3 years ago. From the looks of her at that time, she had had a pretty rough life. Not so today, but this is the first dog I have ever been owned by. I’ve had cats all of my life. We have tried every (expensive) prescription kibble and canned food the vet sells. Like many of your bloggers, I am on limited income and decided to make her food myself. She has been eating a mix of long-grain brown rice, chicken breast, mixed vegetables (frozen in a bag which she loves), sweet potatoes and olive oil. She receives 1 cup 2 times per day and we are using up the last of the Rx canned food to take her twice daily Benadryl.

    I have always suspected a yeast infection since her ears always feel squishy and smell. The vet, who we love, refers to her other symptoms as, what they called in school, Ears & Rears. Always licking and scratching primarily at the ears and rear. But she scratches all over. I am going to start the fasting diet as soon as I receive the supplements you recommend. Unfortunately, I just made enough brown rice for a month. (Guess what I’ll be eating.)

    I’m guessing that we will need to continue the Benadryl twice daily for a while as whe make this dietary change. Her stools are good, but when she has loose ones she gets a spoonful of peanut butter. Should I switch to giving her Benadryl in peanut butter when the Rx canned food runs out? This is the only time she gets canned food.

    Thanks for your site.

  38. Sorry, my previous message was so long. I do have two more questions. I can only imagine the time needed in my busy day to remove the meat from the bones from thighs and legs. Do you just toss them all in the food processor..bone and all? And, Katy loves her rawhide chewbones, is this allowed in the fasting diet?

  39. I am looking at doing this for my pug that has yest all the time. Ive been using natural oils to help with his ears and that has helped. My question is im keep trying to click on the supromega link and it keeps telling me that the website is down.:-( but i am wondering if i can just get the pill form and give him daily in pill form. If so how many should i give a 20 lbs pug that i think has bad yeast problem ive read that you said more is better but what should i do? Will this also help him loose those few lbs that he needs to loose to be a breed standard size of 15-18 lbs? thank you for your time

    • Rodney,

      I’m not sure what the problem with this site was but it appears to be working now. Try feeding the yeast starvation dog food recipe. I also found this dog food recipe can help dogs lose extra fat.

      • ED
        Thank you, i was also wondering if it would mess up the process if i added in unrefined coconut oil since that is an anti fungi fighter or should I just stay with the orginal recipe? Thank you for your help

        • Rodney,

          Coconut oil is fine.

          • Ed
            Im waiting for my product to come in and cant wait to start this diet for my little guy :-) but I was wondering what grade of beef so you suggest… I was thinking about the 90/20 but does it matter what grade of beef you use? I know the higher is healther but would that make it work faster or just have less fat for the dog.

          • Rodney,

            I use the 70/30 ground beef with great results.

      • Ed
        I am just rewriting you to tell you how amazing this diet is and the imformation that you have givin the researcher. it is now 6 months and Douggi has been on the diet and he has went from 21lbs to 18 lbs and looks so much better since the yeast has calmed down allot. Im thinking he had it BAD cus i went form cleaning his his ears every other day to weekly. but question is how long can you feed this and can i just keep him on this diet for the rest of his life so i dont have to fight with the yest ever coming back? Thank you so much for your knowlege and help, We need more good people like yourself in the world.

  40. I have a shi-tzu who had chronic stomach problems (vomited bile daily and sat around w/ a sad expression). No canned dog food helped, no matter how pure or natural (or expensive). Also, she hated dry food by itself. Finally started fixing her a combo of rice and beef mixed w/ dry food… halleluja she loved it! Another recipe is rice and chicken breasts, chicken hearts, rice and vegies mixed w/ dry food (premium natural dry food) She likes this combo too. Anyway she’s been symptom free once I quit the canned dog food. I’ll start adding the supplements you suggested and your recipes look more refined so will make up one of your suggestions next time. -SO GLAD I found your site, I know my dog will benefit – thanks!

  41. Can the yeast starvation diet be cooked as well?

  42. Thanks, Ed, for your response to my earlier question on a different page here. You suggested I try the yeast starvation recipe to help her chronic licking/scratching, which I will do. You also recommended I not use the Omega 6 product I just ordered (along with several other products I now have concerns about), but use the Supromega product, which I’ll also do. Question: Can I continue to give her a 1/2 tsp. daily dose of a product I order via catalog called “For Bright Eyes?” It’s made to keep away the discoloration she gets from tears. It does NOT contain any antibiotics, but rather cranberry juice powder, lactobacillus acidophilus & hyaluronic acid. It has greatly reduced discoloration, but she still gets this nasty looking “eye booger” in the corner of her eyes, which she frequently takes swipes at; so, I’m pretty sure it’s annoying her. I also just ordered a product called Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo & Conditioning Rinse which supposedly provides a “protective barrier against surface irritations due to bacteria & fungi.” Do you think this product will help her, or should I use the shampoo you recommend? Thanks again, Ed; you are providing a /wonderful/ service! CYD

  43. Ed, I have two little guys, one that weighs 10 pounds and one that weighs 15. I would like to try the Yeast Starvation diet on both of them, since I think they have issues. How much would I feed each of them, and how much supplement according to weight? Also, what could I do to alleviate the terrible itching I know they’ll suffer as the yeasties die off, aside from bathing them in Dogosuds?

  44. Hi, Ed. I am planning on starting my 10.3 lb. mini-poodle/long-hair chihuahua mix Roxie on the yeast starvation diet today. I’m using the meat, eggs, & the 2 supplments you suggested. As for treats, can she have cooked chicken while on this diet? How about desicated beef liver? These are two of her favorite treats. If I keep her on this for 3 months & her symptoms improve (constant licking, frequent scratching) can I switch her to the cooked chicken w/egg & rice diet? If so, do I still have to do the 24 hr. fast? Ed, thanks again so much for this website, your time, and your kind consideration for all of us pet lovers who want to do what’s best for our little darlin’s! CYD

    • Cyd,

      Yes, she can have cooked chicken on the yeast starvation dog food. Stay away from any processed dog treats they are usually loaded with fillers. After she clears up you can switch her to the chicken and rice dog food recipe without fasting. You may have to cut back on the rice. Only time will tell. Some dogs who suffer from yeast infections can’t tolerate any carbohydrates and other can.

  45. Sorry to keep buggin’ you, but I’ve got a few more questions! Can I make 2 batches of food, one raw beef & 1 cooked chicken, freeze them, & feed them to her on alternate days, or do I have to do the 24 hour fast to switch from one meat to the other? (Just thinking of some variety for her.) Also, I started her on the raw beef/eggs yesterday, & today is the first day she’s ever gone without pooping; can this diet constipate her? How many days is “too long” for a dog to go without pooping, and what can I give her to ease the problem if she doesn’t go in a couple of days? She’s a little dog (10.3 lbs.), so in order to do the gradual feeding amounts, she’s not getting very much food … if the total recommended amount is only 1/2 c. daily, she won’t get up to that until day 8 of this gradual feeding … and she seems /really hungry./ (Which is good news, actually, since she’s a picky eater.) I understand I can adjust the full amount accordingly later, but what about during this 8 day period? Can I just go ahead & give her the full 1/2 c. (in two feedings) now? Thanks, Ed! CYD

    • Cyd,

      The homemade dog food is very nutritious with no worthless fillers so she we produce less stool. The small quantities of food will also result in less stool. So don’t sweat it.

      It is best to follow the introductory method to limit digestive upset.

  46. Belinda Sauro says:

    I recently adopted a senior chi, she had horrible teeth issues and had a dental that removed 7 of the teeth she had left. She has very few teeth left and I am worried that the egg shell may poke her gums or roof of her mouth and hurt her, what do you think, can she chew this good enough to be OK, or should I put the eggs in a blender and grind it up?

  47. Hi Ed! I have a 2lb. mini chi that has horrible yeast in her ears. She is a blue chi, and ha little to NO hair. Never has had any. Vet says some blues just don’t grow hair. Anyway, she’s always scratching her ears and sometimes until she has sores. She LOVES salmon, so Im thinking of starting her on that diet. How much would you recommend feeding a dog this small?

  48. My Samoyed (age 11.5) has terrible skin problems. Can you suggest the best recipe to use to help her? Thanks

  49. can you give me a recipe on the yeast starvation diet for a 15 pound shih-tsu. Ten pounds of raw meat is too much for her. How long can the food be kept in the freezer? Thank you very much and I am very excited to try this recipe hoping it will bring my dog some relief from her constant skin itching, ear infections, and paw biting and hoping it will give me some relief from her smell. Thanks.

  50. Hi, Ed! Just want to let you know that I’ve had Roxie on the yeast starvation diet now for just under a week. She seems to love it, though it may be she’s just hungry, since this is the week where she’s getting on the diet in gradual, small portions. You indicated I could give her cooked chicken for her treat. (I am also giving her 100% dried beef liver “training treats” as her “good girl” reward.) QUESTION: I purchased a package of chicken innerds … hearts, gizzards, liver, etc., and boiled them with the intention of giving her that as a treat, too, just to offer her something different once in a while. I’m wondering if it’s okay to feed her these innerds; I know they are very rich meat, & don’t want her tummy to go all wonky. Thanks! CYD

  51. I can’t wait to try the yeast starvation diet {raw} with our girl Lucy. She has is so itchy and has an odor, which translates into… she’s miserable {but till super sweet} and I’m very conscious of the odor. Your site is the first I have come across that gives all natural recipes and isn’t pushing some brand food for “sensitive” dogs. Do you have any suggestions for bathing to control yeast and the odor that it causes?

    Thank you!

  52. Roxie has been on the yeast starvation diet now for a week, and things seem to be going well. However, she’s having to work /very hard/ just to get 1-2 little hard, pebble sized stools passed each day. At times it seems to distress her, as she’ll keep trying & nothing more happens. Any suggestions? Thank You.

  53. I think Roxie likes the food & is doing well; but, her breath smells from the fish oil, etc. Any suggestions to help w/the breath problem? What about these “treats” called Greenies?

  54. Hi Ed! I am feeding my pug the yeast starvation diet(cooked-sorry). It’s been 2 weeks and she definitely got worse with the itching. She also has that slimy poop! How long will that last? She
    Loves the food, though!

  55. Hello Ed,

    What great information! I have been cooking my dogs treats for a few years and am excited to try the raw recipes. My question is that I was informed, after a blood test, that my 12 year old shih tzu suffers from allergies to most of the ingredients in processed foods, including lamb, beef, and rice.
    What prompted this blood test was Bandit’s continual licking and scratching, especially at his ears. I am now wondering if the beef has anything to do with it. In the past I have used venison to make the treats but it would be difficult to get enough to use daily. My inclination is to try the yeast free diet and see how he does and then maybe add the rice.
    Thanks for any advice on this.

    • Sally,

      Usually, licking and scratching and ear problems are associated with yeast infections. The yeast starvation dog food is not a “yeast free” dog food recipe but one that makes it difficult for yeast to live. I think trying the yeast starvation dog food recipe is a good idea. Keep in mind sometimes symptoms get worse before they get better. The first two to three weeks on the dog food recipe is when things can look worse. It can take up to six months to see things clear up but usually it looks good in about 90 days.

  56. Patty Vaughn says:

    Micah is a 7 mo old Border Collie. He’s showing signs of a yeast infection, fortunately, caught early, so his symptoms are mild. I’ve seen how bad dogs can get with this, so I’m thrilled I found your website. I ordered DinOvite and SuprOmega and made a batch of food while I waited for them to arrive. My puppy(and the other dogs) loves it. For the next batch, I want to mix the DinOvite and SuprOmega in. How much DinOvite should I use? Something like 4 cups?

    • Patty,

      For a full batch add 1 to 2 cups of Dinovite.

      • Patty Vaughn says:

        Thanks, they loved the DinOvite and SuprOmega on the bottom of the bowl so I went ahead and made up a batch with the supplements mixed in. My bonkers, bouncing, border collie puppy laid on the floor and watched every move I made. And now all of a sudden, he has figured out that his food gets to him faster if he isn’t jumping around like a loon. So far my experience with this food has been beyond excellent.

  57. Scout's Mom says:

    I’ve been reading all of the comments and I think that maybe my Australian Shepherd/Lab Mix ( 14 yrs. young) maybe suffering from a yeast infection, he has been constantly scratching, biting, licking, pulling his hair out, off and on for years, They just skin tested him and are now treating him for scabbies even though they are not 100% sure he has it. He was blooded about 3 years ago and found that he has about 23 different allergies. I would like to try the Yeast Starvation Diet, but what concerns me is you say the Dinovite supplement contains an Alfalfa Nutrient Concentrate and Kelp both he is allergic to. Should I be worried? And can he stay on his antihistamines until his symptoms subside?

    • I guess it would depend how severe his allergy to these ingredients is. Often dogs with compromised immune systems are sensitive to many thing and these can disappear as their good health returns. Try the yeast starvation dog food recipe but be prepared for it to take some time and possibly get worse before it gets better.

  58. Scout's Mom says:

    Thank you for your advice, I will be starting him on the diet this weekend, so far he loves the treats you sell, let’s just hope I can say that about the diet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the solution to all of his problems. Thanks again for all your help-Scout’s Mom

  59. Carol Seim says:

    I have a 5 1/2 year old female Bernese Mountain Dog that weighs 158 pounds. I know this sounds terribly heavy, but in her defense she has very large bones, muscles, and feet. We kept her on a low-weight dog food for large breeds for two years, but she only got down to 150 pounds. We currently feed her a combination of raw beef, cottage cheese, and Abady granulated dog food on the recommendation of a breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs. She eats about 1-1/2 cups of this mixture twice a day. I am more than willing to cook for her and am intrigued by your recipes. Which recipe do you think would be most beneficial–both to help her lose weight and perk up her dry coat? Thank you so much.

  60. Carol Seim says:

    I forgot to mention that I am concerned about feeding my dog corn or rice products–I feel like she doesn’t need the carbs at her weight–am I correct about this? She has also had lots of trouble with loose stools with almost anything we have fed her until this last combination (beef, cottage cheese, Abady). We are currently giving her prescribed probiotics–10 days each month for three consecutive months. Also, she has a disc problem in her lower back so we would really love to get more weight off her. What is the least amount I can feed her without starving her? Thanks again.

  61. Hi Ed
    I am wanting to start my dog on a Homemade recipe formula. I have two a 6 year old beagle who is extremely healthy no allergies or health issues but i also have a 3 year old beagle chihuahua dachshund mix. She has several allergies including yeast, Duck, Oats, Potato Venison. Her non food allergies are Grass clover and wool. We had her allergy tested the thing is she is on Atopica and throws up every time we give her the pill so our vet had us take her off of it and her yeast infection in her ears came back. Would this diet be good for both of them? I noticed the recipe calls for 10 pounds of meat and 18 eggs but the instructions say freeze one or two days worth of food. With my dog being only 8 pounds that is way more that 2 days worth of food. DO i just cut the recipe or can it be freezed longer than two days?

    • Rebekah,

      If your dog has recurring yeast infections feed the yeast starvation dog food recipe. Freezing and serving sizes, we use storage containers that feed our dogs for about two days. For us thats an eight cup container but you may only need a two cup container. I make an entire batch (30 + cups) and divide it between the containers.

      I then pull one out, thaw and feed and store in the refrigerator. The remainder stay in the freezer until I need them. Hope this helps.

  62. hi ed-

    can we replace the ground beef with ground turkey? lean ground turkey? do we have to add the eggs? can i add cooked sweet potatoes instead? wyatt can’t have eggs or chicken–at least the proteins used in dry kibbles–

    • I will post a sweet potato and beef recipe shortly, we are editing the video. I personally don’t like ground turkey because it’s watery. The eggs are good to add because they contain many nutrients. Many time the ingredients in kibble can cause problems when the fresh ingredients don’t.

  63. Hello Ed,
    I’m completely thrilled that I stumbled upon your site. I have been reading your page and all the informative comments. I just recently took my 4yr old Hound & Pitt off of dry kibble. Both dogs were experiencing vomiting & diarrhea. I’ve just started to cook their meals from scratch and they love it. However, my hound has yeasty ears. I’m eager to try your yeast starvation diet, also, Is this particular diet the one I should feed to my hound all the time or is it safe to switch it up? Also, is it safe for my Pitt, even if he doesn’t have a yeast problem? What grade of ground beef should I use? Will my dogs get sick from eating raw meat?

    • Jennifer,,

      Yes, the yeast starvation dog food recipe is fine for both dogs. If you are concerned about the raw meat you can cook it. Just don’t cook the supplements.

  64. Patty Vaughn says:

    My Border Collie pup, Micah, has been on the yeast starvation diet for a month now and he is doing great. I never hear him scratching anymore, the dry strawlike hair is almost all gone, and no more new bald patches. He doesn’t have that musty smell and when I pet him I don’t have to hurry and wash the grease off my hands. I’m completely sold on feeding him a raw diet for life. Thanks Ed, for doing what you do and helping people like me find a solution for this problem that doesn’t involve steroids for life or all those other useless measures.

  65. Jennifer Griffin says:

    I have read over your site. My concern is my 2 1/2 year old shih tzu who has been to the vet four or five times in the last month and half for her ears. She has yeast infections. Our vet has put her on a prescription dog food which she hates. We have been on oral antibiotics, oral steroids and ear ointments. I’m wanting to try the yeast starvation diet but I dont yet feel comfortable with the raw meat. My concern is getting my dog well. Would she benefit from the cooked dog food diet as well or should I go with the yeast starvation diet?
    Thank you so much for your response it is greatly appreciated,

  66. Just found you site after stugging with my poor dogs constant itching rashy skin, chronic infected ear and continual medications and vet bills for “solutions”. I have just made my first batch of cooked dog food and will be feeding it to both our dogs (lab and ridgeback) after your recommended 24 hours. As per some previous comments, I would love some treat recipies as our ‘boys’ live for there good boy treat when my husband and kids gets home from work/school. Until now we have used cheap store bought treats- i.e. wall mart bones, denta sticks. Treat time is an intergral part of our family/pack routine. For now if I just made some rice balls or a can of tuna do you think this would be an OK treat? Or alternately, could you make a recommendation? Also, would adding olive oil to the mix be ok? I’ve always supplimented their food (and ours) with olive oil.

  67. Can I substitute ground turkey instead of ground beef and is it ok to give the dogs raw ground turkey?

  68. Patty Vaughn says:

    I wanted to change up my dogs’ protein source so I used ground pork and turkey mixed together to get the amount of fat I wanted. It was wetter than the beef but it still worked very well in the recipe and my dogs loved it. I’ve also used chicken and I’m ordering rabbit to try.

  69. Ed, is the starve out yeast recipe ok to cook? My boys REFUSE to eat anything raw (I’ve tried, believe me) , but they need the benefit of this diet. What can I do?

  70. Since my Bichon has severe allergies and a very sensitive stomach, would you reccommend having him on this diet long term.

  71. Is there a yeast starvation recipe without eggs. I had all kinds of testing done on my Papillon and, unfortunately, he is allergic to eggs, turkey, whitefish, and pork. At least we have chicken and beef to work with. He also has environmental allergies. I can’t keep him in a bubble but I can try everything possible to keep the food thing under control. Thanks for any and all guidance.

  72. My 11 year old Westie has been itchy since late in the summer. She did have a yeast infection in her ear earlier in the year, which was treated with ear drops (the second dose had antibiotics). Since then she has been itchy mostly on her belly and her paws and now her ears again. The vet gave her oral antibiotics and a week’s worth of antihistamine. I should’ve been suspicious of the antibiotics in correlation with yeast. The only symptom she is not having is “smelly.” My question is if I put her on the yeast starvation diet and she doesn’t actually have yeast, will it be harmful? I love this little girl and it’s breaking my heart to see her suffer. Also, should I add additional probiotics or is the Dinovite sufficient?

  73. Hello Ed…Your website is amazing!! I am planning to start my cocker spaniel on the yeast starvation diet very soon. He has been suffering with what my vet called “allergies” for years and tons of medications and the prescription d/d food I have been feeding him was doing nothing for his symptoms (itch flakey skin, ear infection, paw licking, crusty eyes, and horrible odor). I noticed in a previous comment you said not to mix kibble and the yeast starvation diet when starting out to minimize stomach upset. Since my dog is currently on kibble, what food or recipe do you suggest that I feed him to transition him from kibble and then to the yeast starvation diet? Thank you in advance.

  74. I have a 6 year old maltese cross and for the last 3 years or so she’s been suffering from some type of allergy. We’ve tried different medications, changed her food 4 different times. I even took her to a naturopath and that hardly touched her itchiness. I’m willing to try just about anything for her. I hate seeing her suffer.
    With this starve yeast diet, can it be cooked? I am a little reluctant to do the raw food.


  75. When you make the cooked chicken recipe without the rice and with the supplements, is this still considered the yeast starvation diet? May I do the raw beef recipe one time and then the chicken recipe throughout the 90 day yeast starvation period?

  76. Hi again Ed,

    It’s deer season yea, my friends hunt. What parts of a deer be best to feed? Anything we should avoid?

    Otherwise jasper is thriving. He’s still showing new sides of himself as he grows stronger and more self assured.

    Thanks for all you do?

    Terry T and Jasper

  77. My dog weighs about 11-12 lbs. What size of dinovite should I buy?

  78. Hi there I was wondering, would I feed my dogs just once a day or do you give them kibbles also? and what do you reccomend.. one of my dogs eats perscription dog food for bladder krystals, she has 2 kinds of krystals, shoul I stick to her diet or can I switch her to your diet?

    • Evie,

      I feed my dogs once per day and they do fine. I would not add kibble this tends to lead to digestive upset. I’m not sure about changing your dog’s diet who has bladder crystal but I think human grade homemade dog food could not be worse.

  79. i am considering your yeast starvation diet for my Lab/shepherd mix. i have a few con cerns. long will the ¨get worse¨ state last? im very concerned about this. additionally, in October, he has started having seizures. first weekly, but had them 2 days in a row. my vet recommended phenobarbiltal. will this med be harmful with this diet?
    also is this diet safe for my other dog who doesn’t seem to have the yeast issue anywhere near the same as the other dog at this point?

  80. Hi,

    I didn’t get a chance to read through all the comment, but I’m wondering if anyone pointed out that you should not let things thaw out on the counter. It becomes a perfect place for bacteria to grow. Most people can get away with this because they eventually cook the food. Being that you recommend the meat be fed to the dogs raw, despite worries of bacteria, the food should be allowed to thaw out over night in the refrigerator. Being that a lot of people, me included, worry about frequently feeding dogs raw meat, I thought this was a pretty important faux pas to point out.

    I’m new to the whole home-cooked dog food trend. My dog seems to have the most delicate stomach ever placed on a dog and has a hard time putting on weight. So far I’m still in the “everything needs to be cooked” phase. But even that seems to be a vast improvement with him. It seems that I might have to give the above recipe a try, though.

    Thanks a lot for your blog.

  81. Ed,
    I am impressed by the work you have put into your website and your efforts to help dogs.
    I am a scientist and a veterinarian by training, and therefore am taught to ask questions we all should ask, especially when dealing with info on the internet.
    So question 1) what is your background/training
    2) Do you have sources to back up your info, ie the 24 hour fast. I am not saying your are wrong but I heard that before, from anyone in or out of the profession.
    3) Have you had your diets studied to prove they are balanced nutritionally?

    Now a couple comments coming from 20 years of clinical experience and thousands of clients telling me things about their pets.
    1) Dogs are not carnivors, cats are dogs are not. They do not have short digestive tracts, every wild canine will ingests various roots, tubors, fruits, and vegetables.
    2) I find it intersting that you talk about homemade being better but then for your vitamins and minerals you turn to a suppliment when every human nutritionist states that getting our vitamins and nutrients through foods is better than supplements.
    3) Lest you think I am a kibble promoter, I actually feel that “raw” and “natural” diets may be better but I need scientific proof, not opinions.
    4) Many, many clients have noted that their dogs do better and love veggies.

    • Doug,

      My background and training is in biology and chemistry. I have approximately 20 years experience professionally formulating and manufacturing pet feeds and supplements. I got “my start” so to speak with reptile feeds and supplements. I developed the first iguana food. This had never been done before. I used different livestock “nutritional requirements” models as a starting point and then modified the formula from there. I maintained hundreds of iguanas in the feeding trials. I raised them from hatchlings to breeding adults, over and over again. I later developed other reptile feeds and supplements employing the same methods. The brand was later sold under the Nutri Grow line of reptile feeds and supplements.

      I use the same methods with dogs that I used with reptiles.

      24 hour fast. Dogs are gorgers and fasters by nature so this goes quite well with their physiology. It has been my experience dogs make the “diet switch” best when this procedure is followed. I typically fast my kennel 1 day every week.

      Dogs are carnivores and do have short digestive tracts. I am assuming you are referring to dog’s not being obligate carnivores like cats, this is true. I like to think of dogs more as scavengers this helps me but is not pleasant for most people. When you compare a dog’s digestive tract length to a pigs you will see the contrast. Pigs, true omnivores, have very long digestive tracts. Dog’s GI tracts are short in comparison. There are also other factors like a dog’s saliva lacking enzymes to break down starch. Teeth, designed to crush bone.

      The supplements I recommend are “whole food” supplements not synthetic. So, I would agree with you there. When you look at the Dinovite supplements you will see “whole food” ingredients that are rich in different nutrients.

      My best advice is to try one of these dog food recipes and see how your dog does first hand. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

  82. Hi Ed,
    I have made the yeast starvation diet a couple of times now using 10 lbs of 75% ground beef.I do, however, cook the mixture like you do in one of your videos. Neither time did it make anywhere near the 30 ish cup servings. In fact, it is making about 18 cups. I can’t imagine what I am doing wrong other than the meat cooks down. I am very nervous about feeding her raw. My dog does not like hard boiled eggs (she picks the egg out). Can I scramble them?
    You have mentioned that on the yeast starvation diet, the scratching may get worse. Any idea of when that might happen? Is it an immediate reaction or might it be weeks later? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. By the way, before I started her on this diet it was a chore to get her to eat. I purchased many expensive foods including a single ingredient food. She HATED all of them. I took a clue from her that there was something in those foods that was making her feel badly. Mother’s intuition I guess. Now I make her food and she devows it every time and looking for more.

    • Les,

      I think cooking the recipe reduces the volume and this is why you are not seeing the same values. Yes you can scramble the eggs. It is important to include the egg shells so blend the eggs and shells in a blender then scramble.

      The “getting worse” portion of the yeast starvation process is usually weeks 1-4 but this can vary.

  83. Magdalena says:

    Hi Ed,
    I wrote few weeks ago and I got your answer, and I thank you for it. I have another question, which is very important ,kind an emergency, because my girl is in worse condition. I ordered, got and used for two weeks now, dinovite and supromega. As I wrote before my girl is on raw (meat, bones and organs) for about 19 months, but because there was no improvement (itchy, scratchy, bad smell, ear infections), I looked and found your website, which recommend yeast starving, so that what I was adding to her raw for last 2 weeks, but her condition got worse. She is VERY itchy, scratches a lot (raw skin), one of her ear is very swollen and itchy, getting bold (looks like an abused dog), so we took her to our vet. After test for mites and mange, he didn’t find anything like that, BUT he said that my dog is cover with YEAST, more then ever!!! He prescribed “hard medication” revolution and ketoconazole which of course I dont like soooo much.
    Anyway my question is: if the yeast culture and dried yeast, which are first of DINOVITE ingredients, could cost yeast overgrowth to the point my dog condition got worse then ever?
    I’m not sure what I should do now?. Should I continue to add dinovite to her raw, same time she is on that pills to kill yeast already???? Or, should I simple stop adding dinovite?
    Please , please let me know as soon as possible.
    Thank you, forgive me my simple English

    • Magdalena,

      The yeast in Dinovite is not the same yeast that causes yeast infections. The yeast that causes yeast infections is “candida” yeast, it is completely different. I would keep her on the yeast starvation dog food with the Dinovite and Supromega. You can also add a little organic apple cider vinegar to her water and dab some on her skin. It is a natural way to fight yeast by changing the ph. I also like the Dogosuds essential oil shampoo, it is very soothing for a dog’s itchy skin.

      Sometimes dogs get worse before they get better, hang in there.

  84. One of our pipples suffers from itchy feet and skin breakouts, and he is smelly. The smelliness and itching is sometimes worse, sometimes not too bad. Since we’ve had Tuffy, we’ve had him on yogurt off and on, and he is fed a cup of Castor & Pollux in the a.m. and raw turkey thighs, chicken hearts or beef liver in the evening. We don’t do store bought treats has a rule. Recently, after a stressful time for Tuffy (big party, lots of strange people over, then total remodel of living area, requiring that his sleeping be area be relocated, plus lots of workers in and out of house), he began to smell really bad. Within 36 hours of a bath, he was smelling the whole house up! So we got serious about the diet and got him (and his brother who doesn’t smell) on a straight raw burger, boiled eggs, with supplements in the a.m., and the raw turkey, beef liver or chicken hearts in the p.m. diet. We did not give him a bath when we started this dietary change. Even without having another bath, the smell has gone away. It is unbelievable- in a few days, we starved the yeast by eliminating the cup of kibble he was getting in the a.m. Also, I don’t believe it is that much more expense feeding this way. It is a little more work, but I think once we get the hang of it (freezing individual servings, etc.) it will be easy and almost as economical. Plus, having a smell free dog that is not miserable with itchy feet is priceless – especially when it is one that is soooo loved….!! thanks for the advice and guidance. peace. K.

  85. Hi Ed,

    We have a boxer with chronic diarrhea. We tried the raw diet a couple years ago, but we couldn’t keep weight on him, so we had to stop. Is it possible that the lack of supplements could cause that? The people we got the raw food from never recommended supplements.

    Also, how do you feel about potatoes instead of rice? He never did well with white rice.

    Thank you!

  86. Christine says:

    Hello Ed! Hats off to you for doing such great work!!This homemade dog food should be what the doctor (vet) orders. Our black lab-border collie was a mess! After trips to many vets, pills, shampoos, expensive dog foods (junk!), and even being told to put our beloved family member down-we got rid of the vets ! They seem to be interested only in the money-not the welfare of our dog. I wouldn’t take my children to a pediatrician that feels that way-so why would I do that to our beloved companion? We have gone through the detox stage.Yes, readers it’s scary! When you get to the other side-you will be ever grateful for having your friend back as never before! Ed-please explain in more detail about the detox phase and that we have nothing to lose but our dogs if we keep feeding junk foods and listening to vets that don’t go holistic and wholesome! People-be there for your pets like never before-this is the beginning of a new life for a suffering family member!

  87. My question is don’t dogs need hard food for their teeth or hard treats like milk bones? I was told soft foods rot their teeth? also my Chihuahua weighs only 7 lbs so how much should i feed him on a daily basis he loves bacon snacks they are his favorite any suggestion on making homemade bacon treats? and Thanks,


  88. Hi Ed,

    I hope to get my Aussie onto the yeast starvation diet soon. Long term, would it be better for his health to add rice back into his food when we are through starving out the yeast? Also, our pup loves to give kisses, (a habit we just can’t seem to break him of.) In your experience should I be concerned about him licking me or guests when they come to the house, playing with him and his slobbery toys etc? Thanks so much for your time!


    • Katie,

      Sometimes you can add rice back but often not. You will have to see how your dog does. I don’t worry about germs much. Dogs are always licking germ covered stuff.

  89. Hi Ed,
    I’m planning on starting my 12 year old mini schnauzer on the yeast starvation diet very soon. I purchased the supplements via Dinovite and accidently purchased the LickOChops in stead of the SuprOmega Fish Oil. Can I use the LickOChops in place of the SuprOmega? Will she get the necessary nutrients if I do?

  90. I used this diet on a rescue dog with pretty severe demodectic mange (we’re talking bloody open sores, blood-filled pustules, crusted yeast, etc.), and associated yeast skin infection (and ear and eye infections on top of all that). After 10 weeks, the progress was quite incredible. She looks beautiful and her coat is so shiny.

    Thank you!

  91. Myracle Poston says:

    Hello Ed,

    I have a yorkie pup survived the parvo virus. I don’t know what to do with him. He seems losing weight and licking his paw constantly. I fed him Blue Buffalo honestly I tried every expensive organic dog food for him but nothing really works for him. Sometimes I fed him boiled chicken and a rice I didn’t know that’s not enough for him until I found you’re website. He’s my first baby and I don’t wanna lose him. I don’t know where to buy the supplements that I saw on your video. And also I’m a little concern about feeding him raw meat like on the video. I’m scared he will get worms or something. Would you explain that for me if you can?
    Thank you so much in advance.

  92. Hi! I have 2 questions:

    Do you think a yeast infection can be inside a dog’s digestive track? My dog has some slight yeast in her ears, but I think she also has inside of her and it sometimes causes problems with digestion. Now she is on a homeade slow cooker diet and I will make this recipe for yeast to include with this.

    Another question, do you have a good recipe for diabetic dogs? Thank you so much!

    • Cooper,

      You are correct the yeast is also in the digestive tract. When a dog gets a yeast infection it is usually systemic, affecting many systems. I don’t have a specific diabetic dog food recipe but you could modify any of the recipes on the site by increasing or decreasing the carbs in the recipe.

      • Great. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Would a detox time in their body cause mucus on the stool when feeding this? Since introducing raw beef such as raw hamburger meat into her diet, she has had no problem with digestion internally. Just mucus in her stool.

        The raw beef seems to be helping her glucose levels also. I’m not sure why that is.

        • Cooper,

          Yes, I’ve seen the mucus in the stool.

          • You don’t have to reply here. Do you do phone consults or email consults? I’d be happy to pay. My 10 year old Westie diagnosed 6 months ago with diabetes. I consulted over phone with a holistic vet. She has her on a slow cooker diet. I’d love to email you the recipe to see what you think. Every two weeks I may 2 weeks of feedings for Sophia. But when I feed her the raw ground beef recipe you stated here for yeast as a treat, I’ve noticed her sugar levels go nearly normal. I’m wondering if I can make a recipe that in evening I incorporate raw ground chuck without egg. Egg seems to cause her to have mucus in stool. I’ve noticed it before when I fed her egg. But there is something about raw beef that helps her blood sugar. Also she has no teeth now. So cannot do BARF. I’d like to incorporate slow cooker recipe also with plain raw beef. Thank you!

  93. My dogs skin was so bad we even considered putting her down to end her suffering. We battled skin itching and infections from the age of 1 yr and she is now 8 yrs old. Last year I made a last ditch effort to find something that would help. I prayed daily to find the right combination to give her relief. I put her and the rest of my pets on the yeast diet. None of my crew like eggs so it took some getting use to for them to eat it. At the same time, I switched from Frontline (which didn’t work) to Advantage for fleas since Vet kept saying it was flea allergy. The change has been tremendous. No more fleas and she is doing much better with the itching and raw spots. Her hair has grown back! BbbThey don’t like the lick-o-chops even after intro ducing it slowly and using it for a while. Is there any other supplement you can recomend? Also my dogs gained a lot of weight feeding the recommended amout. Is it ok to cut back on portions?
    I started to add kibble back to her diet due to cost of beef. Now she has an odor and is chewing her paws again. I guess she will be one of those who can’t tolerate commerical dog food. Thank you so much for helping me save my Pit baby.

  94. Thank you so much for this yeast starvation recipe!! We have two little dogs in our home and changed them to homemade food a year ago due to the allergies of our tiny min pin Ladybug. The adjustments have definitely improved her condition but it seems to be a constant struggle and we keep tweaking things to make it better… I’m hoping this recipe will end all of that indeed.

    My question is regarding the two supplements that you recommend. I would like to know if there is a particular ingredient that is key to each one?

    I’m asking because of the cost, I understand that “you get what you pay for” in many circumstances so I wouldn’t want to purchase less expensive supplements at the cost of this recipe not helping my itchy dog, but our previous recipes have all used vegetables and maybe one supplement so this is a major increase in the cost of making our own dog food.

    I read previous comments in which substituting chicken would cut costs which is great, especially as our dogs are already eating chicken and that cooking it is ok which is also nice because I have a toddler who likes to help feed the dogs so that just left my question about specific brand supplements.

    thank you so much for all this wonderful information!!

    • Misty,

      I’ve not found any supplements that compare to the Dinovite brand. Most are gimmicky or synthetic. They contain many delicate nutrients that will benefit your dog. Try them I think you will be pleased.

  95. Hi (again)

    I just commented on a different post and realized I have another question. I’ve been thinking about offering to make dog food for my parent’s dog but until looking at your site I thought it would be too time-intensive (I make my own dog’s food every three or four days) but I see your recipes are much more long-term friendly so I think I want to do it.

    I don’t know which of your recipes to pick though. Their dog is a senior, female border collie with hypothyroidism. Her hypothyroidism is being treated fairly successfully by their vet, but the main issue is that she has become quite obese as a result of the disease, and treatment has only stopped her gaining – it hasn’t helped her lose weight. What would you recommend I try? I’m a bit in the dark as my own dog’s needs are so different.

  96. Chloe's Mom says:

    Hi Ed,
    I currently make homemade cat food and would like to make homemade dog food as well. You stated that you can substitute raw chicken for the ground beef. I just wanted to clarify that if I use ground raw chicken put through a meat grinder including the bone, the recipe would be exactly the same?

    10 lbs ground chicken
    18 eggs

    Also do you think it would cause issues if I made the recipe both ways and alternated with chicken and beef?

  97. Cherie Moore says:

    Can I feed the easy cooked diet & still have the Fromm dry food available? Thankyou.

  98. Robin Smith says:

    Ed, we have two cockapoos one 7yrs and one 5months. We have always had an open bowl policy with the older dog and she is fine. Lilly is about 17 lbs so I would give her the 1 cup/day will she be hungry? If so should I give her more or stay at the 1 cup? Thanks

  99. Hi Ed –

    Been reading your site and am anxious to get my 3 dogs on the raw food diet. I have a Jack Russell, Beagle and a Coon Hound. My Coon Hound is the only one within her ideal weight the 2 smaller dogs are over weight. I’d like to try the yeast starvation recipe, as my Jack Russell licks constantly and has open sores on his feet and legs (though he doesn’t smell bad). We have a meat market nearby that sells Blue Ridge meat for making raw pet food. From their site – “Premium Blue Ridge Beef, the BEST natural raw food for pets. Blue Ridge Beef’s raw food is selected and designed for health and nutrition. It is all natural, and 100% pure. NO preservatives. NO additives” – Labeled Not for Human Consumption. Do you think this will be a good place to start and then add the eggs and supplements? It is much cheaper than ground beef. Thanks for your recipes and help with this question.

  100. Good orning. My 4 pound Pom has recently developed some skin issues that I believe are a yeast infection. I would love to try your Yeast Starvation Diet. He has been eating boiled chicken and plain yogurt for over a week at the suggestion of his groomer. Will I still need to do the hour fasting? Thanks

  101. Hi Ed,
    Ok..i started my mini schnauzer on the yeast starvation diet about 4-weeks ago. She appeared to be doing well up until 3-days ago. I came home from work to find that she had vomited all over the place and very lathargic. She wouldn’t eat anything for 24 hours but then I was able to feed her small pieces of the yeast starvation diet. Now it’s Sunday and she’s turned her nose up to her food again and smells really, really bad. Her tummy and hind legs are black too. I’ve been bathing her with the Dinosuds shampoo and that works for the smell for about a day or two then the smell is back. She has what appears to be crusty dandruff on her skin that is flaking off all over the place. She lathargic too.
    Is this part of the detox process or something else?

    • Michele,

      Yes, this is part of the detox. The dogosuds shampoo is exfoliating as well, so you will see lots of dandruff until the process is finished. Make sure she is not getting carbs anywhere else. Such as in treats or from family and friends.

      Make sure you feeding the yeast starvation recipe exactly how it is on this site? You can also add a tablespoon of Bragg’s organic vinegar to her food and drinking water.

  102. Hi Ed,

    I started my 7 year old German Shepherd on the Yeast Starvation Diet about 10 days ago. He LOVES his food, however, I’ve noticed that his symptoms (particularly his ears) have become much worse. I understand that this is normal…do you have any suggestions for treating the ears? We clean them twice a day, but you can hear the fluid moving around when he shakes his head and he isn’t very happy :(

    He is about a 100 pounds, and I’m feeding him about 4 cups per day. It this enough? I’m also wondering if it is ok to give him a beef bone from the butcher, on occasion, while on the diet?
    Thank you!

    • Sara,

      It sounds like you are feeding the right portion. There are some natural methods for cleaning the ears but I would wait and give your dog’s body time to heal internally before I started topic treatments. The “getting worse” portion is what you are seeing.

  103. I have a friend who is a vet and I expressed my concern about the large pieces of eggshell in your mix. The advise was if included to definitely use a mortar and pestle and pulverize into powder. Not only for the abrasive factor and eliminating the risk of scratching the throat and digestive tract, but to increase the surface area for mineral absorption.

  104. We started our 5 yr old Chocolate Lab Reba on the Starve out the Yeast Diet. She is also on Dinovite Supplement. She has finally gained some weight and her skin is not the red bald skin anymore. But she still has pimple like blotches on her belly and bumbly rash under her fur on her legs. She is so itchy but not bald in spot anymore like before. She has Dandruff really bad even after I bathe her she looks like yeah it gone but as soon as she is dried off it is right back.
    Vet has me giving her a Tablespoon of Olive Oil twice a day on her food too. She has been on the diet and dinovite since November 7, 2012 and it has been a total of 3 months (90 days) and I am very concerned that this is as good as she is going to get.
    She has had this severe skin allergies since she was 2 yrs old.
    We have done all the allergy testing and she is so allergic to so many things. Chicken, Kelp, Duck, any fowl for that matter, a lot of molds and trees, grasses and biggy is Dust mites…yeah really how do you get rid of dust mites..I have tried everything to a T. But she is still so itchy… How long should she stay on the starve out the yeast diet?? We do not do the Raw but we do mix everything throughly and then bake in loaves and store after cooking.
    Would adding the Dinovite Supromega help more instead of the Olive Oil?? I seriously need help with her I am pulling my Hair out trying to keep her in…HELP!

    • Kathy,

      I recommend feeding the recipe exactly how it is on the site and see how she does. Are you currently cooking the Dinovite, if so you are destroying much of the nutrients? Also, are you adding the Supromega fish oil, this will help with the skin? Supromega fish oil is far better than olive oil.

      Some dogs have to be on this recipe indefinitely.

      • I use the exact same ingredients for the Strave out the Yeast Diet, I just cook it in loaves and then dish it out in portions. I add the Dinovite before feeding and mix it in. I do not cook it with the meat and eggs. I am currently just using the Olive Oil. But if the Supromega is better then maybe I will give that a try and see if it helps with her skin. She is just so SUPER itchy and I feel so Helpless.

  105. My 4 yr old chihuahua has developed allergy problems over the last year and is also having issues with yeast. I’ve started reading about the raw food diet and think the yeast starvation diet is what is best for her but was wondering about supplements. I started giving her complete probiotics for pets about a week ago and wasn’t sure if I should continue giving that along with the ones you have listed.

  106. My dog has been suffering with yeast infections for quite some time. I am convinced that the 1 round of steriods and the multiple rounds of anitbiotics made it worse. I’m trying to now treat the yeast myself. I just spent over $100 on supplements to start her on before I saw this diet. She eats Instinct limited ingredient Turkey kibble. I’ve just started her on powedered enzymes and probiotics as well as omega’s. I bought DERmagic shampoo and lotion as well as antifungal wipes for inbetween baths. I really don’t want to waste all that I bought…do you think that would help? I am leary of raw diets, but am interested to try her on this starvation diet. I just really don’t want all that $$ to go to waste. Once she is done with the 3-6 months and if I see a marked improvement or complete elimination of the yeast, what kind of food should she eat after that? Do I need to continue raw feeding or can she go back to premium kibble?

    • Valarie,

      Sometime you can feed kibble again but rarely. My dog Polly suffered with yeast unless she was fed the yeast starvation dog food. She lived to 15 and probably would of gone 2-3 years longer if she hadn’t picked a fight with some raccoons. She was a scrapper till the end.

  107. Wendy Elkins says:

    I am currently struggling financially and mostly living on food stamps. I do believe in occasionally giving my dog raw food. I’ll by those giant meaty beef rib bones or ham hocks, so on and so forth. In your raw food diet, you mention a couple of supplements that I cannot afford. Are there any possible supplements that I could try instead? What about so of those power powders out there for people needing protein for working out, like Muscle Milk??? Would any of those types of things work?…just anything that would be a “food” item. I appreciate your feedback.


  108. Ed,
    Thank you so much for your web site. I can attest to the wonderful benefits of raw diet. I have an 11 year old lab who no longer has allergies and is in great shape because of raw diet. She developed terrible allergies to poultry (especially chicken), duck, rice, egg, kelp, soybean and flax as a puppy. I was able to eliminate all allergy shots and have fed her an excellent commercial raw diet which contained beef, beef heart, beef ground bone, beef liver, beef kidney, and veggies in 10 pound tubes for 8-9 years. Also give her knuckle bones periodically and have never had to have her teeth cleaned by the vet. The commercial raw diet is getting more expensive. I would like to figure out a way to cut costs and still feed healthy raw diet. Would like to try your recipe. Do you have suggestions for how to provide good nutrition and not include the egg or rice if I only feed your diet. I also have thought about feeding the commercial raw diet once daily to get the ground bone and organ meat and then alternate beef and possibly pork for the second meal as you suggest in your yeast starvation diet. Would you have other suggestions? If I do feed your diet only what supplements do you suggest? From the reading I have done on your site it looks like I should also be giving a vitamin/mineral supplement.

    • Karen,

      I’ve found most allergies to food items go away after a dog’s immune system settles down and starts functioning properly. If you have a meat grinder then grind the bones for the calcium or add a calcium supplement. I like Dinovite (contains kelp) and Lickochops or Supromega. These may be a problem with your dog’s allergies.

  109. Ed,
    Forgot to mention that I also add fish oil for one meal and cocout oil for the other meal.

  110. Hi, I have a 75lb American Bulldog/Pit mix that is suffering from Cushings Disease. She is almost 15 and my vet is reluctant to treat her because she says the treatment could kill her. She seems to be suffering terribly and I am giving her Cushex and just ordered the Dino items. Would you recommend any changes to the diets for a dog with Cushings? Do you know of any other supplements for Cushings? I am going to try her on the yeast diet…Thank you in advance.

  111. Hello!
    I have tried your yeast starvation diet and my dog has now been on raw food for a month now. About how long does it take for me to see a difference? I know to expect it to get worse before it gets better but I’m getting a little worried. He has black skin all under his arm pits and thighs. His belly button gets very cottage cheese looking. I bathe him in medicated anti-infection shampoo and he eats no carbs/starches. When do you think it will start to get better?

    Thank you

    • Shannon,

      Depending on the severity of the yeast overgrowth it can take up too 6 months. That said you should start seeing some results soon. Make sure there is no cheating and carbohydrates fed to him.

  112. First of all, I love this site. This is the first time I feel that I know what my dog’s itchy skin, paw licking, and itchy ears are related too, YEAST! Thank you for making all of this seem accessible and not so daunting.

    I will be starting the yeast free diet for my Rot. With the extra omega vitamin tube. Do I have to do this yeast-free diet indefinitely or is there a point at which I can do your recipe with half white rice? I hope to cut it with the rice at some point since he needs 4 cups a day.

    Also, I know that ground beef is the easiest, but are there other meats that I can feed him? I have a meat grinder. Is pork okay? They told me at dinovite it may not be. I know I can do chicken and ground bones, beef tripe and tongue. Can I do fish raw? I will basically be shopping at the Mexican meat market and wanted to know what is off limits, and if I can do all these meats raw or if any will need to be cooked.

    Thanks again,

  113. Hi Ed,

    I have an 8 year old Shih Tzu with yeast infections. I’m going to start him on the yeast starvation diet and just ordered the Dinovite and SuprOmega supplements. It will take 5-10 business days to receive the supplements. My dog is miserable. Would it be harmful to start him now on the starvation diet without the supplements for 5-10 business days?

  114. Ed,
    My vet has always treated the yeast infections in my 26 pound mixed breed’s ears (cocker/poodle sort) with antibiotics. Never once suggested that his overall skin condition was due to systemic yeast infection! It’s been 5 years of his suffering while it’s gone from bad to worse, and now that the skin is swollen, blackened, and horrid, I am very much relieved to find your website and solutions offered within. Thank you!
    I’ve started him on the yeast starvation diet. My first batch was 80/20 ground beef and beef kidneys (they were cheap!) which I ground myself. I cooked it all in the oven with the eggs as a sort of meatloaf. I’m giving him apple slices for snacks. Because I saw rave reviews on another site for it, I would like to add a product by NaturVet called Digestive Enzymes prebiotics and probiotics for further support. Also would like to continue to use up a bottle of GNC Ulta Mega Multivitamins Plus Premium Formula pills. Do you see any problem with using either of these products? Is there anything missing from my plan? Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and support!

  115. Would like to ask can I replace chicken instead of beef??

  116. Carolyn Bennitt says:

    My 7 lb 5 yr. old shihtzu is given a diet of chicken, rice, and carrots, BUT with butter, or cheese added (without the cheese she is not happy and eats 3 bites). So my question is – are butter and cheese acceptable?

  117. Michele says:

    Hi Ed,
    Is it normal for my dog to have flare ups during this detox process. If so, can you tell me what symptoms to watch for. I’ve had my mini schnauzer on the yeast starvation diet exactly as prescribed for about 6 weeks now and she has broken out all over with yeasty scabs and stinky skin. Her belly is also very black. I’ve been bathing her about every 3-4 days with anti-fungal shampoo as well to help with the stink and to wash off the scabs. She also hasn’t eaten any of her food for 2-days now. Should I be worried?

  118. Hi! I’ve recently learned that my 10 lbs dachshund has been suffering with yeast on her whole body. I just started her on a raw diet last night after a 24 hour fast of only raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar in her water. I made 4 lbs of raw ground beef, 9 crushed hard boiled eggs with the shells, and 2 cups of partially steamed green beans.(I’m freezing half of it) I squirt a whole capsule of Omega 3 1000 mg of fish oil with EPA and DHA. Do I need the Dinovite? I couldn’t find it in any stores yesterday and when I looked for it online I just cant afford continued use of it. If the meal I made isn’t sufficient enough is there another food I can add to it in substitution of the dinvite?
    Thanks for the help!!!

    • Jennifer,

      I would use the Dinovite. Buy the small dog box for $24.99, it will fortify 3-4 full batches of homemade dog food. So six to eight of the half batches you are currently making.

  119. Robert Oakes says:

    Can the Dinovite & Lickochops be included in the prep or must it be added at time of serving?

  120. Hi I wrote you yesterday about my sick dachshund and the diarrea..please write me back we are just confused as to what to do thank you so much. Right now he is eating white rice with sometimes, yogurt that seems to be what he can tolerate but I think it is the yeast that is the problem[ we have tried everything else], Genie

  121. Hello-
    I started my mini schnauzer on this diet about 2 months ago. I first noticed his yeast infection on his belly area. Mainly the belly button. After the yeast starvation diet I noticed his yeast was getting worse. His belly area from the belly button to under the thighs his skin started to turn black. No hair loss. His belly button was getting fungusy. I bathe him in antibacterial shampoo twice a week. He has had not one carb since this diet. We have been very strict. Tonight I noticed he had a liquid substance coming out of both ears and ears are very red. When can I start seeing a positive difference? If any? I see that you said to wait it out and it will get better. 2 months and its all getting worse. Please help!

    • Shannon,

      Make sure you are feeding the yeast starvation recipe as presented with the supplements, it all works together. You can add a tablespoon of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar to his food and water to help with the detox. Antibacterial soap will not kill yeast, it is a fungus. A natural essential oil shampoo will offer more relief.

      It sounds like your schnauzer is experiencing a “yeast die off”, looks bad but is ultimately good. You should start seeing it change in about 30 days.

      • Ok thank you. We are sticking to the diet! Also, his gums are a little pale. Is this a normal part of the detox too? He is hydrated and acting normal. I just don’t want to have to take him to the vet and have them prescribe antibiotics and steroids as this will undo all of our hard work with this starvation.

  122. Hi , I have a 3yr old Boxer that is suffering from what I believe is leaky gut syndrome and yeast . I have had her on your diet and Dinovite since Feb 8th and I see alot of yeast die off all over . would like to see a page that one could use as a reference while dog is experiencing die off ,so One would know if this is truely yeast die off or flared infection ??? thank you , Bobbye

  123. Hi Ed,
    I’ve had my 7 year old German Shepherd on the yeast starvation diet for about 8 weeks now. His symptoms did get worse over the first 2 weeks, but then we started to see some substantial improvements in his ears, skin, coat…he even seemed to have more energy. The last week or so he has started to regress…the ears are horrible and he is scratching and chewing worse than ever. He also has horrible diarrhea and won’t touch his food. We have a vet appointment the day after tomorrow, I just wondered if you had seen this before, or had any advice?
    Thank you,

  124. Michelle says:

    What do you do if your dog is allergic to beef? Also, my dog can’t seem to digest the egg shells. They pass right through her & appear in her waste looking exactly like they did in her food. I’m in desperate need of this kind of food for her & nothing seems to work.

  125. The stool was dry, no mucus. Because she was pooping and eating well I have her about 3/4 of a meal last night, her third day of raw meat (fourth if you include the 24 hr fast).

  126. Second stool of the day had a little blood but was mucusy.

  127. Another quick question: both my husband and I are on fish oil supplements everyday. Our vet suggested “cutting” open a capsule and putting in our dog’s food. Is this ok instead of the SuprOmega you recommend?

    • Tina,

      I would use the Supromega because it also has vitamin E. Vitamin E helps with omega 3 absorption. You will also need to cut open 5 1000 mg capsules per cup of food, seems much more expensive to me.

  128. Ed,

    Am I missing something – or do you not cook this dog food? What’s the cooking procedure for the yeast starvation diet?

  129. Hi Ed,

    I recently started my dog on this yeast starvation diet. I was in the Pet Store yesterday and noticed that they now sell raw frozen meat. I was wondering if you have heard of this brand, Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Food and what you think of it? It has nutrients like Omega Oil and vegatables already mixed in. I’m just not sure about the fruit thats in it. It says it has 5% veggies and fruit. Would this work for the yeast starvation diet?

    • Trish,

      I don’t think it will work. Try the recipe on this site for at least six months and see how your dog does.

      • Ed,

        I had a feeling that it wouldn’t work. I have another question, I’ve noticed that my dog (Miika) is not too fond of the beef mixture. She wasn’t eating it raw so I decided to cook it. She ate it for the first day and now I’ve noticed that she kinda wants nothing to do with it. I don’t know how to get her to eat it. Is chicken alright to use for this recipe? And can it be cooked as well? Also, should I be adding a vegatable to her diet and if so what types are best?

        • Trish,

          I would not cater to my dog’s whims. That may sound harsh. Treat your dog like a child and present whats best for her. You would not give a child whatever she wants, like candy, doing so just makes the problem worse. If she doesn’t eat try again tomorrow. She won’t starve but she will stop the picky eating. All my dogs finish their meals in about 15 seconds! Dogs are gorgers and fasters by design. It is absolutely no sweat for a dog to go days without eating, just make sure water is available. I would not worry about the vegetables because the dinovite has a highly absorbable and nutritious vegetable called alfalfa nutrient concentrate. It is like dehydrated alfalfa juice.

  130. Should ear drops be stopped once the dog goes on the yeast starvation diet. Also several people have mentioned yogurt. Is this alright ?

    • Ella,

      I would not add the yogurt, dinovite contains the live cultures. Yogurt will usually add sugar and this will feed the yeast. Add some Bragg’s apple cider vinegar to your dog’s daily serving, this will help with the process.

  131. Hey Ed,

    I have a quick question. You see, I have a 6 year old male Siberian Husky that has been suffering from bad yeast infections mostly in the ears, always both, and some licking on the paws as well. This has been chronic, and we have been fighting it for years. We clean his ears all the time, but soon as its gets better……it always comes back quick. It seems like a losing, no win battle.

    We’ve come to the conclusion, without a doubt, its gotta food allergies. More specifically, Evil yeast….

    I have no problem, with the raw diet……as its just part of their nature for them, but the lady rather not feed him raw foods. Shes just one of those people like you stated, and immovably stubborn as I have learned over the years.

    So, my questions is can you cook your Yeast Starvation Recipe? and if so, how would you go about doing that if it was your dog?

    Also, I’m not rich by any means so I rather not buy the dry “grain free” dog food constantly, because it can get price and sorta defeats the purpose since every single major brand contains potatoes, which is a carbohydrate.

    I would appreciate your advice greatly,

    Thanks you.

    • Anthony,

      The yeast starvation dog food recipe is best served raw but you can cook it. It is very important to not cook the supplements! Mix in the supplements after they cool. You can under cook the recipe too, serve it on the rare side.

  132. Flea season is almost here and I was wondering if Revolution would contribute to any yeast problems in our pup .I gave it to my older dog for 2 yrs and she was fine but has no ear problems.What do you recommend for a flea treatment or is it really needed.Revolution also controls heart worm.

  133. I switched from rice to yeast starvation. I add dinovite and lickochops in to the meat and eggs when I make each batch. The rice called for 2 cups of dinovite and 1 tube of lickoshops. The rice diet makes a bigger portion than yeast starvation. Can you tell me the correct amount of dinovite (Powder) to add into the whole batch? Thanks

  134. We adopted a very picky shid szu (excuse the spelling please). He is about 5 and weighs about 10 lb. Ollie seems to be healthy and loves walks…His bowels are ‘normal’ and regular…
    problem: he will no eat any sort of dog food, dry or soft…he will eat chicken and duck jerky, rawhide chewies and chicken liver treats readily…his diet is a real strain…never anything twice, rarely will he eat hamburger, or chicken. He most commonly eats ham and hot dogs, string cheese. sometimes yogurt, sometimes broth from chicken soup…I’m beside myself in trying to find SOMETHING to keep him healthy…

    • Linda,

      I’ve never had a picky dog but I never cater to their whims. If they choose to not eat they go hungry or their buddy finishes the bowl. This may sound harsh but it’s not. Dogs are fasters and gorgers by design and this fits very well. A dog will never starve himself, ever. Your current method of feeding will most certainly end in health problems due to nutritional deficiencies. Start off with a 24 hour fast once per week and maybe twice per week. Offer a nutritious meal for 10 minutes, if he does not eat pick it up and offer again tomorrow. Start with one of the dog food recipes on this site. Always have water available. If you stick with it and know one in your household cheats, you will have a new dog in about 60 days.

  135. debbie says:

    Just need to know which diet is best for my diabetic dog….I know she probably doesn’t need the rice…or should I just feed her the Yeast Starvation Diet? Thank you so much for helping!!! You’re very much appreciated!

  136. Brittany says:

    Hi Ed!

    I just found your site and I love it! I have a 5 year old American Bulldog that has been struggling with allergies since we got him at 10 months old. He has been eating raw since we got him, but he is allergic to so many things that it is hard to find things to feed him. He seems to do best with beef, pork, buffalo and venison. He is severely allergic to all poultry and grains. He has major yeast issues as well. He is on atopica and prednisone right now due to a severe rash and itchiness (which they don’t seem to be helping at all, he has been on them many times before). He has seen the dermatologist and has MANY environmental allergies as well. He has also seen holistics vets and sees a chiropractor regularly. I would love to get him off of the drugs. We usually feed him a mix from our butcher that is a ground blend of beef heart, liver and bone meal. Would that work, or should we get just plain ground beef? The mix from the butcher is much cheaper. He is so big that he eats 2 pounds a day. Also, we don’t really have him on any supplements. For a while we were giving him Sojo’s vegetable dehydrated food along with his meat, but we ran out and haven’t added anything since. I now know that he is most likely nutrient deficient. I would like to start him on the supplements you advise, but I was wondering if the SuprOmega fish oil pills would work? They seem a bit cheaper than the tube. Or, since he is so large (120 lbs), could we give him human fish oil pills? We take fish oil pills that are 1100 mg per pill. Thank you so much for your site and any help in advance!

    Brittany in Las Vegas

    • Brittany,

      Try feeding the yeast starvation dog food recipe with the supplements. You can substitute your butcher’s beef for the ground beef. Make sure you feed the eggs with the shells. The supromega fish oil is cheapest in the tube.

  137. Shannon says:

    Hi there,
    I have 2 pugs that have both suffered with yeast issues. My black female has even lost most of the fur on her chest from scratching so much. I found your yeast starvation diet and have been feeding it for the last 6 months. It has worked wonders! My dogs no longer smell, they don’t scratch constantly, the chronic ear infections are no longer and they seem healthier and happier overall. My question is: is it ok to continue feeding this diet? When I told my vet what we were feeding, she said it is ok for a while but indicated that such a high protein diet can harm the organs. She recommended adding vegetables and less beef. The problem is, I’m afraid to change anything because they have been doing so well. Im also unsure of which vegetables are best to include and will not encourage yeast growth. Can you advise?
    Thanks so much!!


  138. I just found this and hopefully FINALLY found something that will make my poor 9y schnauzer/spaniel mix feel better! My quick question: she is about 27 lbs (and a little on the heavy side) so I am planning on 1 c a day, broken into 1/2 c 2x a day. Is the 1/2 c by weight or volumn? Meaning, when I mix and go to store it should I use a 1/2 measuring cup OR 1/2 on a scale? And is this a diet she can be on forever or should she be weaned back to her kibble (high quality no grain) ?

    • Renee,

      Yes, your dog can eat this recipe indefinitely. I’m not sure what your other part of the question is but to assist weight loss just reduce the portion size a little until the desired weight is reached.

  139. Hi Ed,

    I have a dog that has fairly recently began licking his paws like crazy, I switched him to grain free chicken food and that’s when it got bad. His vet suggested it may be a chicken allergy and so I traded the food for a lamb one. He is still licking though not as bad and often acts as though his tummy is upset. Could this be a yeast problem? And if so and I do the yeast starvation diet after six months can I switch to the raw/cooked diet or should I leave him on this one?


    • Tessa,

      Some dogs can be switched to a raw or cooked recipe after the 6 months of feeding the yeast starvation recipe, others no. Get through the 6 months first and you will see if your dog will tolerate any carbs.

  140. Danielle says:

    Hi just came across your site and i loved it! I think my dachshund is having yeast infection on his body. Do you have any yeast starvation recipe for cooked food instead of raw? Also I read that their diet should not include grains so i cant add rice in his food? And is apples too high in sugar level that I should omit feeding to my dog?

  141. Hello,
    After reading all of the comments, I decided to try this recipe with my two dogs. A chihuahua/dachsund and a shih tsu. They have both been scratching and chewing themselves raw. I fed it raw a couple of times, but my fiance was concerned about the raw so I started cooking it. After a couple weeks, the chewing and scratching stopped and I was so happy! But then their stool turned to a dark liquid, almost black and sometimes red. I waited almost two weeks but it didn’t get any better. We both became really concerned so I switched to canned chicken with white rice (no eggs). Their stool became normal again, but the itchiness returned. What should I do???

    • Kristi,

      I would feed the yeast starvation recipe as presented, raw. Feed for at least 6 months. Some dogs take a little while to adjust and you can see some loose stool starting off. Raw is best and ultimately easiest to digest for a dog. Keep in mind your dog’s symptoms can get worse before they get better, the first 3-4 weeks are usually the roughest.

  142. I started my mixed breed 6 year old dog on the yeast starvation diet about two weeks ago. We went through the week of slowly introducing the new diet to her, and she transitioned without a problem. My question is that now that she is on her regular amount of food she will go over and sniff her dish and then walk away not eating. I have been leaving the food out for 15 minutes and then take the food away and put it back in the refridgerator. I end up doing this all evening long until she finally eats it around 9 pm. Do you have any suggestions?
    She has always eaten once a day around 5pm. I am also wondering if I can warm the food slightly in the microwave (not cooking it) just enough to take the chill off? Will this destroy any of the nutrients of this diet?

  143. SadieAggie says:

    The link for the Supromega is crossed out. What can I use instead or is there a replacement for it?

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