Yeast Starvation Dog Food Recipe

Yeast starvation dog food ingredients

NOTE: In an effort to simplify the homemade dog food recipe I have incorporated the use of supplements. Without the supplements the homemade dog food recipes would need an additional 10 to 20 ingredients. Unfortunately, our current agricultural practices yield foods with a fraction of the nutrient content of wild counterparts.

That said; this dog food recipe is deficient without the two supplements that are essential to the recipe: Dinovite dog supplement and Supromega omega 3 fatty acid dog supplement. Feeding this recipe without the supplements will result in multiple nutritional deficiency diseases.

Purchase the  dog supplements needed for these recipes.

  • Click here to view Dinovite dog supplement. I feed 1 tablespoon of Dinovite with each cup of dog food.
  • Click here to view Supromega omega 3 fatty acid dog supplement.

Yeast Starvation Dog Food Ingredients:

  • 10 lbs. of raw ground beef
  • 18 hardboiled eggs including the shells-cooled (the egg shells supply digestible calcium to your dog. Yes, studies have proved that the calcium in egg shell is highly absorbable.)
  • 1 tube of Supromega omega 3 fatty acid Supplement (This supplies important omega 3  fatty acids. It also contains natural source vitamin E.)
  • Dinovite daily dog supplement (This supplies a host of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, zinc and live direct fed microbials. Dinovite also has a nutritious plant component in the “Alfalfa Nutrient Concentrate” that replicates the partially digested plant matter of herbivores.  All great stuff!)I use 1 tablespoon of Dinovite per cup of dog food. In the video I show the Dinovite Liquid but now I use the powder because Dinovite has discontinued production of the “Dinovite liquid” in the single serve packets.

Yield: 32 cups of dog food.

This recipe can be halved or doubled to accommodate the size of your dog or for multi-dog households. Do not feed this recipe without Dinovite and Supromega dog supplements as it will be deficient.

Crushed eggs for dog food

Crushed eggs for dog food

Mixing yeast starvation dog food

Filling containers with homemade dog food


    1.  In a very large bowl, bucket or in your plugged kitchen sink, crush the cooled hard boiled eggs (and shells) into small pieces.
    2. Add 8oz. of Supromega omega 3 fatty acid Supplement (1tube). You can also serve this when you feed your dog. I prefer to add this each time I feed because of the fishy smell.
    3. Add raw ground beef.
    4. Mix well and completely with your hands or with a large,strong spoon until all the ingredients are thoroughly combined.
    5. Yields about 32 cups of finished dog food.

Watch the Yeast Starvation Dog Food Recipe Video

Storing your Yeast Starvation Dog Food:

Place 2-3 days worth of yeast stavation dog food in zip lock bags or plastic freezer containers. Store them in your freezer. You can also make individual patties or meatballs in single daily servings, freeze them on cookie sheets and remove and store in larger bags/containers once frozen. Thaw as needed.

I personally prefer the freezer containers because they are easy to fill, thaw and serve. There is never any mess. I take one out and let it thaw on my counter. Feed my dogs and store the unused portion in my refrigerator. When it’s empty I wash it and it is ready for the next batch. It works well.

NOTE: Remember you are handling raw meat so use common sense when making, storing and serving this food. Use the same precautions you would use when handling raw meat for your family.

Serving the yeast starvation dog food

Serving Size for your “Yeast Starvation Dog Food”:

*Special note: These are general guidelines, we are not trying to land a man on mars. If your dog is losing a little weight and this is not desired, increase the amount you are feeding. If your dog is gaining weight on the serving size then cut back a little. In short, adjust the serving size depending on your dogs age, weight and activity level.

  • 10 lb. dog1/2 cup dog food daily + 1/2 tsp Supromega + 1/2 tbs Dinovite
  • 20 lb. dog 1 cup dog food daily + 1 tsp Supromega + 1 tbs Dinovite
  • 40 lb. dog 2 cups dog food daily + 2 tsp Supromega + 2 tbs Dinovite
  • 60 lb. dog - 3 cups dog food daily + 3 tsp Supromega + 3 tbs Dinovite
  • 80 lb. dog 3 1/2–4 cups dog food daily +3 1/2 tsp Supromega + 3 1/2 tbs Dinovite

*Special Note: If you add the supplements to the whole batch when making the dog food recipe it is not necessary to add them with each serving. Use whichever method you find easier.

Introducing the yeast Starvation Dog Food”:

  • Fast your dog for 24 hours before starting this diet. Water should be available to your dog during the fast. This will give time for the old dog food to pass through your dog’s digestive tract. It is important to follow this procedure to limit digestive upset. This is an important step, ignoring this step greatly increases your dog’s chance of having digestive upset.
  • Day one and two: Feed a portion 1/4 the size of a normal meal.
  •  Day three and four: Feed a portion 1/2 the size of a normal meal.
  • Day five and six: Feed a portion 3/4 the size of a normal meal.
  • Day seven: Feed a full portion.
  • Special Note: The whole process takes 8 days when you include the 24 hour fast. This method will allow your dog’s digestive tract time to adapt to the new food.

This method will allow your dog’s digestive tract time to adapt to the new food. Please follow this introductory method, your dog will be fine. Your dog will not starve or hate you. Rapid diet changes can cause vomiting and diarrhea. A horrendous mess all over your house!

***Important Note: Do not mix kibble and the “Yeast Starvation Dog Food” together! Doing so will GREATLY increase the chances of digestive upset for your dog! This will also completely defeat the purpose.

***Very Important Note: Sometimes the yeast causing your dog’s yeast infection die off rapidly after you start this yeast starvation dog food. If this happens your dogs symptoms can initially get worse. Symptoms like increased itching, redness and  sores . Some dogs even get lethargic. This is caused by toxins in your dogs system that are the result of the mass yeast die off. Serving distilled water during this process can help draw out toxins.

I also recommend a soothing dog shampoo with essential oils like Dogosuds. This will help wash away any irritants on your dogs skin without causing any additional problems. This step is well worth the added time and money.


Good luck!


  1. Hi, I recently purchased the lick o chops and dinovite powder for a large dog. I was hoping to start my 65-lb lab mix on the yeast starvation diet, But I realized after I purchased it that there are yeast ingredients in the dinovite powder. Unfortunately my lab mix is allergic to yeast. So I have a few questions for you, should I discontinue the powder and find another supplement that is yeast free to replace the dinovite in the yeast starvation diet? And if so, do you happen to know of any yeast free supplements that are comparable to the dinovite? I am considering feeding the dinovite powder to my smaller dog if I have to find a replacement for my large-yeasty dog, I have already written dinovite to inquire the appropriate serving size for my 30-lb mix breed pup. My last question is, both of my dogs have had issues with basic urine, having a pH as high as 8.0, I have been feeding them cranberry powder to combat this issue, but I am curious if the dinovite powder also has cranberry in it? I am trying to determine the appropriate amount of cranberry powder to feed them if I feed one or both of my dogs the dinovite.

    Thank you!
    Thank you bunches in advance!

    • My question is how allergic to yeast is your dog? Have you had him tested? If it is mild I would try the dinovite but start off with a smaller serving. Most dogs that are allergic to yeast are actually allergic to “brewers yeast” and dinovite does not contain brewers yeast. After you feed the homemade meat based dog food for a while you should see your dog’s ph drop to a normal level. Dinovite does not contain cranberries.

      • Hi Ed, thank you for the quick reply! She was tested and the report shows she has a low level allergy to yeast under the food panel, unfortunately it does not state which type of yeast. My guess would be brewers yeast as well. I sent dinovite an email as well and they pointed me to an article on nutritional yeast which is in dinovite, but is not the same as brewers yeast. I am going to go ahead and try it. She’s fasting today, and tomorrow I’ll start her on this diet. I’ve read that high, meat based protein is naturally acidic, so I’m hopeful that this diet will also help prevent the struvite crystals which is why she is currently on hills c/d. And of course the first ingredient is corn, which is fueling the yeast… its been a vicious cycle. And even after being on that she recently had a UTI, and her urine continues to be on the basic side. I’ve read that systemic yeast infections can cause bladder and kidney infections, so maybe this diet will be my magic wand :) thanks again!

  2. Hi, I wanted to let you know that the diet is going well! Both my dogs’ coats look amazing! My lab-mix seems to love the new diet and has been itching less. Although the yeast in her ear seems to be worse for the time being and the rash has not gone away yet, but we are only on day 6 so I am very optimistic it will only get better. Also, the pH of her urine has already improved to a more acidic level. I did have one more question, does it have to be raw ground beef? Could I substitute the raw beef for cooked pork?

  3. I was told yesterday that there is Yeast in my dog’s stool? My vet sent me home with Metronidazole (sp?), and said to give my dog some Activia Yogurt. Wondering if this method would work for him? He doesnt seem to have any issues really with his fur/coat, this seems like it’s a internal deal, as he had diarrhea and has been acting strange for the past couple of days.

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